Fae Rendezvous


Fae Rendezvous

It was getting late, the sun was almost gone and Laura was in a hurry.  Seeing the light fade, she pushed the gas pedal as far as it would go, needing to be out of the forest before dark. Hearing a telltale ‘clunk’, she sighed as the car slowed down. Pulling over to the side of the road, she cursed as she got out of the car, cellphone in hand. No signal! Fuck, what to do?

“I don’t need this now!” Laura cursed and shoved her phone back into her purse. Her face reddened with fury while she leaned against the hood of the car.

It was getting darker with every passing minute, and  she didn’t want to be caught out here. Tapping her foot, she suddenly was aware of a presence.

“You are in need of assistance, may I help?”

The voice came from a tall, dark haired man coming out of the treeline, his silky hair and black eyes seemed to shine, despite the fading light.

Spinning towards the dulcet tones, Laura gasped at the sight of the somewhat familiar stranger. She had seen him before, and trying to remember, she suddenly realized he’d been in her dreams. The many nights that she had spent in those arms brought sudden heat to her face and she found herself staring with wide eyes and a slack jaw. Trailing her fingers along the hood of the car, she nervously replied.

“Um, yes, I am.” Laura only just managed to speak and as she composed herself, she continued, “Thank you, I’d really appreciate you letting me use your phone.” Her dry lips smiled as she continued to take in the strangers form. He really was something out of a dream. Slender yet muscular in all the right places, and dressed casually in faded jeans and a tight fitting T which stretched seamlessly over his fine pecs.

As he moved closer, Laura almost moved back, but held her ground.  His seductive, dark  eyes were fixed on her as they moved over her body, almost as if they had held her in their gaze before.

“Unfortunately I don’t own a phone, but I live in a cottage just over the rise and would gladly assist you in some other way.” He edged towards Laura and squeezed between her and the car, “Let me check it over, why don’t you pop the hood?”

The closeness of the stranger made Laura gasp quietly as his scent filled her senses. She couldn’t put her finger on what exactly it was he smelled of, but it was seductive, sensual and manly. Coming to her senses after realising she was almost drooling, she quickly moved to the drivers seat and pulled the lever to release the hood.

“Hm, I don’t see anything obvious.” The deep, charismatic voice echoed from beneath the metal, “Turn it over.”

Laura made an attempt to start the car but nothing. It was as dead as the proverbial Dodo.

“I think it’s the battery.” Laura shouted through the window, she’d been having trouble the last few days and it was on her ‘to-do’ list, but she’d been busy with work and it had slipped her mind. Now she was regretting her forgetful state, and leaned back in the seat, hugging out a long breath.

“Not to worry, why don’t you come with me and I’ll make you some tea,” the stranger held out his slender hand and smiled, “I’m Diaran, it’s nice to meet you.”

Laura shakily took his hand and suddenly felt at ease. The gentleness of his touch, his soft skin, seemed to ease any worries away.

“I’m Laura.”

She caught his stare for the briefest moment and could only think of one thing and it wasn’t tea. She was apprehensive, but at the same time found herself wanting to be as close to this man as she could get. It was dark and the forest was foreboding; what other choice did she have?

“Okay, thanks.” Laura gathered her purse and coat before locking the car. She quickly took out a pen and scribbled a note on an empty page of her diary before ripping out to fasten it under the windshield wiper.

“I’m supposed to be helping my friend with her baby shower, I’m sure she’ll realise I’ve got car issues and send out a repair truck.” She nervously chewed on the corner of her lower lip as Diaran led her from the road, into the thick forest. He never let go of her hand and gently showed her the way to his cottage.

He opened the door, motioning for her to enter.  It was dim at first, but candles lent a soft glow as she looked around. He was close behind her and his scent, with that of the candles, made her

relax, while her mind was busy with alarm bells going off, she couldn’t help feeling safe. Everything she’d learned in her life about strangers, breaking down, and being stranded, seemed to fly out of the window. It was as if it didn’t matter.

