Rhaize and Kai-Two males, Vampire & Fallen-Angel

This story is m/m and I would advise caution if you are easily offended by gay/sex/love/passion

‘Radio NYM. Well good morning! And who do we have on line 3?’
It was the screaming female that had me reaching for the gun that I kept under my pillow and bolting upright in bed. I tried to focus as I looked, bleary eyed, for something to shoot. It took several seconds for the location of the noise to penetrate my brain and even less time than that to train my gun on my alarm clock. The movement and soft groans coming from behind me, brought the previous nights events screaming into the forefront of my memory.  I lowered my gun and hid it in my bedside cabinet before turning to lift the sheets. Two very naked females were staring up at me, the glint in their eyes and wandering hands, left me in no doubt as to what their intentions were. The visions of last night, one female beneath me, my cock pounding into her pussy, while the other one straddled her face, gave me a huge fucking erection. But that was about it. My cock responded, but my head and heart told me they weren’t interested. Fortunately enough, I was saved by the sound of a text from my cell. Throwing them a quick apology when I saw it was from Rhayven, my sister. They sure as shit didn’t look impressed, but perked up when I said they were free to carry on without me til I had to leave. Padding to the bathroom, I knocked one out, just so I could piss. When I’d finished, I leant my hands on the rim of the sink and looked at my reflection in the mirror. I decided I looked old. And for a 138 year old Vampire that didn’t look a day over thirty, that was saying something. Through the sounds of the two females pleasuring each other in my bed, I brushed my teeth and washed up. For the first time in my life, they did nothing for me. For the first time in my life, I felt empty.

I’ve been up since the crack of dawn, looking for something to occupy my time. Barely sleeping, I can’t settle and really need something to do. There’s something missing, and if you were to ask me what it was, I’d have to say I don’t have a fucking clue. Gone are the days of chasing vampires and demons, while it was hard work, I have to admit, I do miss it. Being a general in the elite guard for so long has made it hard for me to fit into any other genre. I’m trying.
Luke has got himself a female, and while it’s in the early stages, I hope it works out for him. I like to see that he’s happy. Once, we were happy together, but that was a long time ago. Angels don’t get to fall in love, which is why we were banished…. fallen. Just thankful we didn’t get our wings ripped off. that would have been a bad day for sure. Settling in with humans isn’t easy. While there are still a few demons knocking around, and the odd vampire, I’ve not started hunting. It’s strange but I don’t see it as my problem any more. Maybe I should, I don’t know. If they don’t bother me, I won’t bother them, but if humans start getting hurt, then we’ll have a problem.
Distracted by the phone as I gaze out into the sunrise, I’m sure it will be Luke. There’s not a lot of friends on my phone.
‘Hey, how’s it going?…. really?…that’s good… yeah I can meet you… what time?..uh-huh… no worries, I’ll be there.’
Knew it wouldn’t be anyone else, he’s got a night off from his female, while she’s out working, so we can have a few hours chatting and having a drink. The bar is on the main street, just a few blocks away from my apartment, I just hope it’s not too fancy. I prefer quiet… I like quiet… less hassle….no trouble…and most of all…no vampires.

I put the lid down on the toilet seat and plonked my ass down. Chuckling softly that I was banished to my bathroom to use the phone. Dialling Rhay’s number, a smile brightening my features when her soft New York drawl came on the line.
‘Hey sis, how’s my favorite girl?’
I listened to her gushing all about her new boyfriend, whom I had yet to meet, and how wonderful he is and tender and….yadda yadda…. I zoned out for a few moments, catching the very loud orgasms of the two females still in my bed.
‘Huh?’ I was yanked back to the present by her repeatedly yelling my name and asking if I’d heard anything she’d said. ‘Um… Night off from the boyfriend, you’re on your own so are taking pity on me and taking me for a drink. That about right?’  I laughed at the sisterly torrent of name calling and agreed to meet her at a new bar that had just opened up, O’Neils. ‘I got it sis. Smart casual, 10pm sharp. I’ll be there. Yeah, I love you too.’ Scrubbing my hands through my hair, I stood up and strolled back into my bedroom and the sight of two very happy ladies.
‘Ok my beauties, time to go. I’ve got important police work to do.’
I watched them, dispassionately, get dressed in their little fuck me outfits and shooed them out the door, with promises to call them. I let out a thankful sigh, sagged against my door and checked my watch. 8am, pushing off the door, I strip the bedding down, the thought of sleeping on them made me nauseous. Plus I had twelve hours to get my shit together.

It’s really strange, I don’t usually fuss over what I’m going to wear when I go out, but this evening, I swear I’ve tried on almost every shirt in the wardrobe  I’m only meeting Luke, it’s not like we’re going on the pull! Finally deciding on a white linen shirt with faded jeans, I push my still damp hair off my shoulders, pick up my wallet from the dresser, and head out. I’ve not seen Luke for over a week, he’s loved up and I’m sure he’s got plenty to tell me.
I’m almost at the bar, O’neils, Luke said it was a new place and wasn’t too fancy, I hate fancy. Those places are full of posers and wankers, not my idea of a night out. Well it looks okay from the outside, not too shabby, bouncers are huge and I guess I passed the dress code, *grinning*. It’s already filling up and there’s a couple of seats free at the corner of the bar, I can’t see Luke, he’s probably going to be late, as usual.
‘Can I get a JD please.’ Sliding onto the bar-stool and trying to get myself a drink, no idea what Luke is drinking these days, so he can get his own. I don’t usually stalk people in a bar, but while I’m waiting, I might as well check out the talent. There are plenty of women gathering, whoa she’s totally checking me out, sorry hon, you’re not my type. I really am not in the mood for pulling a female at the moment, especially ones that have it all on display, where’s the mystery these days? I keep scanning the room, trying to remain inconspicuous and see what the males are like, there’s not much on offer, unless I’m just being picky. Which is not a bad thing, I’m partial to tail as well as pussy, but I still have my standards.


I’d worked out, cleaned my apartment from top to bottom, ready for the cleaner to come in. I seriously needed to work on my OCD. I’d stood under the shower, got myself clean and then took a leisurely soak in the tub, thinking of how my life is going right about now. I’d just kicked two stunners out of my house And now I was stood in front of my wardrobe, naked as the day I was born and set about the painful task of choosing something to wear. Black slacks, always a good choice for smart casual, Armani…Versace….Armani…. Nope Versace it is. Thumbing through all the shirts I owned, and I owned a lot, I eventually settled on a soft blue, one of a kind Chanel button through. It was one of Rhay’s favourites, and I always made the effort to look good when I took her out. She was stunningly gorgeous and I wasn’t going to let her down with a wardrobe malfunction. Pulling up my slacks, carefully tucking my cock in, having to dress it to sit down the left leg. It was embarrassingly large to just leave sat behind my fly. My shirt, left out, with the top two buttons undone and my outfit finished off with black silk socks and Gucci shoes. Running my hands through my hair, I took a last look in the mirror. Happy with what I saw, I grabbed the keys to the GTO and made headway to the bar. O’Neils. Walking through the door, I took a good look around. Well it didn’t look too bad, classy enough and quiet just how I liked it. Rhay, of course, was fashionably late, so I figured I’d grab a beer.
‘I’ll take a JD straight up please.’
Throwing some bills on the bar, I turned around and did what I always do while I waited, checked out the talent.

‘Same again please.’
I keep checking the clock on the wall behind the bar, 10.30, I’m going to slap him when he finally gets here. Luke, is always late, it’s something he just can’t seem to shake. Me, I’m a stickler for being on time… to the point of obsession. there’s something not quite right in here, sort of demonesque, if I’m not mistaken. Unless I’m just being paranoid, it’s hard to kick the training that’s been a part of my life for so long. Once a hunter, always a hunter.
Taking another mouthful of JD, turning to glance at the new entry’s as they pile through the door and my jaw drops to the bar. WOW, no, I’ll have to correct that… Fuck me senseless, where the fuck did he come from? Suddenly sitting up straight, my eyes can’t look anywhere else as he throws his cash on the bar and orders a drink. Very fine, very classy, and quite obviously a ladies man, and out of my league. Damn, what a fucking crying shame. I’m not usually so rude to keep staring at someone, but he’s a dream. Luke, my friend, you can be as late as you like. *grinning*
I may have drooled a little as I propped my head on my hand as I leaned on the bar, I’m not actually sure. My jeans are uncomfortably tight and smoothing my hand down my leg to pull them from strangling myself, I quickly check around at the females. I guess they’re all feeling hot under the collar too, they’re all starting to move a little closer to the hottie. He’s got the pick of the crop… I hope she, whoever is the lucky one, appreciates what she gets, I know I would.



ADDED 12th March 2015

I smiled my thanks to the tender and raised my glass to my lips. I took a moment or two to scan the growing crowd. The usual suspects were milling around. The posh pricks that think they’re a cut above everyone else. Over in the corner sat New Yorks version of Hollywood Wives. No doubt bored and here to see if the new place will provide them with a little light relief. I wonder what would happen to their perfect little world if they knew there was a Vampire in their midst. And then my favourite group, and the reason I hated going out in public, the thirsty singles checking me out, milling around the bar flaunting themselves in the hope of a meal ticket for the night. There were a few I might have fucked senseless for the night, but that would be about it. What the fuck was wrong with me? On a normal night, I’d have already picked two or three to share my bed for a full on fuck fest. But tonight… Checking my watch again as I set my, now empty, glass on the bar and motioned to the tender for a refill… tonight I was going to be going home alone and happy about it. I was going to give Rhayven ten more minutes, enough time to finish my drink, and then I was going to…Holy shit! Hold the fucking door! That and a whole host of fuck me’s hit me in the crotch. My second drink was halfway to my mouth when all the blood decided it didn’t like my head, and rushed to my dick. I was a ladies male, always had been. Don’t get me wrong, I’d dabbled with males, and I enjoyed cock like the next male, but I didn’t actively seek it out. Pussy was my thing, but fuck if I didn’t want to make the male sitting two stools down from me, an offer he couldn’t refuse. I gave myself a mental reminder to thank Rhayven for her shitty time keeping.

I definitely drooled, I’m sure of it… and when he smiled at me… I think I came. I find it hard to believe, the walking Gucci wardrobe, drop-dead-highlyfuckable-male is interested in me… rather than all the pussy about to descend on him. Being brave, I smile shyly and toss my hair from my face. Fuck, I wished I’d tied it up, it’s a fucking mess right now. Bless you Luke, I hate it when you’re late but for once, you’re timing is impeccable. What are the chances of you walking through the door now and blocking my view? Shuffling on the stool, trying to stop my balls from being squeezed like a breakfast morning orange, I sit up straight and take a drink, trying to be cool…. but, I don’t think I’m pulling that one off. But he, is definitely something I’d like to pull off.

