New story by Mirishka

I’ve been reading some wonderful books lately about Angels, Vampires and wolves. I felt inspired to write this little piece.

I used a piece of artwork that i created some time ago.

angelYou can read the full story here but here is a sneaky peak

“Bethany could felt him grow harder with each stroke. Soft groans spilled from his mouth as she worked him.  He’d placed his hands over hers, touching her as she played and teased him. Rougiero wanted this moment to last forever but the pleasure building was ready to explode.  His hips ground against the grasp of her hands and urged them to work faster. “

2 thoughts on “New story by Mirishka

  1. Hi Julie! Just read your story. It is great! I confess I’m a perv and utterly human… I was hating his wings! So happy they burnt!!!!! LMAO!!!! I just have a question of a non native speaker still struggling from times to times: what do you want to mean by this? “forbidden for his kind to have any contact with their charges” (charges.. exactly). Have a nice weekend, honey! [Been so sorry haven’t had time to restart my highlander readings… lots of things to do in my school! Gosh, I need holidays… and they’re coming pretty soon!][?][?]

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