Kira watched the customers come and go in “Crafty’s”, the local hang out for singles. She found herself trying to analyze everyone that walked up to the bar, as if it were a game. But after a while it became boring as almost every male that turned up, did more or less the same thing…ordered a drink…looked around the room for an available female then moved in for the kill with sappy pick up lines that the women wanted to believe. God I hate that. There was always the good, the bad and the ugly…and occasionally…

Oooh what have we here?”   Her eyes followed a tall, muscular man as he waltzed up to the bar.  The rear view was most appealing. He had the ass that just begged to be squeezed.  Tight-faded jeans clung to his thighs and the white linen shirt with the rolled up sleeves was almost see-through.  His tawny skin seemed to shimmer through the fabric.  But that wasn’t the best part.  The most beautiful head of hair layered down across the wide shoulders.  It appeared dark blonde…but then changed colour as the light caught it, there were streaks of gold, silver, bronze and then red hues and dark plums and mahogany, wow. She suddenly sat up straight and placed her head in her hands as she rested her elbows on the table.

Turn round… come on baby….turn round…let’s see the pretty…

As if she’d willed it, the patron turned. Her mouth dropped open as he slowly faced her-wafting his beautiful locks across his shoulder.  His eyes stared straight at her. OH MY GOD!

 Kira blushed as he gave her a smirk as if he’d read her mind. She couldn’t stop staring back; his eyes captivated her gaze and wouldn’t release her.  Casually he began to walk over; she felt her heart beat hard and fast. Holy crap he’s coming over.

 As the beautiful man approached her table she sat back, her mouth still gaping from the shock he’d noticed her.  Gorgeously attractive men do not notice her…and were in a league so far away from hers…it was unreal.

Kira stared at the delicious man when he finally stopped at her table.  It was hard to focus on his face, he was so beautiful.  His skin appeared to shimmer and when she looked into his eyes she fell apart.  Trying to decide on their color was difficult.  They changed from burnt whiskey to cinnamon then to gold then to hazel and continued to dazzle her.  His perfect cupid lips turned up at the corners of his mouth almost making him look like he wore a smirk but it was more… much more… he beamed as if he knew the woman in front of him was mesmerized by his presence.  And he would be right.

She’d never seen a man look the way he did.  It was un-natural looking like he did, surely?

“Hello Kira”

Kira’s heart skipped a beat. Do I know you? ‘Cause…I’m pretty sure if I knew you…I would never have forgotten you!

 “We’ve never met… although…” The gorgeous vision closed in…sitting beside her, very close.… “You have dreamed of me, often.”

Kira squirmed in her seat as he snuggled close to her.  His arm reached behind her and lay on the back rest.  He was so close she could smell him.  He smelled so good…unlike anything she could name. No aftershave…no man made products that she could notice, but he just smelled… like sex.

The feel of his warm breath against her skin sent a shiver through her body as leaned his face close to hers… she started to shake, but it wasn’t from fear… there was a sensation beginning to run through her body she couldn’t explain.  It was like electricity but without the pain…like pins and needles but without discomfort…but it made her feel wonderful…and turned on.

“I…I don’t know who you are…I’m sorry, I truly wished I did.” Her words came out breathy and faint.  She felt pathetic, no one had ever made her feel this way, and he can’t possibly be from this world.

“You do Kira; it’s just that you’ve repressed me from your memories.  When you were a child and you told your mother about me… she told you there’s no such thing as the Fae and after a while…you started to believe her… and so I disappeared from your dreams.” He ran his finger down her cheek, sending a wave of pleasure through her that could only be described as orgasmic.

“What?” She half laughed and sputtered the word out. “You must think I’m stupid…I’m not falling for that line…seriously…grow up.” Kira brushed his hand away from her face and tried to stand.  He quickly pulled her back down to a seating position and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, securing her in place.  With his free hand he gently took hold of her chin and pulled her face to meet his.

“Look at me Kira…how many humans do you know that look like me.”

She examined his features closely. So beautiful, exotic and when he looked into her eyes she burned with desire and need for him that she couldn’t explain.  He leaned closer and brushed his lips against her cheek.  The touch of his lips made her gasp…it felt wonderful. She wanted more but he pulled away before she could taste those sweet lips.

“What do you want from me?” her voice trembled as she asked.  Her eyes scanned his; deep and intense-full of promise and drilling into her unmercifully.

“You-for this night.”

The surprise on Kira’s face made him grin.  “Why? I’m plain, you can have anyone you want…look at you.”

The man frowned, “do not try to tell me what I want or do not want human… I have waited a long time to return to you-I knew how you would look when you reached maturity… you should feel honored.”

His voice changed from softly spoken to firm and almost angry…she’d offended him and she tried to apologize. Before she could open her mouth he pressed a finger to her lips to seal them. “No. Do not apologize; just give me your answer… will you be mine for this night?”

Kira’s mind raced…she couldn’t just jump into bed with someone she just met…especially one that claimed he was a fairy… WTF?  And yet she found herself wanting him, needing him so much.  His body dripped sex…he had an aura, a presence about him that she couldn’t describe and he was utterly gorgeous.