I was never more thankful to my tailor than now. I’d been going to him for almost a century and he’d seen my cock more times than I can remember. So he always allowed for a little, ok a lot, of growing room in my slacks. If I’d tucked it behind my fly, I’d be bleeding all over the fucking floor where it had been cut in half. As it was, I didn’t think I’d be able to sit down. Not without blatantly showing off my third leg. I made a play of trying to be casual and sipping on my drink, but his smile was the stuff made of dreams, and his hair….Well I had a very explicit visual of that trailing over my stomach, with my hands jammed through it. Putting my glass on to the bar, not before tipping a little of it over myself, I tried to discreetly adjust myself but, my hand gripping something resembling a small tree, I didn’t quite pull it off. So I gave up and just moved it to the side, letting the beads of precum trickle onto my inner thigh. Shit! Watching a blonde with the biggest fucking pair of fake tits I’d ever seen, stumble towards me. She was looking at my crotch and licking her lips. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I wasn’t a vain male by any stretch of the imagination. I liked to look good is all. But where my cock was concerned, I’ll admit, I was a well endowed son of a bitch who used to enjoy flaunting it where he could. And a few months ago, I’d have given myself ten minutes before getting her in the bathroom and fucking her till she couldn’t walk. But now… Now the only place my cock wanted to be was between the lips of the male with the shy smile. She stumbled her way through the large crowd and I had to think quick, or I was going to have to beat her back with a fucking stick. And not the stick she wanted. Ok Rhai. You’re a genius. This was either going to work a treat or I’m about to crash and burn. Turning my back on the approaching Barbie doll, I took a chance and moved closer to the drop dead gorgeous male. Nodding to the tender for another refill, I licked my lips and gave the cheesiest pickup line in history.
‘So…’ Coughing lightly. ‘You come here often?’

I am not the coolest person I know, by any stretch of the imagination… but I bet the hottie to my right is cool, calm and… oh fuck me, I didn’t expect that! Ugh…I could help dry him off. What the hell has he got stuffed down there? I think I’m blushing, no… wait… yes… I’m definitely blushing, that man is, well, probably more than a mouthful. I should turn away, he’s gonna be pissed with himself for spilling his drink, but I just can’t seem to drag my eyes away. Then I see her, the blond, crap, she’s going straight for the meat. And then my heart races as he turns his back and slides closer, he’s gorgeous, as in…. drop dead gorgeous… look at those eyes… I think I maybe about to have a heart attack. I wasn’t expecting it, I have to confess… someone who dresses like that, looks like that, in my opinion, would have a long list of lines, ready and waiting. He just floored me.
‘Hi, and actually no, I don’t. This is my first time.’
Licking my lower lip, and lowering my head, I’m feeling like a teenager. Now that was a very long time ago, but at this moment, it’s a memory I can recall well. I feel giddy, to the point of shooting my load, right now, in my jeans.
‘I’m waiting for a friend, but, he’s late.’
Crap! What the fuck did I say that for? He’s going to think I’m meeting a date! Sheeeit!.
‘So, are you waiting for someone?’

Come here often… Seriously Rhai, you are a fucking dick sometimes. I lowered my head out of embarrassment to hide the blush creeping into my cheeks. Checking out the shine on my shoes, waiting for the part where he says, ‘thanks but no thanks’. My head shot up and I must have looked like a complete dummy with my mouth hanging open. I expected him to finish his drink, make an excuse to go to the can and ditch my pathetic ass. But he didn’t. I could feel the sappy grin pulling at the corners of my mouth. My lame ass line didn’t send him running to the hills. If I didn’t know it’d be bad form, I was tempted to fistpump the air. And then there it was. My shoulders slumped and my face fell. Of course he was waiting for someone. Why wouldn’t he be? I mean he was fucking gorgeous. There must be a line of people waiting to catch his attentions. And just my luck, he was waiting for a guy. I downed my drink and slammed the glass on the bar.
‘Yeah, I was.’
Shrugging large shoulders. ‘But she’s a no show too. Anyways….’
I left the sentence hanging, not really wanting to say goodnight just yet, but I had no excuse now to stay. Casually looking over my shoulder, wondering if I really was desperate enough to screw the blonde. Nope! I sighed and looked back to the male with the glorious hair.
‘Well, I guess I should… ya know, get going?’

He’s embarrassed, wow. He’s just the perfect picture of coolness and he’s embarrassed. Maybe it’s my luck that his female didn’t show, he definitely seems interested in the male species too.
‘I have the same problem with my buddy, he’s always late, but I think he’s a no show too.’
I nod to the barman.
‘Would you like to have a drink with me? While we wait for our buddies?’
My dazzling smile breaches before I could stop it, I just couldn’t help myself smiling as I noticed a hint of a glimmer as I suggested we have a drink. If Luke turns up now, I swear, I’ll tell him I don’t know who he is and say he’s a stalker or something. *grinning to myself*
‘I’m Kai, by the way.’
I thought about holding out my hand, as is the tradition, but not sure i’ll give my age away. Don’t wanna scare the poor bloke off before we get started do I?

My smile… big ass wide as he just carried on talking as though I hadn’t almost fucked everything up. Would I like to have a drink with him? Hell to the fuck yeah.
‘Um…great. I’d love to have a drink with you.’
I sat down on the stool next to him and jumped straight back up. I’d forgotten about the raging hard on and damn if that didn’t pinch when I sat on it, squashing it between the stool and my thigh. Oh you’re doing so well Rhai. Normally Mr Cool, I’d spilt my drink, dribbled precum down my thigh and now sandwiched my dick to the stool. I blushed, grimaced and moved my dick out of squashing range before sitting, gingerly, back down on the stool.
‘Sorry. I’m not normally such a clutz. My sister would confirm that. Well if she’d turned up she would. So your date?’
Looking around the bar to the doors, hoping to hell no one walks in looking for the Adonis sitting by my side.
Just give me the heads up when he walks in yeah? Don’t want to cause you any grief.’
Turning back, I raised my hand to hold it out and dropped it almost as quick. I’d just moved my dick out of the way with it and now expected him to shake it. Fucking moron Rhai.
‘I’m Rhaize. Or Rhai to my friends. Well, not that I’m implying we’re friends. Although that wouldn’t be a bad thing if we were. And…. I’ll just…’
Shutting up when I realised I was starting to babble. I dragged a hand through my hair, blowing out a half embarrassed breath.

“Two JD’s please.’
Giving the barman my order, at least me and the hottie have something in common. My eyes raked down his extremely expensive suit and attire. There’s nothing much else we have.
‘Oh don’t worry, he’s just a friend, he’s loved up at the moment and had a night off, so we were supposed to meet for a drink, but I guess he got distracted.’
Smoothing the flat of my sweaty palm down my jeans, I puff out a long breath. I feel out of my league, why the hell would extremely tall, blonde and fucking gorgeous, want to sit with me? Did I get it wrong? Maybe he doesn’t ‘do’ females? Well lucky me! I’m trying to act cool at this point, something I’ve never been able to manage. Taking a slow sip of my drink, I check him out as he scans the room. I don’t think I’ve ever seen eyes that colour, well, not on a human anyway. He’s striking, the chiselled cheekbones and jawline are one of his many good features. I feel seriously under dressed.
I wonder what he thinks about Angels… he looks like he could be a bit picky. When do I drop that bombshell, or should I just wait, and see how it goes. He smells strange, as if he’s not quite human, but maybe it’s the aftershave. This is always an issue when meeting someone, do I tell them what I am? It’s hard to know when to drop that one in. My senses are acute; smell, sounds and reflexes are heightened. I can get along with pretty much anyone or anything, it’s just vampires that give me the heebie jeebies. There is something ‘unnatural’ hanging around in this bar, I think that’s probably why Luke wanted to meet here. Maybe he’s trying to get me back into work.
It seems a bit odd he’s having a date with his sister, nothing kinky there. *grinning inwardly* ‘Does your sister often stand you up?’
I rake my fingers through my hair and give him a stare, I like looking into those amethyst orbs. They’re’ wicked.

I finally brought my gaze back to the male sitting beside me, and I could see myself getting lost in the most amazing green orbs. I hadn’t seen that colouring on anyone that wasn’t human in a long time. That’s when the penny dropped and I could’ve kicked myself. I don’t know what had taken me so long to pick up on it, but the sounds and scents of this place were wrong. Idiot! Mentally shaking my head. Now I had a heads up, it all became clearer. At least one of the Hollywood Wives was over a century old. Wonder how many of her friends knew about that? And it was obvious now, that Kai wasn’t of the human variety either. I didn’t have a full handle on exactly what he was, but it might make letting him know I wasn’t a regular Joe a little easier. Although it was always a little tricky to know when to drop that little nugget into the conversation. Thanks to Brahm Stoker, people hear Vampire and immediately hear ‘I vant to suck your blood’ and think I’m going to go for the jugular. Chuckling to myself, I relaxed a little and leant my elbow on the bar, propping my head up on my hand, I got back to the happy task of staring at Kai. “She doesn’t usually stand me up, no. But she’s got a new boyfriend and was supposed to be having a night off from… him…” I narrowed my eyes as the penny sort of dropped. “Kai, what’s your friends name?”

I can see he’s got something ticking in that head of his.
“It’s Luke… and if you tell me that’s the name of your sisters beau, I will laugh my arse off!’
Taking a drink while scanning him over the top of the glass, I see his brows raise, and know we’ve been had. If Luke and his lady, set us up, I’m going to buy him the biggest fucking cigar I can find! I am in heaven, and if I’m not mistaken, Rhaize is happy with his blind date too.
‘Well if we have been set up, then we may as get more acquainted, I’m living free at the moment, but I’m not a freeloader, justin case you’re wondering. I have a healthy bank account.’
I can see from the way he carries himself, he’s financially stable and I don’t want him thinking I’m after a free ride.
‘What do you do for a living? Do you work?’
It’s a bit of a dumb question really, you only have to look at him, to see he’s either a successful businessman or a stockbroker. Everything about him, says he’s loaded. But to be honest, it means nothing to me. As long as I like a person, I don’t care about their financial status. It’s what’s inside. In my book anyway.

