Oh my God, I forgot to…

 The cocktail party started at six o’clock. She was looking forward to a Saturday night out with her husband. The children were spending the weekend his parent’s house. It had been a long time since they had time alone together. They rose early and went to the gym to work out. Afterwards they stopped at their favorite coffee shop and had breakfast. They parted after they ate. He went to play softball with his friends and she went home to pamper herself. She wanted to look her best for him tonight. Knock his socks off and the rest of his clothes with them. Not that she had to work that hard at looking good. She had carried two children but maintained a perfect size six figure. She loved to exercise and it showed. Her husband was no slouch in the looks department either. Six foot, three inches tall, black hair that hung just past his shoulders, vibrant blue eyes, strong jaw line, and skin tanned from all the time he spent outdoors. Together they owned a landscaping business. She managed the office and did the bookkeeping. Everyone told them that working together would ruin their marriage. They really didn’t see each other that often during the day. He was out working on projects and she stayed in the office. She left at three every afternoon to pick up the kids and have dinner on the table when he came home at six. Her friends teased her about being an old-fashioned wife. It was a busy life and very stressful at times but she wouldn’t have it any other way. The only problem was that it played havoc on their sex life. That’s why this evening was so important to her. She wanted to rekindle the passion she felt was lacking in their lovemaking. Time to bring out the big guns. She went to her closet and pulled out her secret weapon, the little black dress. It fit her like a second skin and she knew how sultry it looked on her. It was his favorite dress even though he joked that was as tight as a ‘sausage casing’ on her. He couldn’t take his eyes off her when she wore it. She had long legs and it hit her about four inches above the knee. Pulling out her black ‘FM’ heels from the closet and a pair of hose from the dresser drawer she checked the time. Twenty minutes to four. Collin will be home soon. I’ll go take my shower now and that will give me plenty of time to get ready.

She was de-tangling her hair when she heard Collin open the front door and call to her. “Hey Pix, I’m home. Where are you?” Her name was Blythe but early on in the relationship he nicknamed her ‘Pixie’ because she collected fairies, elves, and nymphs.

“I’m upstairs Collin. Did your team win the game?”

He ran up the steps and went into the bedroom. “Yep! Smoked them 10 to 5. Another trophy for the case at work.” He checked his watch. “What time do we have to get on the road?’

She stepped out of the bathroom and gave him a hug and a kiss. “We should leave by five thirty. That will put us at Rob and Carol’s house at six.”

He began to take off his uniform and Blythe watched him strip off his clothes. Damn, I’m a very lucky woman. I’m married to a man with a body to die for. He put the dirty uniform in the clothes hamper and stretched out on the bed. “Do you think the ‘barracuda’ will be there tonight Pix?”

“Kristin and Mitchell were invited so I’m sure they’ll be there.” Blythe laughed at Collin’s nickname for Kristin. She had tried over and over again to draw Collin into having an affair with her. She was totally brazen about it. Kristin even showed up at work one day and barged into Collin’s office wearing nothing but a trench coat. She was naked underneath and thought showing Collin what he was missing would convince him to have sex with her. He picked up her coat and handed it to her. “Put this back on.” Collin opened the door to his office and shouted. “Hey Pix would you come here for a minute.”

Blythe came around the corner and stood in the doorway. “What’s up Babe?”

“Would you please explain to the “barracuda’ that I’m not interested in sleeping with her and show her the way out.” Before Blythe could give the woman a piece of her mind Kristin pushed her way past her and ran to her car. Blythe stopped by Kristin’s house on the way home and told her under no certain terms to find another target. The whole scene had been captured on the business’ surveillance cameras and it Kristin didn’t back off she’d show Mitchell the tape. After that they only saw each other socially.

Blythe walked to the bed and kissed Collin softly on the lips. “It’s only four o’clock. Why don’t you take a quick nap while I do my hair and make-up? I’ll wake you in wake you in a half an hour.”

They left the house right at five thirty. They chatted about work and the kids. She was right about the dress. She looked amazing and he was having trouble keeping his eyes on the road. Her hair and eyes were the color of Amaretto liqueur and her black dress set off her features to perfection. They were about a mile from their destination when Blythe gave Collin a horrified look. “Oh my God!”

“What’s a matter Pix?”

“I took too long on my hair and make-up and dressed in such a hurry that I forgot to put on my panties!”

“You never wear panties when you wear pantyhose.”

“I’m not wearing pantyhose. I’m wearing thigh highs.”

“Pix I know you’re not wearing a garter belt. It would show under that dress.”

“I’m wearing thigh highs that have an elastic band around the top to hold them up. I’m going to have to be very careful how I sit.”

Collin parked the car and got out. He went to passenger side and opened the door for her. As he looked at his elegantly dressed wife all he could think about was how sexy it was that she wasn’t wearing panties. He watched how the dress outlined her shapely rear and brushed his hand over her bottom. She wasn’t kidding. She was truly naked under her clothes and the thought was driving him wild. Just before they reached the front door he grabbed her, turned her around, and gave her a long, probing kiss. He couldn’t stand the idea of any other men around his wife. His friends thought Blythe was a very sexy woman and they were all going to be at the party. His kiss intensified and he whispered against her lips. “Let’s forget the party and go back home.”

