“Bite me”

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Bite me


The Autumn evening breeze gave Tara a shudder. Wrapping her quilt around her she raised her feet up onto the garden swing to tuck them beneath the cover. She loved being outside, the smell of the land made her feel safe and at home. Having moved to a rural part of America to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, she prided herself on her choice of location. There were no neighbors that she knew of and the main road was far enough away that she didn’t hear any traffic. Perfect. The house was large and had wonderful character. Oak beams showed through the plaster on the walls and the open fire places in each of the rooms downstairs gave the house a friendly atmosphere. Being financially well off gave her the means to live in a secluded area, away from the city. Tara didn’t need to work a nine to five job. Her wise investments after leaving England made sure she wouldn’t need to worry about working-so she spent her time doing what she liked most.

Painting was the one thing that made her feel good. She got a sense of well-being from producing something from a blank canvass. Her mind would show her what she should paint, she never thought about anything too much. It sort of just came to her. The paintings she usually made were fantasy pieces or wildlife-flowers and animals. Wolves being her favourite, she could spend days on one painting and never had any trouble selling them. Her thoughts recently had led her to paint wolves with a person, usually a man. It was like they needed to go together somehow.

Sipping the wine from the glass she held, trying to keep herself covered she became aware of something moving at the far edge of the grass. She’d not had chance to spend any time on the garden apart from having a lawn laid and some shrubbery planted. The fencing and retaining walls were still under construction so for now the garden was open to the wilds. Trying to focus her eyes in the dim light she watched for signs of further movement. Again, she saw something, an animal, quite large and moving slowly as if pacing. She wondered about moving inside and watching from the safety of the room behind the patio doors but decided to wait a few more minutes. She didn’t have to wait too long before a wolf appeared from the bushes and walked slowly onto the lawn. It stopped after a few paces and stared in her direction. Tara couldn’t believe it, she’d dreamed that one day she’d get to see a wolf for real and could only hope to ever be as close as she was now. Her heart raced and while she wanted to stay her sensibility kicked in and told her to get her arse indoors. While she was making up her mind the wolf stepped forward a few paces then paused. It’s gaze fixed to hers she couldn’t look away from it. Slowly she pushed the cover from around her shoulders and placed her feet on the floor. The wolf backed away and then lay down, resting it’s head on it’s front paws. What is it doing? Tara waited before making another move. Was the animal more afraid of her than she were of it? It had backed away when she moved and so she could only think it was getting ready to run. Placing the wine glass on the nearby table she brought her hands back to her sides and remained seated. A few moments later the wolf made another attempt to move closer. The sound of her heart beating hard rang through her ears, what should she do? Making a move she stood up slowly keeping her eyes on the wolf. It stopped and sat only a few feet away from her. It was huge. The color of it’s fur was dark and in some places a creamy fawn. Large eyes stared at her. Tara held her breath. Run or stay…run or stay…shit! The words in her mind repeated over and over but she couldn’t decide what to do for the best. She stood still, her fists clenched at her sides and her body shaking as she tried to remain calm. Not a chance. Her body trembled from head to foot. Afraid that she’d left it too late to make it to the door she braced herself and stood her ground. The wolf waited for a few moments then crept on all fours along the ground a little closer. It appeared it didn’t want to scare her…or at least that’s what she thought. Quite strange. Tara glanced to her side to gauge how far away from the door she was, too far. No way could she get to it if the wolf decided to pounce on her. Her reflexes might have been a little quicker had she not drank half a bottle of red wine. Nothing she could do about that now. She thought that staring at the wolf might not be a good idea so she averted her gaze and didn’t make further eye contact. The wolf stood up and edged closer. Tara drew in a sharp breath as it’s front paws reached the steps. It was so close she couldn’t look away and large green and hazel eyes caught her gaze. Beautiful. As the animal stepped up onto the porch only two feet away she let out a cry. Her mind couldn’t deal with the thoughts racing around and before she realized she’d bolted to the door.