I shook my head and laughed, clinking my glass against Kai’s. Rhay was going to get that Sapphire broach she’d had her eye on, for her birthday this year. Along with the finest bottle of champagne.
‘Well, I’m happy to say, it would seem you’re right we have been set up. And I would like, very much, to make your acquaintance Kai.’
His smile was doing things to my cock that, lately, took two or more willing body’s to achieve. and his name…Kai. It just tasted right on my tongue. Adjusting my position on the stool, thoughts of what I wanted my tongue doing to this male, running freely through my mind. I forced myself to stop staring and make conversation. ‘So, living free? That’s good. I’m financially secure, we both are, me and Rhay. Just in case you were worrying about your friend. As for work, and this is where potential ‘friends’ say ok and make an excuse to leave, I’m a cop.’
Holding out the hand that hadn’t been moving my cock around, praying to the ‘Please let this guy be into me’ god, that he takes it.
‘Detective Rhaize Black at your service.’

He totally floored me with his employment role. Seriously? He looks nothing like a cop, not that they look like anything in particular, but I just wasn’t expecting it. Well, that sort of puts us in the same type of work. Although my uniform maybe slightly different, I don’t suppose they have wings and a set of fighting knives. *chuckling to myself*.
‘You know I never figured you for a cop, I’m impressed.’ From the surprised expression, he wasn’t expecting I’d approve. Should I tell him what I am? Boy, that’s a tough one. He’s gone out on a limb telling me his job, I’m feeling lucky, and decide to let him in on my secret.
‘You and I sort of have something in common, although my kind of policing is what you might call, unusual.’ I take a sip of my whiskey before inhaling deeply. Here goes nothing. Tucking my hair behind my ear and sitting up, I take a good eyeful of that handsome face. It just might be the last time I see it up this close.
‘I wonder what you know about Seraphim?’
There’s an awkward moment of silence, he’s not saying anything, I can see he’s thinking about the question, is he, or isn’t he going to tell me to get the fuck off and say ‘Bye?’

I was getting ready to be impressed, another law enforcer. This could work out better than I’d hoped. He’d understand the pressures and hardships of the job. And it kind of opened up the possibility that maybe I could tell him about me. Shit! Throwing back the last of my JD, when have I ever wanted to just come straight out and expose who I am? Um…Never! So why the fuck did I feel like I wanted to tell him everything. Taking a shaky breath, I rubbed sweaty palms over my slacks, and noticed the nervous way he was looking at me. Then he said something I never expected to hear.
My brows creased into a frown and I carefully set my glass down on the bar.
‘As in Angels? That Seraphim?’

Aha, he knows, this is going to be interesting. Smiling nervously and nodding as I swill the JD around in my mouth, having gulping it, finally, I reply.
‘Yes, those Seraphim, Angels.’
I raise my brows expectantly, and see he’s still frowning. Trixy, do I go for it…
Setting my glass down on the bar and clearing my throat, my finger and thumb wipe down the sides of my mouth as I take a breath. I lean closer, which incidentally was a mistake because he smells divine. Heightened senses are a godsend, pardon the pun, sometimes I wished I didn’t have them, especially if there’s something ‘hellish’ lurking around, but he’s got a good scent. Strange, in a… ‘I’m not sure I recognize it.’ kind of way but still good. Lowering my voice, and glancing over my shoulder to make sure we’re not being listened too, I drop the bomb.
‘I’m not quite human.’
Leaning back in my stool and checking for a reaction, I don’t think I’ve sweated this much since Luke and I were hauled into the courthouse and sentenced. Seriously, I’m that nervous about his reaction. I’ve only known him a short time, but I already feel a connection with him, something I’ve not felt for a long time. I’d hate to miss the opportunity to get to know him more.

I watched him lean towards me, his hair falling to frame sensual features. Strong chin, stunning cheekbones for a male, and THE sexiest fucking eyes I’d ever had the pleasure of checking me out. And whatever aftershave he was wearing, I hoped I got the chance to get him in the shower to soap it off. Hell I didn’t even know where this was going, but I seriously hoped it wasn’t down the pan. I mean, Rhay wouldn’t set me up with with a major wrongun, would she. So why the fuck was my hair sticking to the back of my neck, with sweat. I’ll give him his due, he looked even more fucking nervous than I felt. And then…. bomb drop! Well fuck me. I felt the corners of my mouth turning up into a grin. Oh this was just fucking perfect. I gave a quick check over my shoulder and turned back to look at his gorgeous self. Leaning forward, I put my hand on his thigh in the chance he wasn’t going to pull away, my mouth at his ear.
‘I’ll let you into a little secret Kai. Neither am I’

I sort of knew it, there had to be something unnatural about him. He is just way too gorgeous to be human, but it begs the question. Exactly what is he? I don’t recognize the smell, which is really unusual. My raised brows tell him he got me too, and I smirk before chuckling.
‘Seems we both have some fessing up to do.’
I look down the bar to attract the attention of the bartender and order a couple more drinks, we might need them.
‘I’ll go first shall I?’
Waiting for a refill and checking around at the bar as it starts fill up, I wonder what else is in here, that’s not quite human. Gingerly, I take a sip. The whiskey burns my lips as I run my tongue over them, nervously.
‘I’m an angel, actually technically I’m Fallen.’ I give him a timid smirk and a shrug of my shoulders. I don’t think I should drop Luke in it at this stage. How is he going to feel about his sister, dating me. ‘Now it was some time ago, but, there you have it, it’s the reason we were removed from His grace.
‘I was in the Elite Guard, actually myself and Luke, we sort of worked together. My job was to protect humans, here on earth. You’d be surprised how busy we were, but that was some years ago, it’s much quieter now.’
Leaning my elbow on the counter and resting my cheek against my hand, I pause and stare at him for a moment. He’s listening intently and so far, there doesn’t seem to be any problems.
‘So, there you have it, I’ve told you more in an hour than I’ve told most people in a year. I guess you have an effect on me.’
I can’t wait to find out more about him, this is going to be interesting.
‘I think it’s your turn, and as long as you’re not a blood-sucking vampire, we’re gonna get on great!’
I laugh and watch his face, then realise, I’ve just fucked up.

My thoughts went from imagining him in whatever uniform he wore in his line of work, to this cannot be fucking happening. Here I was, chatting him up in a bar, hoping it was going to end with at least a hard, hot kiss and a grope. And here he was, smile on his face, happily telling me he was a fucking Angel. Didn’t matter two fucks if he was fallen or not, he was my mortal enemy. My stomach felt like it’d just had a hot blade plunged into it. I guess it didn’t really matter what species you were, life really wasn’t fucking fair. I finished my drink and stood up. Fishing several bills out of my wallet, I threw them on the bar, including a big tip for the tender. He didn’t need to suffer for my major fucking mood drop. I took a second to gather my composure before looking at the stunned Angel.
‘Well. It’s been a blast, and under any other circumstances I’d love to get to know you better. But I guess this is where I say goodbye.’
Leaning down to meet your face, ashamed for the first time ever, of what I am.
‘I am a bloodsucking Vampire.

I can’t believe what I just said, the shame I’m feeling right now, as I see his face, and watch him throw his cash on the bar, is the worst feeling I’ve had for some time. WTF did I say that for? Rising quickly from the stool, I reach to touch his arm and stop him as he turns to leave.
‘Hey, please, I’m so sorry, that was insensitive, and I’m not usually that rude. Please, let me make it right.’
I want to crawl under a rock and die, this gorgeous… vamp… has been charming, respectful and polite, and I’ve just shown him I’m an arse-hole. I must be due an award for biggest tosser of the century, and I’d deserve it. He turns to look down at me, those eyes are piercing right through to my soul.
‘Please Rhaize, give me a chance to apologize. I’ve never met a vampire that wasn’t evil. And it just didn’t occur to me that you were, well… a vampire. You just don’t fit the profile of what I’m used to dealing with.’
Edging closer, my hand squeezed his arm as I stare up at him. Swallowing hard, my mouth is so dry as I see the hurt I’ve caused. I hope he gives me the chance to make it right.

It took all my willpower, not to pull my arm away and get the fuck out of dodge. All my instincts were telling me to cut and run, but looking down into your sexy as all fuck, green eyes, I chose to stay. I dragged my free hand through my hair and blew out a harsh breath before speaking.
‘In the grand scheme of things, I guess I shouldn’t expect people to see me as anything else but a monster. And a century ago, they may have been a little bit right. I was landed with a baby sister I didn’t want responsibility for. Fuck, my mother died giving birth to her. And I was angry. At my mother for dying, at Rhay for being born, at the whole fucking world for dumping this shit on a 21 year old kid, who was interested in nothing more than getting drunk, the occasional bar fight and fucking anything that moved! No one has ever had the kind of power over me to make me feel ashamed of what I am, but in just one sentence, you managed to do exactly that.’
Stepping into his personal space, getting up close enough that my thighs were spread either side of his. And fuck if I wasn’t sporting a semi. I took hold of his free hand and discreetly brought it down to my crotch.
‘I should fucking hate you right now, but all I can think of is slipping this between your lips.’

I’ve never felt so bad in all of my life, until this moment. I’ve done a few stupid things, upset a few people with my big mouth, but nothing ever bothered me the way this did. Having a label is no fun. And I just showed I’m an ass-hole. He’s beautiful, and even more so when he’s upset, which is very bad for me. Vampires are not on my to-do list, never have been. As a member of the Elite Guard, I’ve seen them nothing more than parasites that live off humans and their sole purpose is to make their lives a misery. And yet, here I am, faced with one, who is so far away from that, I am dumbstruck. Watching as he runs his fingers through his hair is erotic, to say the least, and as he grabbed my hand, and placed it over his extremely impressive semi, I gulped.
‘Rhaize, forgive me. I’ve spent all my adult life a protector of humans… and while there were other demons I took out, I would be lying if I didn’t tell you the majority of other worldly creatures I killed, were vampires. Never in my life, have I met one, like you.’
I edge a little closer, feeling his warmth breaths fall against my face as he stares down at me with beautiful amethyst eyes.
‘Confession time. I’d love nothing more than to be on the end of this.’ I squeeze my fingers gently across the ever growing bulge in his pants.
‘Can we start over? Please?’

That was the $64,000 question. Can we start over? There was a battle of wills going on in my head. One side arguing for me to tell the male, in no uncertain terms, to fuck off. The other side bitch slapping my brain and telling me to see reason. The male is in to you. He didn’t drag you outside and draw a sword on you. Which would have been very bad. The male is in to you. And more importantly, he is genuinely sorry. He’s not spouting out some bullshit with one hand on the hilt of a sword. I looked from this male, whom I’d only met tonight, happily talking about stuff I hadn’t mentioned in years, to the door and back again. I squeezed my eyes shut, pinched the bridge of my nose, and made what could be the best, or dumbest decision of my life. I had a good three inches height on Kai, so it took less than a heartbeat to cup the back of his neck, close the distance and kiss him. Hard. In front of a bar full of people. A manly cough to my side, forced us to break the contact.
‘Don’t make me regret this.’
Chugging back the half glass of whiskey I’d left on the bar, I grabbed his hand and all but dragged his ass through the bar, amidst cat calls, wolf whistles and jeers of the more pornographic kind.