Laura watched Diaran as he lit a few more candles, the cottage was a nice size and well furnished with hand-made furniture. Clean and tidy, she wished her own place was as well kept.

“This is lovely, how long have you lived here?”

Diaran slowly turned to face her after filling the kettle with water. “Many years, I have come to know the forest as a sanctuary.” His full lips gave a hint of a smile before he continued preparing the tea.

Edging towards the table, Laura watched his long fingers as they held the cup, pouring hot water over the tea bag inside. She imagined those fingers running through her hair and over her body. Shaking her head to clear this thought, she took the cup with trembling hands.

“Thank you.” she sipped slowly and grimaced. The flavor wasn’t like anything she’d ever tried previously.

“Is it not to your liking?” Diaran’s head cocked to the side as waiting eyes stared.

“Hm, I guess I’m a coffee girl.” Shrugging her shoulders, Laura handed the cup over as Diaran’s hands took it from her. “Sorry.”

“It is an acquired taste, maybe I may give you something else?”

There was a moment of silence as images of what Laura would like to taste streamed into her mind. What the hell was wrong with her? She was acting like a sex-starved maniac….wait…that’s because she was. Her last lover, if you could call him that left her six months previously and she’d resigned herself to a life of celibacy. He had in no way satisfied her, leaving her with a feeling of longing that she had expressed in her dreams, and she had found no man that even came close to what she needed or desired.

“Perhaps I could have coffee if you would, please.”

Diaran nodded with a hint of a wicked smile, “I think I have just what you need.”

Laura immediately thought, You most certainly do but I’m not thinking about coffee.

She sat in the nearest chair, trying to gather her confidence.  He was absolutely breathtaking, and as he turned to fill her request, she couldn’t help it, but her eyes took in his form from his long, silky hair that she wanted to run her fingers through, to his broad shoulders down to his waist and further, and she could envision his powerful legs holding her in their embrace.

Diaran turned at that moment, smiling, as he handed her another cup, this one with steam rising from the edge.  She took it, looking into his eyes, and for a moment, she was lost.  Shaking her head, trying to clear her mind of the carnal thoughts that had taken it over, Laura smiled in return.Their fingers touched as he handed her the cup, and her mouth opened as she reacted to the tingle that filled her. She took a sip of what he had handed her, wanted to focus on anything but him.  The liquid was hot and sweet, with a hint of cinnamon. As she swallowed, she realized that he had not moved, but was staring at her with a look of desire on his face. She placed the cup on the table, and not able to help herself, rose to stand before him, looking into his eyes, wanting him to touch her.

Laura couldn’t resist touching his silky hair and with a gentle touch she skimmed her fingertips down the long tresses. It felt wonderful. Cool. Her breath caught in her chest as Diaran leaned closer, his hot breath fell against her skin as plump lips rested against the corner of her mouth.

The silence was deafening. Laura’s heart beat loudly in her ears amidst her inner voice screaming at her to snap out of the daydream she was in, but she couldn’t resist the whispered words that fell into her slightly parted lips.

“I’ve visited you many times in your sleeping hours, Laura, and now I finally have you here.”

The seductive tone of his quiet voice sent a shudder through her body. Her eyes fell shut as she drew in a deep breath and braced herself when she felt his hands slide around her waist.

“You’re not leaving here until I’ve tasted every inch of you.”

Darian’s hands slid effortlessly beneath Laura’s blouse and instantly her body tensed at his touch.

A muted gasp caused him to grin wickedly.

“Shh…be still.”

“I really think… I should be leaving…”

“Are you sure? Diaran drew in a deep breath causing his nostrils to flare wide, “Because your body tells me otherwise.”

