Not My First Rodeo

“Are you serious Tess? The rodeo?”

“Come on Cat it’ll be fun. My boss gave my four tickets in the V.I.P. section. Front row. And you know how sexy cowboys are?”

“You been looking at too many calendars and pictures on the Internet.” Caitlyn replied. “And reading too many romance novels I suspect.”

“Lexi and Cierra said they’d go. We’ll have a blast. It’ll be something different to do. When it’s over we can go to the sports bar down the street from the arena. I have a friend who bartends there and he told me all the bronc and bull riders go there to unwind at night. You need to get out. You haven’t hung out with us since…you and Trey broke up. I’m sorry to bring up a such painful subject but he moved out four months ago…”

“And he’s not coming back. I know Tess. I heard he moved in with the “other” woman almost immediately. I just haven’t felt like facing the world.”

“It’s time to get back in the game. I’ll pick you up at six thirty on Saturday. Lexi and Cierra will meet us there.”

“Okay, you’ve talked me into it. Just what does one wear to a rodeo anyway?”

“Wear your blue jeans, a white blouse, black boots, and that Southwestern print jacket you’re so fond of. You’ll look great. I’ll see you Saturday Cat.”

“It might be fun at that Tess. See you Saturday.”

The four women meet at the arena and found their seats. Front row as Tess had promised. As they watched the events and Cat had to agree with Tess’ assessment that cowboys were hot commodities. They were muscular but cut and buffed not big and bulky. She turned to her friend and made a teasing comment. “Hey Tess, I’ve noticed something.”

“What’s that Cat?”

“Cowboys do it in eight seconds.”

Tess laughed out loud. “The way my sex life has been lately I’d settle for eight seconds.”

Cat nodded her head. “We’re on the same page Tess.”

They announced the bareback bronc-riding event and that’s when Cat saw him. The first rider up was standing on the walkway behind the chute waiting to mount the horse. He was about six foot, two inches tall. Long and lean. Midnight black long straight hair tied in a ponytail. Dressed in tight jeans, a long sleeve denim shirt, black cowboy hat, black leather vest, black boots, and black-fringed chaps. Cat couldn’t see his face clearly but she was guessing Native American blood was coursing through his veins. The announcer confirmed her suspicions.

“Ladies and gentlemen. The first rider out of the chute is Paytah Nighthorse!”

Cat had studied the Native American culture all her life. Paytah was Lakota for fire. And from the look of him he lived up to his name. Tess was watching the change in Cat’s face.

“See something you like Cat?”

Cat turned and nodded so fast that Tess thought Cat looked like a bobble-head doll. The horn blew and the bronc blazed out of the chute trying to dislodge the man on his back. Cat watched Paytah work his body trying to stay on. It was the longest eight seconds of her life. The bronc was driving to her side of the arena. The second horn blew. He stayed on the full eight seconds. Cat applauded his efforts along with the rest of the crowd. Paytah dismounted directly in front of her. He looked up and their eyes meet briefly. One of the rodeo clowns handed brought his hat to him. Paytah put it on and tipped it toward Cat. She smiled back. As he turned to leave he spoke to the man walking next to him. “Did you see her? She’s breathtaking. I’ve never see hair color like that on anyone. It’s as white as snow.”

After the rodeo ended Cat and her friends headed to the sports bar close to the arena. In about a half an hour the bar was filled with Wild West testosterone. Cowboys as far as the eye could see. It wasn’t long before the girl’s table was surrounded. One asked Tess to dance. She took his hand and they disappeared into the crowd. Lexi and Cierra had instant suitors also and left to dance. Cat eyes searched the crowd but she didn’t see Paytah. She sighed. At that moment a pair of hands rested on her shoulders and a deep voice floated into her right ear. “Mind if I join you?” Cat looked up. Paytah was behind her. Her heart skipped several beats.

She struggled to gain her composure. “No…no…please sit down. I enjoyed your event tonight.” She offered her right hand and he started to shake it but placed a light kiss on it instead. Cat blushed. “My name’s Caitlyn but everyone calls me Cat.”

“My name’s Paytah. Last name Nighthorse. Everyone shortens it to Pay.”

“I remember. Paytah means fire in Lakota.”

Paytah whistled quietly. “I’m very impressed. Most people just ask me what kind of weird name is that. You know Native American culture?”

“I’ve studied it all my life. There’s some Sioux on my mother’s side.”