I held my breath as I watched him look towards the door… Fuck! But then what he did next gave me the hardest erection I’ve had in many a while. Forcing his mouth over mine, he damned well claimed me. Did I protest? Did I fuck. It was a kiss that made me see stars, I swear. And when he pulled away I’m sure everyone heard my thoughts, as I cursed loudly. Staring at him briefly before he grabbed my hand and lead me through the bar, I lowered my head and grinned with a blush at hearing the call and shouts.
Outside he kept striding forward, leading me like a fucking love sick puppy. I tugged him back and ground to halt.
‘Hey, wait up.’ He turned to look at me with those mesmerizing eyes and I breathed in deep. ‘Where are we going?’
As much as I liked the kiss, no, wait… I loved the kiss. I wasn’t ready to jump into bed with him. Although I’d be lying if I wasn’t thinking about that impressive appendage in my mouth, or anywhere else, but I wasn’t about to drop my pants at this stage.
Yes, maybe I’m old fashioned, and quite rightly so, I’m fucking ancient! But I do have standards and don’t just fall for anyone.
‘I don’t want to rush into anything. Don’t get me wrong. ‘ I grabbed the raging hard-on trying to burst out of my jeans. ‘I want more, but I’m not ready for bed.’
He moved slowly towards me and staring down, I sighed. He dripped sensual eroticism. I wanted him.

The tug on my arm and the abrupt stop wasn’t what I was expecting, but there it was. His questions followed by his concerns, forced me to slow down and not just toss him over my shoulder and get back to my apartment double quick time. I was so hard, I knew I was going to have the zipper embedded in my cock if I didn’t do something about it real quick. But fuck me, and trust me that’s exactly what I wanted, I knew he was right. I let go of him and jammed my hands into my hair. I wasn’t exactly a saint, but I’d never reacted quite like this to anyone before. And if truth be told, I didn’t want to rush this either. I moved into his space, or I let him crowd mine, whichever way you wanted to look at it. Staring down into sexy and desire filled green orbs, I took a steadying breath.
‘I don’t want to do that either. If I’m honest.’ Shrugging large shoulders.
‘And for some strange reason, although I’ve only just met you, that’s exactly what I want to be. Honest. If we’re going to do…something, I don’t want it to be a lie.’
My brows drawing together in a frown. ‘Ok. Now I sound all fucking mushy. I just want you to know that… Shit!’
You’re fucking this up Rhai. Come on buddy, get this right or go home on your own. Now!
‘I like you. A lot! I know, we’ve known each other for an hour, but I’ve opened up to you more in that hour than anyone else in my lifetime. So, I would like you to come back to my place. Have a beer with me. And then I would really like to kiss you again.’
I stood there like a lemon, a pensive and hopeful look on my face, that you’d say yes.

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and accept things…instead of fighting against them. Every bone and muscle in my body told me to get the fuck out of dodge… Hello! He’s a vampire! But… I wanted to know more about him. Hm, okay yes, I wanted another hot kiss and maybe something to go with it, but why does he have such an effect?
‘I’d like that.’
Wtf? The words fell out of my mouth before I engaged my brain. Obviously my voice is driven by my cock.
‘Let’s take this slow and not make any promises we can’t keep. Okay?’
Watching him run his hands through his hair. He would be my undoing. As I gave him a wide smile and accepted his invitation, I prayed this wasn’t a line he practiced. Something he did to lure in suckers like me.
‘Lead the way then.’
I gestured forward and took a deep breath as he stared into my very soul. He captivated me from the instant I saw him, and I have to ask myself, has he hypnotised me? They do that, vampires… Don’t they? I was putting my life on the line, and while I love my life, it seemed risking it for a kiss or something else could be my downfall. Did I care? Did I fuck. I gave him another dazzling smile and prayed it would be worth it.

I was in a semi state of shock as I led Kai out of the club. That kiss had come out of nowhere. One second I was ready to hit the road thinking I’d blown it, his comment about being a blood sucking vampire hurt more than I cared to admit. Then bam! I moved in and kissed him. And when those sexy lips I’d kissed, pressed against my own… I was done for. From the bar to the car park my dick was running the show. I wanted my scent all over that angelic body, but once we got outside and he smiled that smile, I realised that I was looking forward to just talking to him. Taking a deep breath, I return his smile and squeeze the hand still holding mine.
‘Come on, its this way.’
Feeling more comfortable than I have been in forever, I lead the way to my city apartment.

Following Rhaize to his place, I’m unsure of how this is going to go. I’ve been out of touch regarding relationships and have to admit I’m feeling nervous. I have to try to remain cool, but it’s not easy, he’s drop dead gorgeous, his eyes make my cock twitch staring into them, and I’d be a liar if I didn’t admit I was having inappropriate thoughts about his mouth after that kiss. We’ve reached his apartment in no time and already the butterflies are having a party in my stomach. Watching him from the rear as he opens the door, I like the look of him from all angles. But we need to take our time and get to know each other a little better, for starters, we need to clear up my huge gaff and smooth that over.

After I’d dropped my key for the third time, I made myself calm down enough to get the fucking thing in the door. Kai made me feel like a damned fumbling teenager again. Feelings of which I’d hoped never to have again. He had the sexiest eyes and that smile had my pants threatening to cut off more than my blood supply. Holding the door open for Kai, I didn’t have a clue if I was doing the right thing or setting myself up for rejection. Again! What I did know, looking at his fine ass as he walked into my apartment, was that I wanted to strip him down slowly and bury myself between those cheeks. I didn’t have the greatest track record when it came to relationships and the fact I was a Vamp didn’t bode well for this one either, but if I could make him see past the monster, I at least wanted to give it try. I directed Kai into the large lounge and made a play of walking to the in built bar, fiddling with glasses and bottles gave me something to do with my hands that didn’t involve unbuttoning the snug fitting jeans he had on. Pouring myself three fingers of whiskey before holding up the bottle to my house guest.

I’m not sure who’s more nervous me or Rhaize, but when we finally get into the apartment, I quickly try to settle my nerves. Looking around his place and raising my eyebrows as he shows me through to the lounge area I like what I see.
‘You’ve got good taste, I like it.’
Flashing him a dazzling smile, I head over to the large sofa and sit down, trying to be casual, but not quite pulling it off. My hands are sweaty and rubbing them down my thighs as I look around, I can’t see how someone who spends time and money making a home would be all that evil, can they? Watching Rhaize as he moves over to the drinks and starts pouring himself a large one before turning to me and holding up the bottle, I nod eagerly.
‘Yeah that would be great, ice please, if you have it.’
I need to chill out so it might help, or not. As he heads towards me with the drinks my eyes are level with his crotch and I can’t take my eyes off what’s quite obviously struggling to get out. My mouth is dry, my hands are sweaty, I’m fucking falling apart. Taking the drink from his hands, I quickly take a mouthful before setting it down on the table to the side. He sits at the other end of the sofa, leaving space between us, he’s looking more relaxed than me as he leans his arm across the back of the sofa and hitches his leg up, spreading himself over a large portion of the furniture. I adjust my position so I’m almost facing him and watch him take a drink. He’s looking seductively hot, black suits him, in color, and name. His skin is pale, he’s like marble, classic and beautiful. I can imagine smooth to touch, and wonder what it would feel like if he were draped over me The open neck shirt showing his chest is making it hard for me to concentrate, but I manage to rake my eyes back to his face, his eyes now have my attention.
‘Before we do anything or say anything, I need to apologize.’ Quickly gulping another mouthful of whiskey for dutch courage I nervously lick my lips.
‘I really can’t apologize enough for what I said earlier.’
Shuffling in my seat and trying to stay focused, it’s very difficult when you have wild eyes staring at you.
‘I was joking you know and I didn’t have any idea you were actually a vamp, so please, forgive me. I know that not all vamps are….. well….. you know.’

Handing the drink to Kai, I tried to look calm and collected as I sprawled my 6’7 frame on the opposite end of the couch, which wasn’t the easiest task in the world with the marquis I was pitching. I knew where his eyes had settled and fuck if that didn’t make me harder. I couldn’t just sit, my dick wouldn’t let me, so I had no choice but to have my legs splayed, hard on like a white elephant in the room and my arm resting along the back of the couch. It wouldn’t take much to lean just a fraction and run my fingers through all of that glorious hair, but I had to be content with just watching this beautiful male sip his drink. What I wouldn’t give to be that glass right about now, to have his tongue rimming the inside of my mouth. Silently groaning, I threw the last of my whiskey down my throat and tried to pluck up the courage to break the silence, fortunately, Kai beat me to it, and what came out of his mouth stunned me more than him telling me thanks but no thanks. He was apologising to me and asking for my forgiveness. He… Was apologising… To me! The corners of my lips started to turn up and carried on going until my face hurt.
‘You know Vamps aren’t all evil blood sucking demons, is what I think you mean.’
Oh god this might actually work. Forgive him? Hell yes!
‘And I’m pleased to know you think better of me than that.’
Damn! Could I get any sappier?

When he put the right words in my mouth I gave him a bashful smile.
‘I’ve never met a vamp that wasn’t anything other than arcitype. So I hope you can see why ‘vamp’ and ‘evil’ sort of go together in my mind.’
I really should shut the fuck up and quit while I’m ahead, instead of digging myself into another hole. Finishing off the remnants of my glass I keep it in my hands and roll it between them as I take my gaze away from his and continue.
‘My job before I was, ‘retired’, involved tracking and hunting all manner of demons that were out to hurt humans.’Pursing my lips together for a moment I choose my next words carefully. ‘I’m going to ask right out’ .Looking at him with wide eyes, I can see he’s expecting another gaff. ‘Who do you feed off?’
There, I asked and if he kicks me out then i’ve well and truly fucked up, but I need to know. My heart is racing, I hope he doesn’t say what I’m dreading, if he does, we’re going to have a problem. Wiping the side of my mouth with the back of my hand as I wait for his reply. Looking into his eyes I get ready to say goodbye to those beautiful jewels that have captivated my soul

I didn’t care that he’d thought badly of me at first, it was Hollywood’s fault that all Vampires were thought to be Bela Lugosi clones, but his mistake was worth seeing that smile. And I’d be lying if I pretended I wasn’t a happy vamp that I’d put it there. I chuckled softly at his stereotypical analysis of me and promptly set about reassuring him that I was not evil. ‘My Mahmen, may her soul rest in peace, would stand on several boxes and clump me if she thought I was anything other than a decent male.’ I let my words trail away as Kai drains his drink and looks like he’s about to put his foot in it again and bolt for the door. His question, when he finally spat it out, floored me. Do I bare face lie and tell him I’ve never fed from a human before or do I risk watching him walk out of my apartment and my life for good. I set the heavy crystal glass on the side table and scrubbed my hands over my face before turning to face him, lifting Amethyst orbs to look directly into his.
‘I want, more than anything else in this world, to tell you that I’ve never fed from a human , but I can’t.’
Rushing out my words as I see the disappointment start to appear on his face.
‘It was always consensual though. And I have never, in 138 years, taken a vein by force. Whether human or vampire.’
Shit, this was all going wrong. I sat forward wanting to take hold of the hands nervously twisting in his lap, instead I held his gaze, willing him to believe me.
‘Look, when a vampire feeds…’ I waved my hands in the air trying to find the right words. ‘its not just about a need to stay alive, its also one of the most sexual experiences and I won’t pretend to have been celibate for the last hundred and twenty years.’
Jumping up from the couch, I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle, so I pour another three fingers and decide I might as well spill it all.
‘I lived with a female for 40 years, until she died of old age. She was human. So now you know!’ Downing my drink in one burning swallow.

