Sexually graphic, advise caution.

Release me, please

Jessica pulled against the silk ropes that bound her wrists to the headboard.  She lay naked on the bed, listening to her lover moving around the room, his bare feet danced across the wooden floor as he made his way back to the bed. Her eyes were covered with a scarf – it made the game more fun. When she felt him kneel at her side on the edge, her stomach tightened. Wondering what he’d brought to tease and taunt her with, her voice was breathy.

“Kai? What are you going to do?”

He brushed her hair away from her face and ran his finger down her cheek.  Jessica turned her face to fray her skin closer to his hand but he moved it away before she could make a firmer contact.

“Be still. You don’t get to choose how and when I touch you, or ask questions, try that again and I will stop everything. Understand?”

Jessica nodded.

“I can’t hear you baby?” Kai’s voice became intense.

“Y-Yes sir.”

“Good girl” He rewarded her by pressing his finger to her lips… this time…she didn’t make any attempt to move.  She knew he was master when they played this game.

Jessica relaxed against the bed, well as much as she could anyway. She waited for him to begin his teasing. He would drive her insane, take her to the edge of heaven and hell all in a matter of moments, his skillful touch would see to that.  And she adored him for it. His desire to please her never waned, he took great delight in knowing he could make her beg one moment then thank him profusely the next. And all by his touch.

He smelled wonderful. When she were blindfold his scent became more intense. The wonderful smell of his manliness-husky and raw made her swoon.  He didn’t apply aftershave after he’d showered when they were playing, she always asked him to refrain from using any artificial perfume. She needed him naked and raw, with just his own perfect odor satiating her senses.

Removing his fingers from her lips she became aware of him reaching over to the cabinet at the side of the bed.

“Hm…” her body softened beneath the delicate touch of something dancing across her cheek and down her neck.  A feather, skillfully guided by Kai as he skirted across her skin made her coil against the bed. Moving lower to her breasts, the cool touch of the soft tip made her nipples harden.

Kai concentrated his gaze to her breasts; she had beautiful pert mounds that he always found irresistible to touch.  Leaning close he flicked the tip of his tongue across one of her nipples. Instantly Jessica whined.  Kai learned early how sensitive she was when her nipples were lavished with attention. She became very responsive to the slightest touch and he loved to tease her.

Swirling the tip of the feather across and under her breasts, taking each in turn, Jessica craved for more.  She wanted to ask for more…but at this stage she daren’t speak.  She didn’t want the game to stop and to Kai, her submission was crucial.  She bit her lip trying to resist asking for him to suck on her flesh, to purse his soft lips around her sensitive buds and suckle.  It was what she wanted right now, and Kai knew it…but he made her wait…just a little longer.

Moving the feather lower, swirling invisible patterns against her abdomen Jessica’s flesh rippled.  She tried to keep still, but the tickling made it very difficult.  Kai watched her squirm as she tried to remain motionless when he taunted her skin-he grinned. He rewarded her gallant attempt to obey him with a deep suck on her protruding bud. Jessica gasped beneath his mouth.  He suckled gently; flipping his tongue across the tender flesh and he could feel Jessica’s body tense beneath him.  His cock twitched.  The hard flesh between his legs was calling for attention. It would have to wait a little longer.  Driving Jessica to the edge of insanity with taunting would make his own climax so much more enjoyable, as it would hers, so he resisted the urge to stroke himself for a little relief.

Kai pulled his mouth away from her breast, as he released her swollen bud he traveled his mouth down across her abdomen.  Delicately he scorched her skin with his hot mouth. Trailing across her form he would lick her, taste her then occasionally give her a nip.  Jessica would flinch and depending on the intensity of the bite, would groan. He knew how to exert the right amount of pressure to her body, he knew her well.

With the feather still moving across her skin, down her soft belly he followed it with his mouth. The touch of the cool feather brushing her skin, then the lick of Kai’s tongue laving afterwards made her writhe. Jessica clenched her fists around the ropes that bound her.  It was so difficult keeping still; letting out a series of huffs and mews she could feel herself begin to shake.  Her muscles twitched as she tried to stop from moving, the soft flesh of her belly quivered as she stilled her breathing.  Kai knew he would have to give her something, he could feel the tension building, especially when he dragged the feather across the inside of her thighs, and up across her sex.

“Oh God” Jessica cursed through clenched teeth.

Kai rested his head across her stomach; he was still perched at the edge of the bed but had turned himself to face away from her.  He watched the feather dance across her mound, then down between her legs, across her labia and back down her inner thigh.  Her body trembled beneath him and he grinned wide.  Discarding the feather to the side, he replaced the soft caress of its touch with his fingertips.  The warmth from the soft pads against her skin caused Jessica to moan quietly.  Kai drew invisible lines up and down her thighs, and then fleetingly brushed his finger across her sex.  Her wetness never became deadening to him. It gave him a high when he felt her creamy excitement. Some sort of depraved satisfaction enveloped him, knowing he could make her wet so easily.  His own excitement increased denary when he pressed his finger against her folds, making her wantonly moan.

He watched his fingers play and tease the swollen flesh, glistening with her excitement made his juices flow.  His rock hard length flinched as if to remind him it was in need -a pearl of pre-cum beaded at his crown, he wanted to satiate its need but resisted.