I must be crazy but…I can’t say no to you.  Before she could open her mouth to say ‘yes’ his arms were around her and she couldn’t breath.  They were spinning, moving…she couldn’t say how.  Everything around them disappeared and she felt dizzy. Closing her eyes tightly she prayed for the spinning to stop.

Suddenly there was calmness…opening her eyes she was in her bedroom, with her guest.

He held her tightly, wrapping his arms around her and when she regained her senses he released his hold.  Quickly looking around she drew in the familiar sights of her room.

Gazing up into the face of the beautiful Fae Kira’s legs almost gave way. He held her tightly, closing his face to hers. All she could smell was lust, desire and passion…he was everything she’d ever dreamed of and more. His intense gaze into her eyes made her swoon, she felt herself melt against him as if she were powerless to do anything else.

“You may call me Fenn.” As his name left his soft lips it seemed to carry all around the room. It sang to her, called to her and made her skin tingle. It felt like it was caressing her skin with tuneful and melodic notes as it rang through her.

“Fenn” she managed to say…in a breathy voice.

The corner of his mouth raised and his eyes widened…the sound of his name coming from her soft lips excited him.  His eyes turned feral and wild as he scanned the face of the human he held tightly.

Kira could hardly breathe; just looking at Fenn’s face set every nerve in her body on fire. He smelled so good, looked amazing and feeling the warmth of his body close to hers made her lose all inhibitions.  In all her adult life since she started dating had she succumbed to the lure of a one night stand. Yet here she was.

Fenn released Kira from his hold and took a step back.  Slowly he began to unbutton his shirt. His eyes stared at her the whole time, watching for her reaction. Kira fixed her eyes on his hands as his fingers popped open each button.  When he opened his shirt and pushed it from his shoulders, he let it fall to the floor. Instantly, he moved his hands to the zipper on his jeans.  Pulling the faded denim apart, the zipper unfastened with ease.  Kira’s eyes grew wide, he was naked beneath them.  When he lowered his jeans, releasing his erection Kira blushed. She wasn’t a complete novice to sex but had only had 2 previous lovers; neither of them had been built like Fenn. He was huge.

When Fenn had removed all of his clothing he stood proud and wafted his long hair over his shoulders.  He had no shame at all, no embarrassment about himself in fact he was positively proud of how he looked…and quite right too.

Taking a step towards Kira, who was now shaking nervously, his touch, seemed to ease her tension as he traced a finger down her cheek.

“Be still little one, I promise you heaven and beyond on this night… you will endure only pleasure at my touch.”

After his words had left his mouth, he brushed his lips across Kira’s.  A sudden rush of pleasure ran through her body.  The sweet taste of his lips reminded her of chocolate, vanilla, spice, peaches and cream and everything else she loved the taste of.  He traveled his finger across her jaw and down her neck.  Kira felt the heat from his body when he pulled her close to him, his free arm settling in the small of her back. The feel of his arousal pressed against her belly.

Her hands had a mind of their own and before she realized her palms were pressed against his chest.  The velvety touch of his skin was intoxicating.  It was like he was a drug or that he gave off a pheromone that told her to touch him.  And while her fingertips slowly traced across his soft skin she thought of only how much more wonderful he would feel when her own body was completely naked and pressed up close.

Fenn roamed his hands all over Kira’s shaking body.  His tender touch made her feel relaxed, and slowly she began to calm.  Even when his hands came forward and unfastened the buttons on her dress she remained at ease.

After Fenn had pushed her dress over her shoulders…letting the fabric fall to the floor, his fingers slid down to her breasts.  The delicate lace bra she wore excited him. He could see her hard nipples as they begged to be released from the constraints of the thin lace. When he brushed the pads of his thumbs across them she let out a quiet moan.  Through half closed eyes she saw the excitement in his eyes as he toyed with her.  How yielding she felt under his touch. It wasn’t like her. But there was something about the way he touched her that made her surrender.

“I think you maybe over dressed” he smirked as he tucked his fingers beneath the bra straps and pushed them down her shoulders.  Swiftly reaching behind her, he unfastened the hooks and removed the garment.  Kira had more than a fair handful of breasts, and even without the uplifting bra, they stood proud and pert.  Fenn instantly fell to his knees. His outstretched hands cupped a breast in each hand. Gently his finger and thumbs taunted the rosy tips, rolling them and pulling them. Kira moved her hands to Fenn’s hair; grabbing handfuls she clenched her fists around the soft tresses.  When he crushed her nipples and tugged…she pulled at his hair…sucking in air through clenched teeth as she threw back her head. What else could this … Man…no…. this Fae do to her?

As if Fenn had read her mind his mouth brushed across the soft flesh of her belly, his sweet lips feathered across her skin, making it cry out with need.  He would lick and taunt her, suckle and nibble as he traveled all over her stomach, belly and hips.  Kira felt faint and dizzy…almost drugged with the heady, erotic aroma of sex that dripped from her lover.