My heart is beating hard in my chest as he begins to speak, watching his eyes then his mouth, as his perfectly formed lips move, I try to concentrate. I’m listening and hear
words that I didn’t want too, fuck! But then the rest of the sentence hits me and I breathe a sigh of relief. He’s leaning closer and I can smell his scent, mixed together with the whiskey on his breath, I’d like to feel that fire against my skin. When he jumps up, my nerves get the better of me, and I prepare by settling my hands on the seat and the arm, ready to spring up to a fighting position. But he moved to the mini bar, and I let out a long breath. I feel bad for thinking the worst.
‘Rhaize, thank you. I know it must have been hard to tell me the truth.’
Getting up and moving towards him, he turns quickly to face me. ‘I appreciate you did’.
My eyes study his face, he’s thinking I’m going to leave, and maybe I should.
‘I didn’t know most of what you told me as being what moves you to drink from a human, the sex part I mean.’
My eyes narrow as I try to understand why a human would stay with a vamp, but I guess when you fall in love, sometimes we can’t choose, it sort of happens, for good or bad.
‘Help me understand, show me everything I’ve known about your kind is wrong.’

I stood with my back to Kai and refilled my glass for the third time, I hadn’t mentioned Sarah in over fifty years, so why had I felt the need to explain everything to a male I’d only just met. Why did I only have to take a look into those eyes and want to see them flare with desire for me. Shit! If he was going to walk away, being sober wasn’t on my list of things to do tonight. I spun round ready to watch him walk away, only to find him standing straight in front of me. I was expecting him to spew his disgust with me, instead I watched him lift his eyes to mine and thank me for being honest. I flicked my tongue out to wet my dry lips and put my glass down on the bar. With a nervousness born out of fear of rejection, I lifted my hands to gently stroke across his cheeks and let myself hope that he meant what he said.
‘I’ll show you everything and more Kai.’
Lowering my head, my gaze still holding his as I pressed my lips to his.

I’m learning more and more about Vamps in one night than I did in my life as a hunter with the Elite guard. I have to admit I didn’t know they were capable of love or tenderness. But the way Rhaize pressed his lips to mine, and the sincerity of words about a human female he’d been with for a long time just floored me. The taste of whiskey hits me first, then something else, sweet and spicey. I want to open my mouth wide and swallow him in but I’m still thinking this needs to go slower. However, the ever increasing bulge in my pants doesn’t think so, nor my tongue as it leaps out of my mouth to greets his lips. Flashing across them softly, tasting and licking him, I can’t help a quiet groan escaping and falling against his mouth. My mind is telling me to pull away, but he’s irresistible. The gentle touch of his hand against my cheek slips behind my head and into my hair, teasing it as our mouths lock in a kiss of need. I’m falling rapidly down a hole that I’m not sure is safe, but my body and emotions don’t seem to care, they crave more and before I know what I’m doing, my body presses against his. The feel of his groin rubbing against mine, and the rigid appendage brushing across my erection, sends me to new heights. Instinctively my arms wrap around his hips and pull him closer, making the friction of our torso’s feel on fire. I’m in trouble now.

I’d opened up to this male like no other, I couldn’t say why, I just knew that I wanted him to think better of me and not just as a monster. I’d also promised myself I’d take it slow, baby steps, get to know each other better. But the scent of him, aroused and hungry, mixed with the taste of whiskey, and all that glorious hair made me want to get to know all of him much better. Sliding my hands into the soft mane, my pants ready to split me in two as I imagine it brushing across my stomach and his lips, so soft around my… Oh hell, I wanted this Angel so badly and from the feel of the rock solid bulge pressing into mine, he wanted me just as much. My head was yelling go slow until his arms circled my hips and pulled me closer, from then I didn’t stand a chance, I was lost in the now and the feel of every hard line of his body pressed into mine. It had been so long since I’d felt anything like this and I craved more as I twisted my hips, my confined cock grinding against his, letting him know exactly the effect he was having on me. I couldn’t stop my hands from grabbing a fistful of his hair and tilting my head to the side, devouring his mouth with my tongue, imitating what my hard as concrete shaft wanted to do to him.

His kiss is suffocating and I’m going dizzy due to lack of oxygen. His hands tangling in my hair, holding my head in place while his tongue ravages my mouth, is too much. There’s only so much I can take before my wings appear. It’s an angels curse in some ways…there are two things that make our wings appear, fear, and being sexually aroused. I want him to stop, no I don’t. Oh crap I don’t know what I want. His actions are making it clear he wants me, and I’m going to give him what he wants, that’s a given, but when? Not tonight, although I don’t know if either of us will be able to tear ourselves away from each other. He’s all consuming, full on hot and heavy, I can only imagine what he’s like in bed and if I go down that route I’m not getting out of this apartment tonight. Pulling away and gasping for breath, our bodies are almost melted to one another we’re so close-I rest my head against his and manage to speak.
‘Rhaize, I’m sorry I need to breathe and…’ Taking a breath and exhaling slowly, my hands slacken their grip on his hips. ‘I think we need to slow down.’
Swallowing hard I see in his eyes doubt, doubt that I’m changing my mind. I’m not. Tilting my head up, grazing my lips across his a whisper falls against his mouth.
‘I want you so bad, but I’m afraid’.
My eyes catch his, and the doubt disappears, his mouth smiles, and I relax, and breathe out. Brushing my nose against his cheek, drawing in his scent my body coils against his once more. Soft groans spill from my mouth when the tips of our cocks brush against each others. Even the fabric of our clothing cannot mask the electricity that’s flowing between us. What am I afraid of? I’m not sure, uncertainty for one thing, I trust what he’s told me and his actions have proven so far he’s sincere. Yet there is still a barrier between us, it’s me, I’m putting it there. Years of training, hunting and slaying vampires, demons and other non humans was all I knew, and now I’m expected to forget all that and let myself fall head over heels for a vampire. I need some time to process this, and having his tongue perform coitus in my mouth is not going to help me keep a clear mind.

My mind and my body were screaming at me to slow the fuck down before I showed him exactly what I was made of, and the way my fangs were throbbing in time with my thick hard cock, it wouldn’t be too much longer now. With Sarah, she had been genteel and our love making echoed that, but this male…. I wanted this male in a way I’d never wanted anyone before, with an urgency that both excited me and frightened me at the same time. I needed to stop and now, before I threw him down and fucked him on my couch, or floor, or wherever the fuck we landed. I gave Kai top marks, he had more willpower than I did as he pulled away from me and took a lungful of air. His lips were plump and so fucking sexy from that mind blowing kiss. God I wanted them back on my own, it was like they were mourning the loss of their softness and my mouth wanted to suck that tongue back inside, but Kai was right. We needed to slow down. I wasn’t a fan of a quick fuck, or a one night fuck, although I’d enjoyed years of both, and I didn’t want tonight turning into either. I was just disappointed in myself, I knew I’d come on too strong and heavy, but damn it if he didn’t get my pulse racing just by looking at me. I’d fucking blown it, now would come the ‘I need to go, but I’ll call you’ line. And then his lips brushed across mine and his words…they were like an echo of my own thoughts. I brushed a stray strand of hair off his face and smiled into the most amazing coloured eyes.
‘To be honest, I don’t know what this is…but if it helps, it scares the shit out of me too.’
I was trying so hard to be good, but he chose that moment to mould his body to mine and wild horses couldn’t have stopped the low growl that emanated from deep within my chest as our cocks rubbed together. The material barrier? That only helped to heightened the friction between our bodies. The emotional barrier was the one we needed to overcome if this was to go anywhere, and I really hoped it did. But who was I kidding, the odds were stacked against us already. When had an angel of God and a Vampire ever been known to work out? Sighing loud, I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, letting my fingers play along the length of his hair, and had to content myself with just holding him for now.

Is it so bad to want to try something new and hope it doesn’t blow up in my face? There are rules in life that we try to follow, it’s not always easy, I’m no angel, well I am but I’ve broken a few rules in my time, and haven’t always followed orders, like when I fell for Luke. You can’t turn away from something that in your heart, you know isn’t bad. It’s about equilibrium and knowing how far you can run with something before you get yourself into trouble. At this moment, holding onto Rhaize, his arms draped around my shoulders and mine sliding from his hips to his ass doesn’t seem so bad. What is bad is my fear, my thoughts of where this will lead, is it going to change how I do my job when I’m fighting alongside my brothers against vamps and demons? Well that’s the question isn’t it?
Letting out a sigh, my breath falling against the nakedness of his chest where his shirt falls open, I take a deep breath and drown in the scent. The smell of the flesh and bone that I’m currently holding, that’s what I need to focus my attention to instead of worrying about the future. I’ll have to deal with each situation one at a time. Gliding my hands higher my fingers sneak beneath his shirt, skimming over skin draped on cool alabaster, they caress his back. Squeezing myself closer, I want him to feel the heat radiating from every part of me. If it were not for our shoes our feet would be touching, making the circuit complete. Brushing my cheek against his chest before I look up to his jawline, I watch his tongue snake across his lip and feel the spasm in my cock, I wish it were next.

How could anything that felt this good be anywhere near wrong? OK, I’ll admit, on a bad day there was the fear that he might try to remove my head from my body, but he must know by now I’m not the bad guy. Well the hands slipping from my waist to my ass were throwing off promising signals. I just had to hope those amazingly soft hands wouldn’t turn on me if it came down to the wire. I was imagining the worst when my thoughts were directed elsewhere and I felt his soft breath whisper against my chest. Closing my eyes, I caressed his hair with my cheek, inhaling his intoxicating scent and felt my whole body come alive. The shudder that ran through me as his fingers slid beneath my shirt, created a fire that had my traitorous body coming alive again. I knew I couldn’t trust myself not to rip apart his shirt and kiss the solid pecs and abs I could feel pressing into me, so I let them stay threaded in his hair. I chose that moment to open my eyes and look down, licking my dry lips as I stare into perfect hazel eyes. Fuck! Groaning loud as his cock twitches against mine and I feel my cock weeping with pre-cum. This male had me transfixed, and at this point, right here and now, if Kai asked me to walk through fire, I would.