“But Collin, everyone is expecting us.” Blythe was trying to catch her breath after his urgent kisses.

He reclaimed her mouth again. “I don’t care. Thinking of you not wearing your panties is driving me wild. I want you so bad right now I’m ready to drag you into the bushes and take you here and now. We really need to get back in the SUV and head for home.” He picked Blythe up and carried her back to the car. Just then the front door opened and Rob saw Collin setting Blythe back in their vehicle. “Where are you guys going?”

“Pix isn’t feeling well so I’m taking her home. Tell everyone we’re sorry and we’ll do this another time.” He jumped into the driver’s seat and sped away. Blythe leaned over the middle console and slipped her hand down the front of Collin’s pants. She was surprised to find he had an erection. She began to caress his cock with her coiled fingers and he groaned loudly. “Babe you better stop or we won’t make it home.”

“We’re close to work. Let’s go there.” She hiked up her dress and took his right hand and placed it on her thigh. “Feel how wet I am. I want you so bad I can taste you.”

He pressed two fingers into her warm, moist cleft. She was silky with the tears of desire. He withdrew his fingers and licked them. He made a right turn at the next street and pulled into the driveway of their business. He stopped the car, got out, unlocked the gate and drove though. Collin relocked the gate and drove around back by the storage buildings.

He threw the SUV in park and turned off the ignition. Sliding the front seat back as far as it would go, Collin pulled Blythe across the console and into his lap. She could feel his rigid shaft pressing against her ass. She kicked off her heels as he began to kiss her again. He spoke between kisses. “I know it’s… been awhile since…we’ve made love…been so busy…lately but…it doesn’t mean…that I don’t…crave you. I love…you so…much Blythe.”

“I love…too…Collin…more than you’ll…ever know.”  She moved off his lap and back into her seat. Blythe leaned over the console and undid his pants. “Rise up off the seat” He supported himself on his hands and she slid his pants and boxers down past his hips and ass. His straining length rose up to meet her lips and she took the crown in her mouth and swirled her tongue into the hole in the tip. Collin tugged at her hair and pressed his head back against the headrest. Blythe cupped his balls in her hand and fondled them. She licked the first drops of his salty cum off his cock and continued to tease him with her tongue.

“Baby…don’t you want to go inside…you’re killing me here…we can use the couch in my office.”

Blythe looked up at him. “No…I want you right here, right now. I’m going to ride you like a sexy stud should be ridden. Cowgirl.” She pulled her dress up to her waist and straddled his lap. She lowered her body slowly and moaned as his arousal pressed into her tight nest. Blythe kissed him, taking his bottom lip between her teeth and began to nibble. Collin closed his eyes placed his hands on each side of her ass. He groaned loudly as her muscles embraced his cock. Blythe began to lift and drop her hips, leaning back and resting her hands on his knees. He moved his hands from her ass to her hips helping her thrust. They moaned together as their pleasure increased. She buried her face against his shoulder. They lost control as their bodies collided. Her body tensed as she slammed against him, her heat tightly gripping his shaft.

Collin’s breath was ragged and raspy as he spoke in short choppy sentences. “Fuck…fuck baby…damn…I can’t hold…as his climax overtook him and he filled her soft depths with an explosion of his satiny, sticky cum. He wrapped his arms around his wife and drew her to his chest. His chest was heaving and his mind was racing. He couldn’t get over the fact that his sweet, shy wife just fucked him in their SUV. He gave her a stunned glance. “What’s gotten into you Pix? You almost blew the doors of the car. Don’t get me wrong. I loved every minute of you fucking me. I just not used to you being so…so…the only word that comes to mind is wild.”

Blythe kissed him and smiled. “I don’t know. You were so turned on over the fact that I wasn’t wearing my panties. I guess I got caught up in the moment and the passion I feel for you. We’re so busy that even when we get a chance to make love it feels like we rush through it. I want more time with you Collin.”

“You are so right Pix. I’ll tell you what we’re going to do. From now on, every Saturday will be our date night. We’ll see if our parents will watch the kids or hire a babysitter. We’ll go to dinner, see movies, concerts, or maybe get a hotel room and have a night away from home, just the two of us. How does that idea grab you?”

“It sounds wonderful. We need time to reconnect.”

“Perfect. I’ll make the plans for next Saturday. You arrange things with the grandparents.”

Blythe snuggled against his chest. “I’m in love with you Collin.”

“And I’m yours for a lifetime Pix. Are you ready to head for home?”

Blythe leaned back and gave him a sly smile. “Didn’t you say something about the couch in your office?”

Collin took the keys from the ignition and opened the car door. “Woman, you are full of surprises tonight. Keep ‘em coming.”

Blythe leaned over and grabbed her purse. “I have one more for you. Look here.” She opened up her bag and pulled out a pair of panties. “I took them off when you went into the liquor store to buy the wine for the party.”

Collin laughed and got out of the SUV. “Lady I like your style.”

On Monday morning the first thing Blythe did was to go shopping for a bigger couch for Collin’s office. He wanted one that converted into a bed…just in case.



2 thoughts on ““OH MY GOD I FORGOT TO…”

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  2. I wish all the couples could find a way out to get rid of the routine that kills marriage!
    And you drew a picture a bored woman can use to entice her man, Cheyenne66!!!! Well done!
    I wish I had read this earlier…

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