Fenn raised himself and on his way up he caught her in his arms, lifting her off the floor.  Moving over to the bed, raising a knee to rest, he lowered her back.  Shuffling himself and her further up the bed he continued his assault on her body with his mouth. Every inch of her body was alight with fire. His kisses made her skin feel alive, like nothing she’d ever experienced.  He knelt to the side of her and slowly began to remove her panties. She watched him, he looked hungry and feral.  The color of his eyes was still hard to distinguish but the colors had darkened.  Deep browns, burnt amber and almost black swirled in his gaze; he fleetingly looked to her face, smirked, and then drew his eyes back to her sex.  He’d removed her underwear so swiftly and deftly she had hardly noticed.  Fenn moved between her legs, nudging her thighs apart as he nestled between them.  He moved his hands up her thighs and over her mound.  Kira sucked in a deep breath. Her body tensed with anticipation as he leered at her while brushing the tip of his finger between her legs.

Kira let out a moan, his touch sent a shock wave through her body like nothing she’d ever felt.  She’d been wet from the moment he’d kissed her but now she wasn’t just wet…she was dripping. A smile gapped across his face as he watched her melt at his touch. He’d have her crying out in a short space of time, calling his name and writhing as he brought her to unbelievable heights.

Fenn moved his face between her legs, his warm breath glided across her exposed sex as he parted her with his fingers.  Kira reached her hands above her head, gripping the wooden spindles of the headboard.  Her breathing became unsteady. She tried to grasp in her mind what was happening to her…and why this Fae had come to visit her but just as she latched onto a small part of reality, she would be lost beneath his lips as they sucked at her. His tongue flicked with precision across her most sensitive spot.

Unable to control her hips, she found herself arching and pressing towards his mouth. Her need growing for release drove her insane. He teased and taunted her relentlessly, giving her almost everything then removing it before she came.  Fenn seemed as if he’d been created purely for the purpose of pleasure…and he delivered.  His fingers glided in between her folds with precision and control before entering her warm dark haven.  Kira moaned loudly, her hips ground against him, needing more and wanting him harder and deeper.  Fenn’s mouth continued to lap at her, suckling on her nub and making her whimper between moans as his fingers pressed inside her warmth.

The sensation was amazing, he expertly drove her to the edge of ecstasy and then brought her back down, soothing her to reduce her heightened state only to begin over again, each time pushing her to further limits before she would crumble.

“Fenn! Please” Kira couldn’t stand any more, she needed to come.  Her body trembled in need.

“Do you wish me to end your pleasure little one?” The seductive voice whispered when he pulled his mouth away from her heat.

Kira didn’t want it to end but she needed release, he was driving her insane… while asking for him to cease would mean the end it’s what she needed. His tormenting lips and tongue had driven her to the edge.

“Please, let me come.” Her words came out broken and ragged between her breaths.

“Your will, my command.”

Fenn’s words filled her ears and her body instantly responded to his touch as his mouth covered her sex.  The lash of his tongue against her nerve bundle made her cry out. He had his fingers deep inside her, feeling and probing inside her walls until he found the place that sent a current surge through her body.

Kira felt the heat build inside her core, the tingling between her legs grew and she felt the wave of pleasure increase.  All she could hear was the beating of her own heart thumping in her ears…the sound of her blood pumping through her body drowned any other noise. The blinding, pulsing moment of release hit her hard.  She writhed against the source of pleasure like a wanton whore, moaning loudly. The sensation that racked her body engulfed every molecule of her being…she felt like she was flying, spinning, whirling in a sea of rapture and pleasure that would never end.


Kira sat bolt upright in bed, her heart thumping and her breathing hard.  The bedroom was lit softly by the full moon that breached the open curtains.  She was alone.

Falling back against the pillows she wiped the beads of sweat from her brow. Her Fae pleasure encounter had been but a dream, but one that felt real.  The sweat across her skin and the dampness between her legs was no dream, and the blinding orgasm that had brought her back to reality was true enough… only the Fae that gave her the pleasure seemed to be a figment of her imagination.

Her breathing settled and she drifted back into sleep, hoping to dream of her Fae lover once more.  When her body relaxed and she snuggled against the comfort of the soft bedding… the Fae moved from the shadows of the bedroom into the moonlight.  Watching his human lover sleep he touched his hands to his lips and blew her a kiss goodnight then vanished into the ether.

4 thoughts on ““NIGHTTIME FAE”

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  2. Some remarks:

    1. Hahaha!!!! The Fae dresses like Jason in Oz Comic Con! What an amazing coincidence!

    2. Oh… I pray for this “spinning thing” every night!!!! And emerge into a totally exotic place… when will my Fae Prince come to me????

    3. Fenn… I like the name!

    4. “Vanished into the ether”… a lovely word choice. Makes me feel like drinking some Absynthe!!!!

    5. I would have no problem at all becoming a Pry-ia!!!

    Wonderfully written, Jules! I specially like the fact that she is not a stunning woman, and also that they had a connection since childhood, like angels and humans… I’m a fucking dreamer!!!!

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