I can’t deny what my body is shouting to me, there are times in life when you have to make a choice and have faith in someone or something. Today is that day. My voice is hardly audible when I speak, the breathy words fall from my lips against his and the look I receive from his hypnotic stare convinces me this is right.
‘I trust you.’
Three small words with the power to destroy me, my life and everything I believe in. Pulling away, releasing the lock around his body and giving our bodies air between them I stand with my heart beating in my open chest, naked and bare as it were, for him to show me I’ve not made a mistake. Gently sliding my hands up to his face they’re shaking; with nervousness, fear and excitement. I’m handing my emotions and body on a plate to this creature of the night, who could destroy me with little effort. My eyes move to his mouth, those lips shield a powerful weapon and while I’m not a virgin when it comes to being bitten I am where drinking of blood is concerned. I know in the moments preceding climax, the pain from a bite heightens the orgasm, the difference is the withdrawal of blood and how much. Angels, I’m told, taste delicious, is that going to be an issue? Will Rhaize be able to control himself and stop before too much is taken, I guess we’ll have to try it and as I mentioned previously, have faith. So where are we and where do we go now? I still maintain I’m leaving in the condition I arrived, with all my clothes as they were and with every drop of blood. This night has been eventful and a learning curve for both of us, but if I don’t drag myself away before we go further, I’ll be here for the night and I think we’ll regret it. Which leaves the goodnight kiss. Taking a breath and shaking my head to move my hair from my face I lean my body close again. Tilting my head with parted lips I close the space between our mouths.
‘I think it’s time for me to leave, but I can’t go without one last kiss.’
Smiling softly, and watching his eyes I wait for his lips to find mine.

I trust you. Those three words were all it took to for my mind and body to calm enough so I didn’t attack him on my living room floor, not that I wouldn’t want to if he asked. I just let myself drink in the sight and scent of this beautiful Angel as my gaze took in each feature of his face and committed it to memory. I understood the internal fight that must be raging on inside the male I wanted to get to know, on a deeper level not just in body, because I was feeling it myself. Vampire and Angel, it goes against every ethic and code this beautiful male believed in and lived by. Plus I’d never met a real life Angel before, so I think Kai might understand that I was a little freaked out myself. If truth be told, I was more afraid of myself than anything else. I was a very passionate male, hands on both physically and mentally. When I was with someone, it didn’t matter if it was for an hour, a day or a week, that person was the only one that mattered, I was theirs and theirs alone. But would I be able to control myself where Kai was concerned? The blood taking and the heightened sexual pleasure, I didn’t want to scare him off before it had begun. But if I’m picking up the right signals and me and this beautiful Angel were on the same page, then that can be overcome, by both of us. I’d decided earlier, but with Kai standing so close to me, I confirmed to myself that this was going to be worth the challenge. I felt better after giving myself that pep talk, baby steps and everything would work out just fine. I couldn’t help the little smile that played across my lips as I raised my hand to help move the hair from his face.
‘I hate that you have to leave, but as much as I want you to stay, you’re right. Maybe I can buy you dinner one night? For now though, I would very much like to give you a kiss goodnight.’
This wouldn’t be the all consuming breathless kiss from earlier, I wanted you to see the tender, gentler side of Rhaize Black. Threading my fingertips into his soft hair, my palms gently cupping his face as I close the distance between us, dipping my head to let my lips softly brush against his. Letting him feel the promise of things to come.

Smiling and appreciating he respects my decision to leave I feel relieved.
‘Dinner? I’d like that.’
Giving him a wider smile and cocking my head to the side in a bashful pose I quickly look to the floor then back up to his staring eyes. His hands raise and I stand still, letting his fingers brush through my hair I close my eyes briefly. I love the attention, being touched and caressed is a weakness of mine. especially if followed by love-making. His fingers are soft and cool, when they cup my face I watch him lean in, bracing myself for the rush of electricity when our lips touch. Soft and gently brushing over my lips with his own I groan softly and wish for more. He’s teasing me now and I guess I asked for it. My eyes fluttering closed for a moment while I enjoy the sensation before it quickly stops I draw in a deep breath and open them. His smile is sinfully wicked, he’s clever and making sure I want more, nice trick. Grinning wide and releasing a laugh I take a step back and straighten myself. Adjusting my cock, currently being strangled by my pants, I shake my head and manage a few words.
‘Wow you’re making this very hard for me to leave. but I think we both know the score and we’re making the right decision’.
Edging further back and pursing my lips, digging my hands into my pockets I give my shoulders a shrug.
‘So, I’m going to leave, right now… while I can…. and look forward to hearing from you soon.’
Finishing my sentence with a raise of both eyebrows I turn and begin to leave. He’s quickly following behind me, escorting me to the door and feeling him close makes me giddy. The test for me is whether or not I make it out of the apartment.

I could kiss those delectable lips all night, not bothering to hide my raging hard on as I stare at their lush fullness, imagining how good they’d feel sliding over my cock. My smile widening with each wicked thought that ran through my depraved mind. Growling low as I watch him shove his hands in his jeans pockets, dragging the denim to sit lower on his hips. Fuck! I don’t know who needed to be convinced more that it was time to go, me or him. What I did know, was that I was itching to have that muscular frame pressed up against me and to feel his cock grinding into mine again. But if he wanted to get out without being fucked into next week, then he had to go now. I licked my lips and watched him adjust the impressively large appendage I was just thinking about.
‘Fuck Kai! Hard for you? I’m getting ready to pass out due to lack of blood and oxygen to my damned brain.’
Chuckling as he takes a few steps back before turning to walk away. I was hot on his heels though, I didn’t want to waste a second of being in his company and I wasn’t ready to have his scent disappear from my apartment either. Both of us stopped as we reached the front door, but Kai stayed facing away from me. I could feel his inner turmoil bubbling beneath the surface as he reaches out to unlock the door. Reaching over his shoulder to place my hand on top of his, my lips brushing against his ear as I whisper.
‘You can make arrangements to go anywhere you like for dinner, just wear something dark and loose fitting, so there’s enough room for me to slide my hand inside and stroke you to release while the good people of New York go about their dinner.’
Scraping a fang over his lobe, I nick the soft skin, the heavenly taste of Angel makes me harder so quick I feel giddy. Dropping my hand to one hip, letting my free hand grip the other and I yank him back tight against me, the painful bulge in my pants throbbing against his fucking firm ass.
‘Fuck Kai!’
Dipping my head to nuzzle at his neck.
‘You really need to leave before I do something stupid like take you up against my damned door!’ Letting go of his hips, I open the door and stand back, my breathing laboured as I put a bit of breathing space between us.

I almost made it but when his mouth moved against my ear,his lips brushing softly against my skin, I close my eyes and take a breath, then exhale slowly as I focus. the words fall against my ear, the thoughts of his hand wrapping around my cock, pumping it slowly, with the possibility of being seen almost makes me cum there and then. How the hell did I let myself get drawn into this. well, that’s an easy one to answer. he’s irresistible. The sudden sharp sting of his fang on my lobe makes me gasp sharply, my eyes open wide. His hands pull me hard against his body and I’m fighting so hard to get my arse out the fucking door before he nails me to it.
‘Rhaize…. fuck this is….’ My words are breathy and just seem to not want to leave my mouth.
Pulling away I turn to face him, his eyes are staring down at me, they’re dark, wicked and alluring. reaching up to touch my bloody ear I know now he’s tasted me I’m fucked. Can he control the urge to taste more? I told him I trusted him. And about five minutes ago I did. Staring back at him now, his lips party open and his fangs barely showing I’ve got two choices. Taking a deep breath before I make my move, the silence breaks my calm.
‘I’m leaving now and I’ll see you for dinner. I’ll call you tomorrow with the details.’ Swallowing a gulp of air I watch for his reaction. Stay calm I tell myself over and over. You can trust him.

I made a show of being Mr Cool and Collected as Kai turned to face me. I knew from the look on his face that I’d fucked up royally. You told him he could trust you Rhai and then you go all fucking Vamp and taste him. And now that I had, I wanted so much more from this heavenly male. I didn’t just want a taste, I wanted to give myself over to him and give him so much pleasure that he would forget his own name. But I had a horrible feeling deep in my gut, that that wasn’t going to be figuring anywhere in my near future. Fucking way to go Rhai. If I could kick myself in the balls right about now I would, I had to make do with scrubbing my hands down my face and taking about ten deep breaths while I watched him struggle with how to deal with what just happened. Maybe I should just be the better guy here and let him leave, go back to whatever it is Angels do. Oh yeah… kill Vampires. And then he broke the silence, telling me he’ll have dinner with me. I was floored. My head was running several different scenarios, all of which involved me being reduced to a pile of ash, none of which involved dinner. I took one last calming breath, my erection deflating before his eyes.
‘First off, I want to apologise for being a dick. The combination of you, your scent, your body and the way you react to me, plus the fact I’m a Vampire, I just…’
My brows came together in a frown.
‘Well I’m sorry. Second, I wanted to say thank you Kai.’
Giving him a half smile as he walked out of my apartment, obviously needing to put some distance between us.
‘For giving me a chance to hopefully prove to you that I’m not a dick, well not a complete one. I want this to work out right so I promise to be the perfect gentleman on our date and behave. And if, after dinner, you still think I’m an untrustworthy asshole, then I’ll walk away and you’ll never have to see me again.’
Gnawing on my bottom lip in the hope that it wouldn’t be like that.

When he breaks the silence and apologizes I breath out. I know us angels taste fucking delicious and I’m really putting my life on the line here, but I just feel he’s worth the risk. Taking a sideways step, trying to casually open the door without looking like I’m trying to run, I succeed. Slowly edging into the hall where I feel a little safer, I hear his words and know he’s genuinely sorry. Smiling when he calls himself a dick, I draw the side of my lips into my mouth and try to stifle not letting it turn into a full out laugh. He’s making me feel better already, I know it’s difficult, this is all new, and I know it will be worth working out our differences. Looking to the floor, pursing my lips together and rocking backwards and forwards on my heels with my hands now overlapping behind my back, I wait until he’s finished apologizing.
‘Thanks Rhaize and you’re not a dick’.
Looking up to him with a raised brow, trying to be serious,smirking and tossing my hair over my shoulders I lean forward and whisper.
‘And I hope you don’t act like a proper gentleman at dinner because I was really looking forward to that.’
Reeling back quickly, winking, I begin to turn and get ready to leave. Taking a few steps and looking over my shoulder, pointing my finger at him, I give him one last smile.* I’ll see you at dinner hot stuff.