“Please don’t be afraid.” The words although softly spoken were deep and husky. Tara gasped and spun round, plastering herself to the glass door. “What the hell! Where did you come from?” Her eyes fell level with naked flesh. A tanned and extremely large chest greeted her. Slowly she raked her eyes across the massive frame before raising them to meet his. Large and wide his eyes fixed on hers. She wanted to look away but they were hypnotic. His breath, warm and ragged greeted her. Her mind couldn’t deal with what was happening.. Where had he come from, where was the wolf… and why was he naked.. NAKED!!! Holy crap he’s naked, don’t look down…don’t go there…keep your eyes focused on his….

A large grin spread across the strangers face almost as if he could read her mind. His naked body took a step closer as he took in her scent. Her hair smelled of sweet berries and honey, the delicate fragrance filled his nostrils as he drew in air. Both hands he placed either side of her head, resting them against the cool glass of the patio door. When he leaned his face close to hers she quivered at his beauty. He was gorgeous. Long strands of dark brown wavy hair fell forward as he dipped his head lower to greet her.

“I’m Jessie, what’s your name princess?” His mouth was only a few inches away from hers. Tara couldn’t help licking her lips as she focused in on his. Perfectly shaped like a cupids bow. Full, pink and looking like they were ready to kiss her. Her heart skipped a beat as the thought of his lips brushing across hers sprang into her mind.

“I think we need to talk first.” he grinned wide. Tara’s mouth fell open as she gasped

. “What do you mean?” She realized he must have known what she was thinking… CRAP!

“You can read my mind?” Tara waited for a reply but Jessie just chuckled. “Oh my god you can!”

“It’s more like I can sense what you’re thinking rather than actually hearing you. I tend to go off body language more than anything..although I can smell extremely well.” He drew in another long breath as he nuzzled against her neck. Tara froze. Goosebumps covered her body and a shudder ran through her. Fright was not the cause this time. Her mind wanted to make sense of it all but she couldn’t focus…especially now he was nuzzling his face against hers and making strange noises. Strange probably wasn’t the right word…it seemed like he was growling but very softly and it had a very weird effect on her. She liked it, it made her feel tingly and before she knew what was happening she found her arms around his neck. Jessie slid his hands from the glass and wrapped around her waist. He pulled her close and let out a growl. The noise reverberated through her and made her sigh. Her thoughts were frantic, she shouldn’t be hugging this man, this stranger that had appeared out of nowhere. What the hell was she thinking. Quickly she pulled away and placed her hands on his chest to push him. A sold wall of silken skin over hard steel greeted her palms.

“Stop! I can’t do this… WE can’t do this… What is happening to me?” Her voice began to shake and she could feel the sting of tears fill her eyes. Jessie’s hands reached around her shoulders to comfort her. Tara tried to move away but she was flat against the door already.

“Shh…Don’t be scared, I can explain everything, be calm.” His large hand reached to her head, he began stroking her hair. Tara’s stressing eased, she was going crazy…wasn’t she?

“Where did you come from?” She managed to gather her voice and looked up to him. His handsome features looked familiar. Her paintings of late had included a man with long flowing hair and tanned skin. This man bared a remarkable resemblance.

“You already know, I’m sure. I’m the wolf that approached you.” There was silence for a while. Tara stared, her mouth slightly gaping. She wanted to call him a liar and denounce her lunatic thoughts but she couldn’t. His eyes were the same color as the wolf’s. Was she going mad?

“That can’t be…I’m not an idiot… There’s no such thing as werewolves.”

“I never said I was a werewolf. I’m a wolf who occasionally, when the need arrises, takes human form…quite different.” His manner was serious, he wasn’t grinning or making a joke of this… He was actually serious.