“You must think I’m some kind of…”

Laura’s words were stilled with firm lips as they pressed against hers. Her body melted against his and she felt helpless to resist. Not that she wanted to. She felt perfectly comfortable glued to his firm body. Her hands were pressed against his chest, and she reveled in the feel of his smooth, taut skin and the subtle strength beneath. As they kissed, his hands began to wander, first to her hair, trailing his fingers through the mahogany curls, then to her shoulders, gently pushing the material of her blouse to one side.  His lips played with hers in the eternal dance of passion as he continued his exploration of her smooth satin skin. Creamy white, without a blemish, it called to him, and without his lips leaving hers, he removed her blouse, lowering her arms to slide the sleeves downward.

Laura was in a trancelike state, mesmerized by Diaran’s kisses and the feel of his hands on her body. She knew that he was removing her clothing, slowly, one piece at a time, but could do nothing to stop him…not that she wanted to. All previous experiences fell away as his lips and his hands took possession of her and left a trail of fire with every movement.

Her knees buckled when his soft, heated breath trailed down her neck and lower, she could barely stand and only with his powerful arms holding her firmly against his body was she on her feet.


The noise she made when she spoke his name caused teasing lips to widen. Diaran held Laura under his spell and wasn’t about to free her anytime soon. Ushering her towards the table he raised her effortlessly and sat her on the smooth wood while he dragged himself away reluctantly to remove his shirt and jeans.

Laura watched as if in a hypnotic state, she wanted to stop, well she thought she did but once he was free of his clothing and presented himself naked, she soon forgot making any protest.

Bright blue eyes stared in awe at his magnificent body. Fully toned and with skin like golden  velvet, she sighed quietly and let her eyes fall to his hips. It was all she could do to drag her eyes away from the thick erection but after forcing herself, she managed to look at him as he stared with a widening grin.

“Do you like what you see?”

Was he seriously asking that question?

Laura blushed. “You’re beautiful.” Her hands reached for him to fall back to her embrace and eager to return to her warmth, Diaran smothered her once more with his powerful body. “Should we move to the bedroom?” Laura wasn’t sure the kitchen table was the most comfortable place to sit and as Diaran’s hips nestled closer and he pulled her towards him, she realised it was too late to move.

“I like it here.”

Gravelly words spilled against Laura’s ear and her body shuddered. Diaran wanted to enjoy every moment of the woman beneath him. “I’m going to lick every inch of you,” he growled, “and I want to hear my name with every taste.”

Laura could only hold on to the sides of the table as he began his journey. Kissing her face, he held back his ardor, placing gentle lips against her skin, slowly trailing licks and nibbles to her chin, then her neck, and on to her beautiful shoulders.  Laura could not keep still under his assault. She whimpered, “Please, Diaran, please….”

Diaran laughed, “I have only begun, my sweet, “ as he nibbled down to her breasts.  Perfection, he thought, and he took one nipple into his mouth, swirling his tongue around and around, and finally pulling with short, strong strokes. Not wanting to ignore its mate, he moved to the other, swirling the bud around with his tongue, licking, before pulling it suddenly into his hot, waiting mouth. His powerful hands held her in place as his mouth moved lower. Kissing her navel, he swirled his tongue over it, sending Laura into delirium.  Moving his hands from her waist to her hips, he gently bit the skin at the juncture where her legs met her hips, as Laura writhed, unable to escape his attentions. When Diaran licked the skin on either side of her mound, she drifted away as her first orgasm struck. Feeling her ecstasy, he took her heat into his mouth, running his tongue through her wet, throbbing folds, instantly sending her into another climax.

Laura tried to rise but all she could manage was to hold the table with one hand while the other was buried in his long hair. As Diaran felt the twinge, he growled, and took her entire mound into his mouth, devouring her with deep kisses.

“This is what I have waited for,” he said, between licks, “to have you at my mercy.”

Laura felt as if she was floating away.

He suddenly pulled her up and Laura gasped, feeling bereft and empty. Putting her over his shoulder, he made his way to the bed Laura had noticed in the corner. Large and covered with a comforter and plenty of pillows, it was soft on her body as he placed her down. Whimpering, she looked up at him and saw a magnificent figure of a man, literally glowing, as if his body was covered with gold dust.  He took her hands in one of his and placed them over her head.