Shaking my head I chuckle softly as he tells me I’m not a dick, even though we both know I’ve acted a little like one tonight. But at least we were going to end on a positive note, I apologised, he accepted and we were still going out to dinner. I was happy with that. Me, Kai, dinner, perfect gentleman and then he’d want to see me again. This was going to work out after all, but then he looked at me with those damned eyes and all that hair. Fuck! Come again! Little R woke up like it was ready for a 21 gun salute. I’d just been given permission to make good on my offer over dinner. This time I let him walk away from me knowing that I was definitely going to
see him again. Giving him a wickedly sinful grin as he turns to face me quickly.
‘And I’ll make you come so hard at dinner, you’ll see stars.’
Winking at the bronzed Adonis and smiling one last time before I forced myself to close the door. Padding into my bedroom and all but ripping my pants off my body, I laid on my bed. I knew I couldn’t have him right now, but I sure as fuck could dream about him. Closing my eyes, imagining it was his hand, I fisted my rock solid cock…

Dinner with a vampire.

It had been a few days since my last visit to Rhaize’s apartment, and with a promise for dinner, I’m looking forward to seeing him again. He told me I could choose the location so I’ve booked a table at a quiet italian restaurant I know where the lighting is perfect for cosy liaisons. Writing out a text message, I send it to him and hope he’s going to want this dinner as much as I do.
*Hey hotstuff, I’ve booked a table for dinner 7pm tonight. details to follow.*

Just great! Rhayven wasn’t taking my calls after I’d wailed on her about ditching me on our night out. But it just so happened to be the night I’d met Kai Storm and as much as I love my sister, I wanted to get to know this Angel a whole lot better. And now it had been almost a week since I’d heard from him. Shit, nothing! Looking at my cell for about the seven hundredth time that day. I’ve been a walking hard on since the night I let him walk out of my apartment, although I did get a promise of dinner. I just hope he was as up for it as I was and didn’t just say it to get the hell out of the door. Although I wouldn’t blame him if he did, there was something about that Angel that made all sensible thought go flying out of my head. I was getting ready to toss the fucking thing out of the window for not ringing, when the familiar pinging sound of a text message came through. I smiled like a mofo right there as Kai told me he’d booked the table for tonight and directions were to follow. I fist pumped the air like a fucking teenager before sending a message back. *Hey yourself, I’ll be there!*

I was relieved to receive a reply from Rhaize after i sent him the address and time. I’ve not forgotten I’m to wear black and make sure its loose fitting. I can’t stop grinning and already getting hard at the thought of seeing him. I’ve not had him out of my mind since our last meeting and worried he’d lost interest after he’d not got back to me for the last few days. It’s going to be a long day, I’ll be eager for 7pm to come around fast. Right now, I’m going to take a very cold shower.

This was going to work out absolutely perfect. I’d finished my shift last night and wasn’t due back at the station for another three days. Although the Captain knew what me and Rhay were, he still insisted we have the same time outs as the regular Joes. Normally I grumbled, threatened to leave the force and he’d offer to fire me, but this time round I couldn’t be happier. I unbuttoned my pants that had become unnaturally tight and freed not so little R, groaning as it sprung up and slapped my stomach before coming to it’s preferred position of jutting straight out, long, thick and really fucking hard. Palming myself as I walk through my bedroom to the bathroom. At least I only had a few hours till sunset, plenty of time to work off my hard on, gliding my palm over my cock as I reached into the shower and turned on the faucet. Stepping out of my clothing and under the warm water, letting the spray hit my back as I widen my stance and brace one hand against the wall. My eyes closed as the image of his face came to mind and I began to pump my cock in long, slow strokes. Fuck, the next four hours were going to be hell.

I’ve been looking forward to this dinner since Rhaize first suggested it and finally it’s here. I’m almost ready. One last check in the mirror. I sweep my hair away from my face before running my fingers through it, I can’t wait for him to be doing this… among other things. ugh…stop thinking….stop it….. my pants were loose fitting now they’re tightening. Not good…Get a grip Kai… I’m actually a little nervous. But, I’m not chickening out. No way! We’d arranged to meet at the restaurant and my cab has just pulled up outside. Wow, my stomach is churning, and I’m pretty sure it’s not from hunger. I decide to send him a text, just to make sure he’s on his way.
*Hey hot stuff, on my way to the restaurant, see you in 10.*

I’d lost count of the number of times I’d gotten off since that text, but just thinking about Kai and what I wanted to do told my body it had the energy to go another round. Ignoring the impulse, I got myself dressed, and because I wanted to look good for him, I decided on a classic black Armani suit. Checking my watch as I tug at the sleeves of my suit jacket, six thirty five. Do I leave now and get there early? No, I don’t want to look too damned eager. Although if I had my way, we’d skip dinner and move directly here for dessert. Or should I arrive dead on seven, show him I’m punctual, reliable? I was saved from making that decision when my phone pinged. Ten minutes, grinning like a school boy about to make out for the first time. I didn’t bother with a car, I wanted my hands free for the journey home, although the thought of driving and his hand playing with me. Looking down and chuckling as my pants struggled to fit. Again! I grabbed up my wallet and apartment keys, and with a quick adjustment of my cock, I dematerialised to the side alley of the restaurant. Making sure no one saw me appear out of nowhere, I walked around to the front and had to take a deep breath as the most intoxicating sight walked towards me.
‘Hey handsome.’

I decided to wait outside, just in case he didn’t turn up. The scene of me sitting alone at a table while everyone else coupled up was not something I fancied. Shoving my hands in my pockets and toeing the ground just after I’d checked my watch for the fifth time in the last two minutes, I turn around and am suddenly greeted by Rhaize. I can’t say what happened for those split seconds when I first saw him…um…wait… I think ‘FUCK’ popped in there somewhere followed by, ‘DEAR GOD’ . A huge smile beamed across my face and if I wanted to pretend I wasn’t excited, or wasn’t looking forward to the dinner, it didn’t work, because the image of a giddy schoolgirl is what he saw, I’m pretty sure of it.
Removing my hands from my pockets I reached out a hand to his.
‘Hey hotstuff, you look…hm…what’s the word… ah…dashing.’
I’m grinning from ear to ear, he’s utterly gorgeous and I can’t believe he’s here, for me. When he gives me his hand, I take it firmly but then cover his with my other hand and hold him for a moment. I’m still smiling, I need to get a grip before he think’s I’m on something.
‘Shall we go inside?’

He’s all in black, just like I told him and fuck if that wasn’t the hottest outfit I’ve ever wanted to get someone out of. And if I didn’t get all damned schoolboy crush when he complimented me and covered my hand.
‘I wanted to look good for you.’ I was matching his grin as I gave him my lame ass answer. Hell yeah I wanted to look good for him, I didn’t want his eyes on anyone else but me tonight. It took a moment or two of me just staring like a muppet before I cottoned on that you wanted to go inside. I didn’t give two fucks what people would think as I placed my free hand at the curve of his spine, just above his amazing ass, and gestured for him to lead the way.
‘After you Kai.’ Tilting my head just slightly, my mouth at his ear. ‘You look …dashing also.’ Grinning with just the right hint of fang.

Sitting at our table, I like that we’re tucked away in a quiet corner. I love eating at this place, and when the waiter asks us what we’re drinking I go ahead and give him the wine order. I’m particular about my wine and like red when I’m eating italian so chose a Mavrud.
‘I hope you don’t mind me ordering the wine Rhaize, this is a good one, I’m sure you’ll like it.’
I flash him one of my dazzling smiles and stare hard into his beautiful amethyst eyes as I feel his hand resting on my thigh. This evening is going to be a test of wills as to whether we actually get to eat anything or just stare and touch each other.
‘Have you had a good day?’ I ask just as the waiter brings our wine and the menu’s.
Turning to Rhaize, holding my glass to his.
‘Cheers, here’s to a great new friendship’. My eyes linger over his lips as he rests them against the glass. I don’t know why, but I just wished I could kiss him right at this moment.

The table we were shown to couldn’t be more perfect, secluded in a quiet corner. I made a discreet play of resting my hand on his thigh when he ordered the wine and when he turned that smile my way, I gave a gentle squeeze.
‘I’m sure whatever you order will be perfect.’
Sliding my palm a little higher as we made light conversation. ‘My day ended with a bust, so all in all a good one.’ I left out the part where I’d got off to the vision of his face.
I raised my glass and clinked it against his. ‘To a new friendship.’ Raising the glass to my lips, my eyes settled firmly on Kai’s, wanting so badly to kiss him, taking a large swallow for courage before lowering it back to the table.

If I didn’t know better, I’d think that he knew what I’d thought..about kissing him…cause he keeps licking those gorgeous lips. After placing our order I shuffle my chair a little closer towards him. Closing the gap I lean closer and brush my arm against his. I’m being daring, which is something I don’t usually do, but I can’t help myself. I’m so close. I turn my head to greet him and get a huge eyeful of that handsome face and make myself available for a kiss.
‘I hope you don’t think I’m being forward but, I really need to taste you.’ My eyes dart from his eyes to his mouth, and hope he’ll lean closer to close that extra space to kiss me.

Every nerve ending went on to high alert as Kai moved in closer, brushing against me and making my body come awake in all the right places. If his whole demeanour didn’t say I want you, the intoxicating scent of honey that reached my nose told me he did. His admission of wanting to kiss me was an echo of exactly what I wanted to do, and the way his tongue snaked out to lick his lips got me swelling to uncomfortable proportions. I didn’t lose eye contact with him as his gaze met mine, I just casually unbuttoned my suit jacket and shrugged out of it. If he was going to touch me, I wanted to feel it properly. I moved my head, tentatively closing the gap between us, to ghost gently over his soft, inviting lips.

I don’t think we’re going to be eating much dinner, but I don’t care…I was hungry..but now..hm…food isn’t on my mind. He’s hypnotizing and to me it seems that we’re the only two people in here..everyone else is irrelevant.
The faintest skim of his lips against mine makes my cock twitch. In a whispery breath I manage to speak.
‘Rhaize, if we kiss in here, we’ll get thrown out, because kissing won’t be the end of it, but I really want to kiss you.’
My eyes study his face and wished he wasn’t so fucking hot. Snaking my tongue over my lower lip, it touches against his mouth causing a full blown shock of heat straight to my cock. Shuffling in my chair and smoothing my hands down my pants, I sit back, widening the gap between us. I can’t go for a full on kiss in here, but I won’t rule anything else out.

