I’m sorry there haven’t been any new stories lately so here’s a small piece I’ve been working on. I may get to continue we’ll see how it goes.

It’s Slash so if you’re not into reading about m/m then don’t read.


I sit in the shadows. Watching silently. Only giving away my presence by the soft moans that escape my lips. The wave of electricity shoots through my body and straight to my cock. It throbs. Slick and glistening it stands without command. My body does not obey me, not when I’m watching you.

The colour of your skin, bronzed by the sun covers muscle and bone. It sounds simple but to look at you laying there it’s far from it. There are many words to describe your beauty. At this moment only a few drift through my thoughts… Hard, big, taught, need. It’s all I can do to even gather a thought while I watch you play.

Your eyes dark and wicked beg me to join you. I want too and I will but for now, I watch. I watch as your fingers stretch around the hard muscle. The gentle stroke of your hand and the rising of your hips makes me lose control.

Running my palm over my straining jeans I curse at you as you smile. You’re wicked and tempting, sensual and evil…and I love you for all of these things. Reaching for the zipper I can’t delay any longer. My cock breathes as its restraints are removed. I watch your eyes as they linger over my arousal, yes…now it’s your turn.