Her Alpha, Short Story, 99Cents

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I have a short story on a kindle countdown, and it’s currently selling for 99C, get it at this reduced price for one more day. Her Alpha

Valentine’s fingers twisted in soft hair as he gently kissed her neck. His breath, hot and heavy brushed over her skin, making her yield. With no tension in her muscles, she was like a rag doll. It was Valentine’s powerful arms keeping her from falling to the floor; she was helpless under his spell. Soft lips scorched her skin as he moved slowly down her neck to her collarbone as he fisted her hair. Lacey couldn’t help but respond. Her body unraveled under his touch, he knew all the right places to touch and make her surrender.

Her Alpha Cover

“Bite me” new story by Mirishka

Hot sexy man or is he?

you can read the story here

You’re beautiful. I’ve been waiting for you for so long.”Jessie whispered as he gave her chance to catch her breath.
His mouth continued to devour her neck and shoulders, nipping at her collarbone gently. Tara’s head spun. Between his hot mouth and soft hands

 palming her nipples she could barely breathe.

New story from Mirishka…. “Stressed”

Got to thinking about various situations that make us want to have sex…I know for some people it doesn’t take much! Anyway, came up with this idea…i hope you like it. here’s a sneaky peak…

Chrissie pressed herself against him harder then leaned to kiss him.  His lips looked good enough to eat when he pouted.  Placing a single kiss she resisted the temptation to suck and nibble them.  Pulling away she studied his face. He was so beautiful; olive skin, smooth and silky… a few hours worth of stubble now showing making him look scruffy but in a good way and thick dark lashes that enhanced deep brown eyes.

You can read the full story here.