He shuffled over her hips and nestled himself between her legs, pushing her thighs wider apart so he could settle in. He rested his hands beneath her fleshy buttocks with his thumbs at the entrance to her wetness.  Jessica sucked in a sharp breath as he swiped his tongue from her perineum to her clitoris. Cursing aloud followed as he labored the task, making sure his tongue lingered across the delicate flesh.  Kai dipped his thumb into the entrance of her wetness, pushing firmly and slowly he swirled gently while his tongue laved between her labia. He was a master, he could coax an orgasm from Jessica in minutes with his skilful tongue but not tonight, he wanted to extend her pleasure. He’d take her almost to breaking point…just when she feels she’s about to come; he’ll stop and bring her back down.  This would be the game for a few times, each peak would have her begging for release until he finally permitted her to come. And he was quite capable of leaving her begging if she broke any of the rules during the game, not giving her release, to show how important it was that she obeyed.

Jessica always obeyed, she wanted to obey, it was for their mutual pleasure and she trusted her lover with whatever he did.  Their relationship was based on love and trust. Kai knew her limits and while they had ‘safe’ words in case she was uncomfortable with anything, or came to the edge of her threshold, they were very rarely used.

Kai used the edge of his tongue to slide between her labia and her clitoris; he would skillfully tease her sensitive hub with a flick of his tongue when he reached the top before flattening his muscle against her then slide back down to lap her juices. Jessica’s natural reaction was to grind her hips to his face when he did this, it took all of her will to refrain, but she did.  Kai intensified the game when he replaced his thumb with his long fingers, pressing them deep inside her, teasing her walls, digging for that spot that would make her cry out.  It got the reaction he commanded and Jessica arched her back and bucked against his touch.  He still licked and sucked her folds, pressing his face deeper against her, his blistering breath singed her already scorched flesh. Crying out with begging, Jessica’s pleads made Kai’s cock twitch, he really wanted to sink himself deep inside her, pound her into the bed, but it was too soon.  He wanted to have Jessica’s body dancing to his tune, and he would, he just had to wait a little longer.

“Kai, please… let me come” her voice shook with neediness when he ceases his toying, letting her come back down from the brink.

“Not yet baby” Kai’s smile beamed sadistically-he loved getting Jessica to this stage.  He loved more to see her come but her orgasm would be so much more intense when he finally got there if he played.

When her breathing settled and Kai felt her body relax slightly he began again.  He caressed her inner walls with his fingers, teasing her, feeling her muscles tighten around his digits as he explored.  With his other hand now moved to rest on her mound, he brushed the soft pad of his thumb across her clitoris.  She was wet with the sweet nectar that oozed from her as Kai played.  Swapping his thumb for fingers, he gently pried open her folds  to expose her ripe, juicy bud and suckle.  Jessica twitched and writhed, the muscles in her thighs trembled and once again she felt the heightened pleasure start to build in her core. Panting hard and nearing orgasm, Jessica was almost there. Kai could feel the tensing of her sex muscles and removed his mouth from her wetness. “Don’t you dare come yet!” he barked.

Jessica cried out, “Please!”

Kai stopped all activity and removed his fingers from the warm centre they’d nestled in.  He crept up over Jessica’s body, lacing her flesh with a gentle kiss here and there on the way up.  When he pressed his lips to hers she responded greedily, opening her mouth to his searching tongue.  Kai gave her a deep, branding kiss. It was firm and was what she needed in compensation for her deprivation of a climax.  Kai rested against her, his hard cock brushed against her wetness. He moaned into her mouth, and she reciprocated with equal vigor, groaning helplessly as he ground his hips against hers.  The feel of his length sliding up her folds drove her crazy.

Pulling his mouth away, giving himself room to whisper into her mouth his voice taunted her further.

“You want me baby?”

“Yes, please… yes”

“You sure? Are you ready?”

Surely a rhetorical question given Jessica had been dripping wet from the moment he’d tied her to bed! But he asked anyway, he liked this part.

“Yes, I’m ready… please Kai”

A guttural moan escaped Kai’s throat when he pressed the head of his cock to Jessica’s heat.  When he pushed deep inside he cursed loudly… “Fuck!”

Jessica reeled beneath him, raising her knees she locked her legs around him, her heels urging against him, spurring him on. Kai dug in deep, he needed to be as close as he could get.  Pressing his body over Jessica’s, his hands reached up to where they were bound.  They laced fingers and Kai nuzzled his face close to his lover.  Deep, hard and with urgency he quickened his thrusts.  Jessica felt so good, so wet; he loved the tightness of her around him, coaxing him to orgasm.  His breathing became hard and fast, he was ready to come but wouldn’t leave his lover behind, unsatisfied.  Grinding his hips against her body, Kai dug himself deep, hollowing a way to her spot that would have her crying out in perfect harmony with his own release.  Jessica cursed loudly, he’d got her… continuing to press hard and with purpose he ground away at her core.  Faster, deeper… beads of sweat ran down his back… gritting hit teeth, trying to delay his climax he cursed at Jessica “Now Jess…come now!”

Jessica felt the beginnings of heat warming through her core… the exquisite pleasure ride began slowly…building… strengthening…then erupting through her body.  Her cries rang through the room.  She bucked beneath Kai, her nervous system in overload.  Within moments Kai joined her… raising himself up he watched Jessica as her climax seared across her body.  “Aw… fuck!”  He threw back his head and thrust deep into the beautiful warm caress of his lover.  His hips twitched and jerked involuntarily as his seed spilled deep into Jessica.  When the last thrills of his release spat out he collapsed against Jessica’s hot body.  Reaching a hand to her face, he removed her blindfold, when he saw her eyes, filled with completion his heart sang.  Both of them still with ragged breaths smiled and shared a gentle kiss.

“I love you” Kai whispered against her mouth.

“I love you too.”

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