Tara was about to ask something then changed her mind. Trying to concentrate on anything while he stared at her was proving difficult. He was utterly gorgeous. She shook her head. “I know I’ve had a glass or two of wine but you really expect me to believe that?” She stared hard and waited for his reply. It didn’t come in verbal form. He moved closer, his lips almost touched hers. She could feel her body betray her as her lips parted ready to kiss him. She wasn’t usually this forward and couldn’t understand her actions, or maybe she just didn’t want too. When she felt his breath against her mouth she closed her eyes and waited for his touch.

“Don’t deny me. I am real and I am here…for you.” The softest touch of his sweet lips against hers made her dizzy. He tasted of spice and cedar-of pine and earth all mingled into one. Grazing his lips across hers he let out a throaty growl from deep inside. Tara mewled and welcomed him eagerly when the tip of his tongue snaked into her mouth. She reached her hands up his neck and into his hair-the softest hair she’d ever touched. Heat radiated from his body making her core heat up quickly. He could kiss her all night and she wouldn’t complain. The sweet touch of his mouth made her womb spasm and her juices flow. Jessie ran his hands down her shoulders and around her waist. The sweater she wore fitted loosely and deftly his hands smoothed beneath it and up her back. She melted against him, his body was firm and solid but his caress was soft and delicate. Running his hands up her back his actions were slow and deliberate. Fingers needed her flesh as he pulled her closer. Tara didn’t want it to end, he kissed her like no one ever had. It was a kiss to brand and to own and she didn’t care. She wanted to be his. Tara had a moment of clarity in between Jessie’s assault on her mouth. Managing to peel her lips away from his for a moment to speak, she blurted out her name. “Tara.”

Jessie only gave her enough time to say her name before he sucked at her lower lip, nipping at it between his teeth then releasing it. He halted before devouring her mouth again. “Tara….beautiful name for a beautiful woman.” Tara melted at his husky spoken words. He stared at her with passion and need and she could see the wildness in his eyes. “We should go inside, get warm and talk about…this…this thing that’s happening.” Tara gently moved her fingers over Jessie’s mouth as he was about to dive in for another kiss. “Please, I can’t continue unless I can make sense of it.” Her pleading words pulled at Jessie’s heart.

“Okay, but I’ve already told you what you need to know. There’s only a little more I can tell you.” Jessie released his hold and took a step back, it wasn’t Tara’s intention to look him up and down but it sort of just happened. Completely naked, well toned, tanned and…. Huge….oh my god. Jessie cocked a brow and smirked before Tara’s cheeks flushed with embarrassment having realized she was staring. She managed to drag her eyes away and reached to the swing for the cover.

“Cover yourself, please.” Jessie grinned before he spoke “Why….I thought you liked looking at my nakedness?” Tara blushed more and turned around to open the patio door- heading inside she made her way to the sofa quickly followed by Jessie.

Tara still couldn’t believe what was happening, this was crazy. She was expecting to wake up any second. When Jessie sat close to her he draped his arm around her shoulders and snuggled close. He had wrapped the cover around his waist and left his upper body exposed. He was hot, physically hot like he had a temperature. Tara could feel the heat almost radiating from him. She studied his features a little close now that the lighting was better inside, he was even more handsome than she first thought. His long hair cascaded around his shoulders in layers and slightly wavy. It complimented his tanned skin and he almost looked golden. His firm jawline was softened by a slight covering of whiskers, when he’d nuzzled her face earlier, she’d noticed they were soft and not bristly. It seemed his eyes changed colour .Initially they appeared hazel but then when she focused on them, they were green. Deep and seductive, wild and feral. And then there was that mouth, with those oh so perfect lips that caressed hers so perfectly. Jessie gave her a moment, he liked that she was studying him, he could sense her feelings and arousal. She smelled wonderful, sexy and sweet. He let his mind wander for a moment imagining himself between her thighs, taking in her scent and lapping at her juices. She would have to beg him to stop, because he wouldn’t want to.

