Valentine’s Day half price sale!

Valentine’s half price sale!!!

Hope you’re having a lovely day! Why not get yourself two books for the price of one!

Demon Within : A former slave and now a feared warlord, a princess, a king, angels and fallen-angels make this an epic romance you won’t be able to put down. Kai of Darkmide struggles with an uncontrollable force that changes his appearance when angered or enraged. Only the soothing touch of Princess Eloise is able to calm him and unafraid of his demonic form she shows him love. The princess keeps a secret of her own; A power, gifted to females on her mother’s side by the seraphim, giving her the advantage when Kai, and everyone he holds dear, are threatened with destruction from a fallen angel seeking revenge. A journey filled with plots, twists, secrets and passion, DEMON WITHIN is the first book in a series of three, Fallen Angels series.

Demon Within

Her Alpha : Valentine likes his Alpha status, but when a new pup arrives on his territory, he isn’t happy, especially when that pup takes a shine to his female.
After a young woman from his town is attacked, Valentine confronts the newcomer, eager to show him, nobody messes with his family.

reduced size for posting

You can get these books via Amazon… Demon Within  & Her Alpha


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