Paytah reached out and ran his right hand through her long white hair. “Couldn’t tell it by your hair color. Which ancestor gifted you with this? I thought maybe you dyed it but I don’t see any roots.”

“My father. He and I were born with this color. I have his blue eyes too.”

Paytah leaned back in his chair and took in the view. Cat was alluring. Silver white hair, blue eyes, skin as warm as honey, rounded breasts, slender, and tall. He guessed her to be about five foot nine inches. She was all class, not like groupies that followed the rodeo. He didn’t realize she was sizing him up too. Long black hair, almost black eyes, and bronze skin. He was built to the nines. He left the top three buttons of his shirt open and she caught a glimpse of his broad muscled chest. She assumed he had a nice six-pack too. She calculated his height correctly. His lower body was just as nice, long legs and a nice tight ass. He stood up. “What can I get you to drink? Beer? Wine?”

“Club soda if you please. I’m the designated driver tonight. If Tess gets a better offer than going home with me I’ll have to drive her car home.”

Paytah gave her a beguiling look. “What if you get a better offer?”

“I’m not into one night stands. They’re too dangerous.” Cat’s tone was very serious.

Paytah looked into her piercing blue eyes. “You got a boyfriend or a husband?”

Cat met his gaze. “Neither. Recently divorced. Too many STD’s out there to hop in the sack with someone you barely know and most men won’t slip on a condom at their lover’s request.”

“Doesn’t seem bother your friend Tess too much.”

“Tess does as she pleases. I don’t judge her for it and I’m here if she needs me to bail her out of a sticky situation. Plus she carries a few wet suits in her purse.”

Paytah smiled. Cat has the courage of her convictions. Just like I thought all class. “I have an idea. I don’t have to ride tomorrow. How about I take you to dinner and we get to know each other better? I can be easily tamed if handled properly.”

Cat’s face brightened. “I’d love to have dinner with you. I’ll go you one better. You come to my house and I’ll cook. I think you’d enjoy a home cooked meal being on the road all the time. How about six o’clock. I’ll give you directions when you get back with my club…if you wouldn’t mind make that iced tea.” Any woman who tries to tame you should be shot. Your spirit should remain as wild as the broncs you ride.

“You’re on. I’d love a home cooked meal. I’ll be right back with your tea and my beer.”

Tess returned to the table while Paytah was at the bar. “Would you mind driving my car to your house? I’ll pick it up later. I have an offer I just can’t refuse. I see you met the dreamboat who caught your eye at the rodeo. He’s even better looking up close and in prime condition. What about you my BBF? Going to ride a cowboy tonight?”

“No Tess. Not tonight. I know I’m an old prude in your eyes.”

“I don’t think you’re an old prude. I think you’re a young prude.”

Cat stood up and gave Tess a hug. “Here’s your purse. Is your cell phone charged? You call me if you need me to pick you up. Please be careful. Oh, by the way, Paytah is coming to my house for dinner tomorrow night. As you’ve said I need to, pardon the expression, get back up on the horse. At least that’s what Dad would say after I would take a bad fall off my horse.”

Tess squealed and hugged Cat again. “I’ve so happy for you. Did you tell your broncobuster that you’re an expert horsewoman? It’ll surprise the shit out of him to find out you can probably ride a horse better than he can. Just looking at him though I’ll bet he is an expert at riding a woman. Takes first prize every time I imagine.”

Cat handed Tess her purse. “Off you go now. I’d tell you to enjoy yourself but that’s a given. Call me if you need me.” Paytah returned to the table with her tea and his beer.

Tess grinned at Cat. Are you going to introduce me to your friend Cat?”

“Where are my manners? Tess, this is Paytah. Paytah, this is my friend Tess.”

Tess shook Paytah’s hand. “Please to make your acquaintance. Take good care of my friend. I’m outta here.” Tess tiptoed and whispered into Paytah ear. “Cat’s my best friend but between you and me she needs to be fucked by the right man and you look like you can do the job.”

Paytah whispered back to Tess. “I’ll see what I can do. Between you and me I’d kill to make love to her.”

Tess patted Paytah on the arm. “You have my blessing. You just have to break through her defenses. Good luck.” Just then Tess’ date for the evening walked up to claim her.

“Are you ready Tess? Hi Pay, looks like you’re doing alright for yourself tonight.”

“Evening Cooper. Be a gentlemen okay?”

“I’ll do my best. Come on baby, let’s go.”