“Do not move your arms,” he ordered, and Laura moaned with anticipation.

Diaran took a moment to look at the vision beneath him, her mahogany hair shining in the candlelight, her eyes bright with desire, her lips slightly apart, and her heat, wet with the dew of her arousal. He could smell her, all the scents flowing into one….that of the most beautiful woman he had ever see. Laura grabbed him, trying to pull him closer.

He growled, “I told you not to move your arms,” and he took them into one of his strong hands, placing them over her head.  He spoke words she did not understand, and her arms were leaden and could not be moved.He placed his body over hers, caging her within, gazing into her eyes.

“I am going to devour you, a little at a time, and when I am done, you will never be able to think of another man.”


He began nibbling and biting, starting with her neck, then her breasts, her sides, her stomach,and finally the juncture of her thighs. Taking one leg in his arms, he nibbled her foot, licking up to her knee, then the softness behind. Doing the same with the other leg, he watched her face as she screamed his name, “Diaran, please, do something.” She was breathless, taking in gulps of air, her head moving from one side to the other.

Laughing wickedly, he parted her legs, placing his thick cock at her opening. Laura tried to rise to meet him, but he held her immobile, teasing her until she was screaming, one following another until her voice was all but silent.

He parted her legs, moving over her and placed his penis against her softness, holding her still as he pushed gently, testing to make sure he was not hurting her. Eons old, Diaran was wise in the ways of women, but had never held one as precious as this. He pushed further, causing Laura to shudder with an orgasm that had been waiting to explode. He rode her orgasm with her, reveling in the vibrations from her body. As she came down from the overpowering emotions, he once again pushed into her heated canal, finding himself at last joining in her mounting pleasure.

He began the age old rhythm, slowly, entering her leisurely, listening to her moans and pleas. “Please Diaran, I want to touch you.

“Patience, beauty, patience.”

His thrusts became faster until he was pounding into her; one long stroke after the other. She rose as much as she could to meet him, sobbing in ecstasy as their bodies met with unbridled passion. He suddenly stopped and she screamed.  Forcefully, he turned her over and pulled her to her knees, her arms still stretched above her head.  He relished the sight of her beautiful ass and leaning down to lick as he positioned himself behind her.  She glanced over her shoulder, her blue eyes were dazed, but the look on her face was one of pure ecstasy and amazement. He lovingly ran his hands over her arched spine, down and around to her breasts, and leaned over her to nibble her neck, running his tongue down her back once more to stop at her heat, sucking softly. By this time, Laura was a mass of nerves, all at their height, waiting for the next movement. He smiled to himself, and in one motion, plunged into her, causing another scream to issue from her parted lips. The rhythm began slowly at first, then moved into another realm, his powerful body pounding into hers without a thought.  Her arms were suddenly free and she needed them to hold herself up as Diaran kept up the relentless pace.

Laura was in another place, one that she had no idea existed. Riding the wave of his passion, hers rose to meet his, as she found herself moving through light and sound, surrounded by indescribable colors.  As her orgasm hit, she was aware of his growls as they made their climax together. It seemed to go on forever, flowing down a river of pleasure that she had needed, one that she knew she would never find in another.

Time passed, Laura wasn’t sure how much. She was languid, lying still, in his arms. Neither one said a word, still wrapped in the aura of their passion.

When the soft light of day began its intrusion into the room, Laura stirred, making her way to tend to herself. When she returned, he was in the kitchen, dressed only in his jeans, and she could not help but stare at his magnificent form.

“May I offer you something to drink, or eat, perhaps?” Diaran didn’t turn to look at Laura, but merely smiled to himself as felt her move towards him. A deep sense of satisfaction swelled over him, knowing he’d given her something she’d never experienced, nor ever would again.

Wicked, yes. His obsession with human females would one day catch up with him, but for now, he enjoyed the endless teasing over many nights when he visited his prey in their dreams before finally being able to touch them in the flesh.

Diaran turned to face Laura as she drew near. “It’s time for me to take you home.”

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