“So you need to try to explain to me how this has happened….Jessie?” Tara waited for him to come back from wherever he was. Jessie’s dream vanished as he brought himself back to reality.

“Yes, right…well I can only tell you that my kind are drawn to their mates. You coming here had triggered something that neither of us could stop.”

“Mate?” Tara questioned.

“Um…yes, we only get one chance to take a mate. It’s for life. If the woman we’re destined to be with rejects us, then we face the rest of our life alone.” His eyes burned less brightly as he finished speaking and he lowered his head. Tara gasped. “Really? That’s…that’s terrible…I mean… Who decided this?” She placed her hand over Jessie’s making him look at her.

“I have no idea, it’s all i know and all I’ve been taught.” He looked into her eyes before finishing, “Tara you are my mate.” A gasp escaped Tara’s mouth. She couldn’t take it in, it was impossible to understand or believe. Yet something was strange to her. She’d moved to this place which she’d found by accident. Her paintings since she’d moved here were always of a man with a wolf, Jessie. The portraits she painted were Jessie, she could see that now. Her head spun and she tried to turn it into logic but logic didn’t work. None of this was normal.

“I don’t understand everything that’s going on here. I find it strange that I”ve never wanted to be with anyone, to be involved in a relationship before. No one has ever had an effect on me the way you just have.” Tara raised her hand to Jessie’s face, tracing her fingertips across his cheek to his mouth she continued. “You’re the most beautiful man I’ve ever met.” Jessie took her fingers in his hand then kissed them.

“I know this is crazy and you’re still thinking you’re dreaming, you’re not either of those. Let me love you Tara, let me show you that we’re meant to be together, forever.” Jessie brushed the side of his face against her hand and closed his eyes. A faint growl came from deep inside his chest sending goosebumps over Tara’s body. It triggered a spasm through her core straight between her legs. Jessie’s eyes opened instantly as he caught the scent of her arousal sending a shock wave to his cock. Passion took over-his moves were swift and before Tara could catch her breath he was on top of her. His mouth covered hers, branding her with his searing lips. Tara surrendered to him body and soul letting his tongue invade her mouth. She’d never felt desire for anyone like Jessie, he was all consuming passion and heat. She felt dizzy as he assaulted her with passion he’d kept restrained. The beast had been unleashed and she wanted it. Jessie ran his hand up her body and beneath her sweater. He growled when his palm touched her flesh, soft like velvet. Tara had been blessed with full breasts that didn’t require a bra, when he reached higher his large hand cupped her perfectly. “You’re beautiful, I’ve been waiting for you for so long.” Jessie whispered as he gave her chance to catch her breath. His mouth continued to devour her neck and shoulders, nipping at her collarbone gently. Tara’s head spun. Between his hot mouth and soft hands palming her nipples she could barely breathe. She ran her fingers through his hair tugging gently to move his mouth away from her neck so she could kiss him. His lips were swollen and plump but she needed more of his tongue in her mouth. As she tugged harder at his hair he groaned then gave her a look that made her body scream with need. Jessie hovered his lips across Tara’s before running his tongue along her lower lip. She quickly took it into her mouth and sucked on it. Jessie groaned into her mouth, he wasn’t going to be able to resist ripping of her panties for much longer. Releasing her breast he slid his hand lower, pushing beneath her leggings. The lace fabric greeted his fingertips hindering his intentions. Careful to not appear too eager he traced along the edge to her hip. Edging the leggings down he moved across to the other side and inched them down further. Tara raised her hips to assist, she couldn’t wait to get them off. Jessie slid off the sofa and repositioned himself in front of her. He pulled at her clothing and removed the garment, throwing it to the floor. Tara’s breaths were becoming heated, his eyes bore into her and she could feel his need. Running both hands up her thighs he edged his way between them. The heat from his body seared her flesh, his touch burned her but it was wonderful. When his mouth caressed her skin she felt her body cry out for more. Tracing his mouth along her stomach as his fingers tucked into her panties made her heart beat faster and louder.