‘What did Tess say to you? She can be a bit crude at times.”

“She asked me to keep an eye on you.” And to do what I’ve been thinking from the first the moment I saw you. “Let’s move to that table over there, the one in the corner. Looks like a quiet place to get to know each other better.” He picked up their drinks. “Is that okay with you?”

“That would be nice. You can’t hear yourself think this close to the dance floor.”
He escorted her to the table and they talked until the bar closed.

Six o’clock sharp. Cat’s breath caught in her throat when she answered the door and saw Paytah standing there. White shirt, top three buttons opened, black jeans, black boots, and his hair unbound. He was holding a bouquet of purple and white carnations, a bottle of Italian Prosecco, and a manila file folder.

“Paytah come in. You’re exactly on time. Did you have any trouble finding the place?”

He stepped across the threshold and handed her the flower and the wine. “Here these are for you and your directions were easy to follow. Please call me Pay.”

Cat inhaled the flowers fragrance. “Oh, carnations are my favorite and so is the wine. How in the world did you know?” What’s with the file folder?

“I ran into Tess and Cooper at breakfast this morning. I asked her about the flowers and the wine. I don’t think you’re going to see much of Tess next week. They looked pretty hot and heavy to me.”

“Tess had him in tow when she picked up her car. I thought I was going to have to pry them apart with a crowbar. I noticed he was following her back to her place. Please make yourself comfortable. What can I get you to drink…Pay?”

“A beer if you have it.” Paytah sniffed the aromas coming from the kitchen. “Something smells wonderful.”

“We’re having pot roast with carrots and potatoes. Strawberry shortcake for dessert.”

“I haven’t had good pot roast in ages. It’s one of my favorites.” Pay looked around the living room and noticed the photographs of Cat on horseback and a lot of blue ribbons hanging on the frames. “You ride?”

“Since I was a little girl. My father is a horse trainer and a riding coach. I was put in a saddle the moment I could walk. Dinner’s ready. The dining room is this way.”

“Why don’t you come down to the arena sometime this week and go riding with me? One of my friends will loan you a horse. I want to see what you can do. From the look of all these ribbons you do very well.”

“I’d love to. Have a seat Pay and I’ll get dinner on the table.” Cat brought a huge platter of food from the kitchen and placed it on the table. “Hand me your plate and tell me when.” She filled his plate, handed it back to him, and then served herself. “Go ahead, dig in.”

Pay took a bite and moaned. “This meal is fit for a king. It’s delicious Cat.” He continued to eat like it was his last meal on earth. Halfway through the meal he picked up the file folder and handed it to Cat.

“What’s this Pay?”

“My health records. Since I travel so much I need them if I get hurt while bronc riding. Look at the last page.”

Cat opened the file and turned to the page he indicated. It was the results of his blood tests for any STD’s. He was clean.

“Do you understand what it says? I wanted you to see that I have a clean bill of health.”

“I appreciate you showing me your personal records. You didn’t have to do this.”

“Yes I did Cat. I wanted you so much last night I could taste you. I had to prove to you that I’m on the up and up…in case you change your mind about…maybe later you and I…it would be heaven to make love to you Cat.” He reached into his pocket and produced four condoms. “Several times. I didn’t know if you used any form of birth control.”

Cat looked at him and smiled. She recalled what Tess said to her last night. It’s time to get back in the game. Time to step out of your comfort zone. She stood up and walked over to Pay. She reached out her hand to him. He pushed back his chair, rose, and took her hand.

Pay held his breath. “Is this a yes Cat?”

She responded by putting her arms around his neck. “Yes Pay. I want you like crazy. We won’t need the condoms. All I have is my word that I’m clean but I can show you my protection.”

Their lips met in a long, lingering kiss. Cat whispered. “Follow me. The bedroom’s this way.” Pay picked her up in his arms. “Show me Cat. I long to be in your bed and between your soft, enticing thighs.” He gave her hard, hungry kisses all the way to the bedroom.

He set her down by the bed. Cat was shaking in his arms. “Cat what’s wrong?”

“Nothing Pay. It’s been…sometime…and I couldn’t please my…”

Pay took her face in his hands. “I’ll be gentle. We have all night. Remember this isn’t my first rodeo.” And your husband was a fool.

