“Text dirty to me” New story from Cheyenne66

Here’s a wonderful new story from Cheyenne66, this photo inspired the writing… and I have to admit…I do like this pic…sort of dirty but nice dirty.


Here’s a sneaky peak…..

Rom looked into Lexi’s eyes. They were on fire with want. Giving her an intoxicating kiss he reached past her and cleared off the middle of his desk. He reclaimed her lips again and lifted her until she was perched on the edge of his desk. Lexi kicked off her shoes and Rom stripped off her jeans and underwear. Before he could shrug out of his the rest of his clothes she grabbed his ass cheeks and guided him toward her. She loved his thick, muscular thighs. Rom lifted weights and had a body of steel to prove it. He pressed his cock forward and filled her completely.

You can read the full story here

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