New story by Mirishka…


I love SLASH and so felt the need to write this… I strongly recommend you DON”T read if you are likey to be offended about two men together!

Here’s a sneaky peak…..

Jace stands six feet 5 inches of solid hunk. I’m serious. Head to toe of sheer lusciousness, long dark hair that cascades into soft curls past his shoulders.  The most intense dark brown eyes that melt you deep inside and a gorgeous mouth that delivers exactly what you would expect when you look at it and wonder what those soft lips feel like all over your body. He’s well toned; he likes to keep himself in shape, kick-boxing and other physically challenging sports keep him active. His beautiful slightly dark skin drapes perfectly over hard muscles, making him a delight to touch. He’s part Native American and I thank his ancestors for his darker skin, beautiful hair and good looks.

You can read the full story here

“OH MY GOD I FORGOT TO…” New story by Cheyenne66

Here’s a wonderful story from Cheyenne… how many times have  you forgotten…accidentally on purpose.

Here’s a sneaky peak..

Collin parked the car and got out. He went to passenger side and opened the door for her. As he looked at his elegantly dressed wife all he could think about was how sexy it was that she wasn’t wearing panties. He watched how the dress outlined her shapely rear and brushed his hand over her bottom. She wasn’t kidding. She was truly naked under her clothes and the thought was driving him wild. Just before they reached the front door he grabbed her, turned her around, and gave her a long, probing kiss.

You can read the full story here

New story by Mirishka… “NIGHTTIME FAE”… A fairytale

My obession with the Fae began because of Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series…I seem to be the only one i know that prefers V’Lane the ‘death-by-sex’ prince to Barrons!
Anyway…i wanted to write a short story about a Fae so you can read it here

Here’s a sneaky peak

“Do you wish me to end your pleasure little one?” The seductive voice whispered when he pulled his mouth away from her heat.

Kira didn’t want it to end but she needed release, he was driving her insane… while asking for him to cease would mean the end it’s what she needed. His tormenting lips and tongue had driven her to the edge….