Cat rested her head against his chest and frees the rest of the buttons on his shirt. “Yes we have all night.” Pulling his shirt from the waistband of his jeans, pushing it from his powerful shoulders. His body was corded with muscles. His pecs, the six-pack abs, and his hips were made of steel. Cat unbuckled his belt and began to unzip his jeans. She remembered his boots. “Sit down and I’ll help you off with your boots.” He perched on the edge of the mattress and stretched out his long powerful legs. Cat straddled his legs, giving him a preview of her well-rounded bottom. Removing his boots by grabbing the heel, she slides them off easily. Kneeling down she murmured, “Stand up Pay.” He rose and she helped him out of his jeans and briefs. Cat coiled her fingers around his ready to ride hardness, swirled her tongue around the crown and then brushed his length. Reaching around she massaged his ass cheeks. He’s so firm. Not a soft spot on his powerful frame. Pay looked at the ceiling and sucked air in through his teeth. He grasped her arms and pulled her to her feet. He wrapped his arms around her and pressed his body to hers.

“Lady we need to slow things down or it’ll be over before it starts and in case you haven’t noticed I’m the only one who’s naked. He tugged at the hem of her tee shirt and Cat raised her arms. Pay unhooked her bra and slipped it off her shoulders. He cupped a breast in each hand and rolled her nipples with his thumbs until they puckered under his touch. He freed her from her jeans and panties. Pay slipped two fingers into her heat and placed his lips to her ear. “You are so wet, so ready, and so beautiful. Your bed looks mighty inviting.” He reached around her and turned down the comforter and the top sheet. Lifting her in his arms, he placed her in the center of the bed and kneeled between her thighs. “Cat I’m going to make love to you all night long.”

Cat sat up and put her arms around his neck. “And in the morning, I’ll bring you breakfast in bed.” Pay began to kiss her pressing her backwards till her head rested on the pillows. He covered her body with his all the while exploring her body. Kissing, sucking, nibbling, licking, her neck, her breasts, her stomach, her thighs, and her heated, dewy sex, covered with trimmed soft white hair. Pay locked his arms around her and rolled over so Cat was on top. “Show me how you would ride a wild bronc. See if you can break me to the saddle.”

Cat was gasping at his touch. “To tame your spirit would be a crime against nature. But I’ll give you the ride of your life.” She took his arousal and eased herself down onto him. Pay arched his hips to thrust up to meet her. Cat began a rhythmic rocking motion, back and forth, up and down. Pay grabbed her hips and bucked within her. She started to grind against him and rock faster. He groaned long and low as she tightened her satiny flesh around his shaft. She leaned over, kissed him, and spoke against his lips. “Come for me Pay, fill me with your hot smooth cum. She felt his cock convulsing as he exploded into her. Pay knotted the sheets in his fists and called her name.

“Cat! Fuck woman! You’re driving me insane. Damn, lady, as soon as I regain my senses I going to make love to you like there’s no tomorrow. I’m going to drive you to the edge, take you over the brink, and do it again.”

Cat lay on his chest and trying to calm her warm, erratic breathing. “That was…you’re…incredible Pay.”

Pay stroked her long white hair. “Woman, I think that title belongs to you. I’m still trying…to catch my breath.” He enveloped her in him arms and closed his eyes. Lady, I’m never going to let you go. For the moment on, you’re mine.

As Pay had promised, they made love several times that night. And as Cat promised she brought him breakfast in bed. As they were eating, Pay leaned over and kissed her. “Cat, can I ask you a question?”

“Ask away. What would you like to know?”

“How do you feel about long distance relationships?”

“I don’t know Pay. I’ve never been involved in one.”

“Would you like to Cat? With me I mean? I think you and I have something special here and I want to see if we can make it work. I’m going to retire from the rodeo circuit in about a year. I’ve been at it for ten years and I want to stop before I punish my body any further. I have a beautiful spread in Wyoming. Do you think you’d like living on a ranch? It’ll be a lot of work but you could ride every day…and I now believe in love at first sight.”

Cat pressed her fingers to his lips. “Yes Pay, I think we can make it work and I’d love to live on a ranch someday. Let’s see where love at first sight will take us.”

Pay stayed at Cat’s house for the rest of the week and, eventually, in her arms for the rest of his life. And Cat was always amazed that she found love at, of all places, a rodeo.

2 thoughts on ““NOT MY FIRST RODEO”

  1. As always, hot as hell… hehehe… I think I’m about to start going to rodeos… maybe I find a Lakota hunk lost around there! And maybe… really maybe, he takes me to his ranch… (let me dream…)

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