“Don’t tease me Jessie, please.” She begged as his tugged the sides of her panties down an inch then paused. A wicked chuckle escaped Jessie’s throat. He was eager to get to the good stuff and didn’t want to disappoint his new lover so slowly he dragged her panties lower. His lips danced across her naked flesh where the lace fabric once covered. Tara watched him, he looked comfortable nestled between her thighs. He glanced up and grinned when he pulled her panties down past her knee’s. She aided their removal, slipping out each leg as Jessie took them off completely.

“Oh Tara… You are going to have to beg me to stop once i start…because I won’t want to.” He gave her a searing stare. Tara’s mouth fell open as he licked up her inner thigh, his eyes watching hers as he did. Jessie moved his hands up to Tara’s hips and with ease pulled her closer so her ass was almost off the sofa. Quickly moving one hand between her thighs, the other resting on top of her vulva he dipped his head. The flat of his tongue swiped across her sex causing her to gasp. He growled loudly as he lavished her with slow strokes. She writhed beneath his mouth as he covered her, pushing his tongue inside her deep. Tara could only whimper, no words could form. She couldn’t focus on anything except his tongue and the sensation of his mouth pleasuring her. At one point she thought she lost herself, seeming as if she had to fight to regain consciousness as she thought she saw stars. Jessie teased her expertly with his tongue and mouth until she came. It took only moments. Her breathing hastened as she felt the tingle deep inside her. It coursed through her body making her shudder and spasm.

“Jessie! Oh god!” The wave of rapture flowed through her like wind through tree’s, shaking her until she screamed and arched her back in a final fit of rapture. As Tara’s body eased and her breaths became less fervid she sighed. Jessie edged his way up her body with kisses. His lips danced across her heated skin and as he moved higher he pushed up her sweater. Quickly pulling it over her head Tara sat up and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“You’re amazing…that was amazing!” Jessie grinned before kissing her. She could taste herself on his lips and it made her shudder in memory of what he’d done to her. Jessie pulled his mouth away much to her disapproval but his eyes told her he wasn’t finished with her. He edged backwards, shuffling on his knees until he was able to pull her to the floor. Turning her as he did he pressed against her, moving her hands onto the sofa. She knelt in front, resting her stomach against the soft cushion as he pushed apart her thighs with his knee. Tara lay her head on the pillow and pushed her hands towards the back of the sofa, pushing herself against him. He let out a husky growl when the tip of his cock pressed against her. He’d been ready to burst since their first kiss and he needed to sink deep inside her heat. Smoothing his hands down her back resting one at her hips while the other took his cock and pushed it between her wet folds. Tara groaned and raised her head. He pushed inside her wetness hard and fast making her gasp. He let out a moan in unison almost drowning her voice as her walls sheathed him. “Tara…you’re perfect.” He managed to moan between lunges. He’d placed both hands on her hips and was pulling her to him with each thrust deep inside. Tara whimpered with every stroke, matching his groans of pleasure and need. He threw back his head and sucked in air trying to hold of his release. Tara’s body felt wonderful, he’d waited so long for her and he felt tears begin to form as his orgasm started. “Oh Tara, I can’t stop, I’m coming.” Tara pushed her hands against the back of the sofa so she could brace herself against the pounding of Jessie’s weight. He slammed against her filling her completely. Her cries as she felt her release begin made Jessie sigh in relief. He’d wanted to hold off until she came and only just managed. They sang together in harmonious rapture, Jessie unable to hold back tears of joy as they fell down his face.

When their song ended Jessie slumped forward and wrapped his arms around Tara. Their skin was wet from their heated passion and when their breathing returned to normal Jessie withdrew and turned her to face him. Sitting together on the floor resting against the sofa he held her tightly, listening to her breaths and sighs as she recovered. Nuzzling his face to her ear in a husky voice he whispered, “mine.”

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