Answering and letting you know I was all down with whatever you wanted.
‘Yes we will, no it won’t and so the fuck do I.’
Breathing out a ragged breath, I ran my hands through my hair as he puts a little distance between us. The waiter chose that precise moment to come over with our order, setting my creamy bacon tortellini and fresh vegetables in front of me. I made a point of settling my napkin over my lap, no point getting kicked out before I’ve eaten. Well food anyway. Fortunately, the distance between me and Kai wasn’t that great and my hand made it’s way back to his thigh and I leaned in to whisper.
‘I would start eating before you’re unable to.’
Letting him know exactly what I meant as my palm crept higher.

When the waiter placed the Pollo alla crema in front of me I quickly rest both hands in front of me on the table edge, hiding anything that might be construed as inappropriate. After he leaves I relax my hands back and suddenly freeze when Rhaize moves his hot palm to my thigh. His voice is so seductively silky it’s enough to make me come right there and then. As his hand searches higher, and he tells me to eat up, I just give him a knowing grin.
‘I’m sure I’ll be able to fit something in but don’t let me stop you on whatever you have planned.’ Picking up my knife and fork I start to carve a mouthful just as his hand reaches my crotch. I almost drop the cutlery but keep it together. Glancing over to him, giving him a wide dashing smile I manage to stuff a piece of chicken in my mouth as I turn back.

I had a vision of exactly what would fit in that fucking hot mouth of his and it didn’t involve chicken. And I sure as hell wasn’t going to stop what I had planned, although I had to tamper down the biggest fucking growl as my hand moved higher and I gently rubbed his sac with my palm. Feeling a little satisfied as I watched him fumble with the cutlery, I turned to my own food. Spearing an asparagus head and sucking it’s tip before biting into the crisp tender vegetable. I turned my head to gauge his reaction as my hand moved up to brush across his impressive hard on, giving a satisfied smile at his response.

This is going to be a very trying dinner, that’s all I can say. My body flinches with nervousness as he brushes my balls, fuck me I’m not going to be able to eat anything am I?
‘Hows the asparagus?’ I managed to grin after asking, he’s wicked and full of it, but I kind of like it. After managing to eat a few mouthfuls of chicken I place my knife on the edge of the plate and slip my hand under the table. Taking his hand, I move it back over my cock and squeeze his fingers around myself. Giving him a wink as I drop in a piece of broccoli to my smiling mouth, I quickly chew and swallow before asking.
‘I was wondering where we’ll be having dessert. do you have any suggestions for that?’ Placing my fork on the plate, i reach for the wine glass and take a large mouthful.

I didn’t know who was going to choke on their food first, but when he gripped my hand over his cock I had a feeling it was going to be me. I’d told him what I wanted to do at dinner and with that wink? Fuck me if he didn’t have the upper hand right now. Tightening my fingers around the cock I so badly wanted to feel in the flesh.
‘Dessert will be at your place, and just to make sure you know how hungry I’m going to be…’
As quick as I’d spoken, I pushed my hand between the waistband of his loose fitting pants and his skin. The pad of my thumb making contact with the smooth tip of his cock.

Grinning at the thought of dessert I’m suddenly shocked by the touch of his thumb rubbing over my cock tip. Quickly looking around to see if we caught anyone’s attention, I give him a wicked glance and smile.
‘You’re bad, but whatever you do, do not stop.’ Holding the wine glass in my hand I take a casual drink, trying to act normal. Which was impossible given my cock was having its head rubbed. Putting down my glass I rest both elbows on the edge of the table and sit up straight. Trying to not make too much noise without drawing attention is difficult. I don’t think I’m going to last long if he keeps this up.
‘Rhaize…’ I managed in a husky, quiet voice and turn my head to face his. ‘I think I’ll be finished before you.’ Grinning wider and hissing as his fingers tightened around my cock, I close my eyes and rest my head against my hands as I lean my elbows on the table.

Fuck! Was all I could think as my palm made a fist around the hot, thick girth of his cock. I put my fork down and reached for my wine, taking another large swallow in the hope that the brief intermission would give my own dick the chance to calm down. Cos yeah that was going to happen as I started a slow stroke from the base to tip of his long, thick cock. I could feel my own starting to leak pre-cum like a fucking water fountain, but I’d told this perfect specimen of a male that I was going to get him off through dinner. And if it killed me in the process, that’s exactly what I was going to do.

My head is still resting against my hands, and I’m trying to keep my composure, but not doing too well. I lean back in my chair, keeping my hands on the table and look to Rhaize. I want so badly to kiss him right now, but that will draw attention for sure. I daren’t even put my hand under the table to give him some relief for fear the waiter is going to catch us. He’s already glancing over more than I think he should, maybe he’s worried I don’t like his chicken.
Rhaize fingers are sliding up and down my cock, squeezing and spreading the pre cum with the pad of his thumb across the tip. Fuck me I can’t hold on much longer.
‘Fuck Rhaize, I’m almost ready to..ugh…’ Turning to the waiter, ‘Yes, thank you… everything’s fine.’ I look back at Rhaize and he’s grinning. That was close. Almost as close as I am to coming.

I knew he was getting close to the point of no return because so was I. I didn’t need to make the rapid movements idiot humans thought was how you got off. No, I was sliding his cock through my fist at a steady rate, but with just enough of a squeeze to make his cock weep for me. When the waiter turned up I thought it was game over, but Kai just smiled and said thanks and sent him on his way. And didn’t that make me fucking harder. I could see his knuckles turning white as he gripped the edge of the table, so I moved a little closer to his ear.
‘The only thing wrong with this is that I can’t suck off all that cum thats about to explode over your cock and my hand.’
Sucking on his lobe I let my words sink in.

Dear lord I can’t hold out much longer… his hand is moving perfectly, gripping with just the right amount of pressure and I’m about ready to blow when he leans over and says that.
‘Oh fuck Rhaize…Now!..’
I try to keep my voice quiet but gasping for a breath and hissing isn’t always quiet. My body shakes and I’m leaning back in the chair. I put my arm around the back of his chair and touch his shoulder and squeeze it as my body convulses in an earth shattering orgasm. Quickly moving my free hand under the table I hold his hand to stop his movements. I am so done and need to go clean up. Turning to look at him and seeing his wild eyes, I can’t believe this male. I can’t believe what he can do to me and without even touching me. I think I’ve found perfection. Checking to see where our waiter is, and notice he’s missing, I quickly lean over and steal a kiss. Softly brushing my lips across his I linger for a moment.
‘Thank you hotstuff.’ Removing his hand from my pants I adjust myself and push out the chair before rising.
‘I need to go clean up.’ I whisper close to his ear as I stand up and head for the bathroom. Going straight for a stall I clean myself up with tissue and take a moment to catch my breath. Leaning against the closed door I close my eyes and smile. All that worry I had about getting involved with a vampire…seems so far away now. Pushing myself away from the door I head over to the sink and wash up. Looking at my reflection in the mirror my cheeks are still flushed. Fuck me Kai get a grip! throwing the paper towel in the bin before heading out the door I spy my hot lover at the table finishing his meal. He’s so cool, I can’t believe he’s sat there eating his dinner like nothings happened. Running my hand along his shoulder as I move past him to get to my seat I lean close as I sit.
‘Thank you. I can’t wait for dessert….and I already know what it is…before you say anything.’ Sitting and taking a drink I watch him eat. Fuck me he’s even sexy when he does that.

I didn’t break my stroke as I watched his body shake and felt his cock twitch within my palm, taking another sip of wine to give my mouth something to do that didn’t involve sucking on this male as his hot cum spilled over my hand. Just watching the expression and tension on his face was making my own cock throb and ache for release. But tonight was about the male I desperately wanted to make my lover. When he’d stopped shaking long enough by to regain a little composure, I reluctantly removed my hand from around his cock. And just when I thought this night couldn’t get any better… He kissed me. Not a full on I’m going to devour you kiss, but the kind that left you breathless and wanting him to do it again. God, this male was getting to me in a way I hadn’t felt in an eternity. My heart was pounding in my chest as I watched him adjust himself and walk, with a sexual grace, to the bathroom. Fuck I wanted to just lift my hand and devour every drop that coated it, but decorum dictated that I discreetly use my napkin. I lifted my glass to my lips with a shaking hand and drained the last of my wine. I was so fucking hard under the table I needed something to occupy my hands before I just got the fucker out and gave myself some relief, so I picked up my knife and fork and carried on eating my food. And then he was back, touching and looking at me in a way that I wanted to scoop everything off the table and bury myself in his body. I almost did when he told me he couldn’t wait for dessert. Making a point of finishing my food in order to pull myself together, I just hoped dessert involved this male and my cock.

I couldn’t finish my meal, I was too busy thinking about dessert. I watched Rhaize finish the last of his and just rested my elbow on the table and stared at him. He’s gorgeous. How in the name of Merlin’s pants did I get to be so lucky?
‘Did you enjoy that?’ I give him a grin, ‘The meal, I mean.’
Grinning wider when he looks at me, I can’t help but wonder who’s the most excited here…not sexually, I mean…excited as in the thought of having a new playmate and friend. I think it’s me, but we’ll have to see.
‘I was wondering if I should order more wine, or are you eager to have dessert?’
I hope he’s wanting a taste of something sweet. Reaching under the table I smooth my hand up his thigh and brush against his hardness. He’s huge..hard..and I’d like to return the compliment.

If he carried on looking at me like that, my zipper was going to turn into a lethal weapon and we were going to end up in an ER with me having my cock literally split in two. I knew what he meant with his question and chose to answer accordingly.
‘I enjoyed that very much.’
Leaning forward, my nose grazing over his cheek. ‘The question should be, did you?’
I moved my head back to stare intently at his beautiful features. And when he asked about dessert or wine, the corners of my mouth turned up into the biggest smile. That was a no brainer, and when his hand brushed against my cock… I was rock fucking solid already, but it twitched within it’s confines, conveying the message that said whatever you wanted to do to it was fine with me.
‘Order a bottle to take with us and then I want to have you for dessert Kai.’
Giving a quick sweep of the immediate vicinity and spying no one close, my hand gripped the back of his neck and pulled him forward, my lips connecting with his in a kiss that promised so much more.

When he admits he’s as eager for dessert as I am, I smile wide. Catching the attention of the waiter, I ask him to get us another bottle of wine and wrap it for us to take with us. When he turns to get the wine, I feel a large hand at the back of my neck. My body shivers at his touch. When he leans closer and pulls me towards him I can barely look into his eyes. He’s so heart wrenchingly gorgeous it’s untrue. The touch of his lips to mine makes me instantly hard. Savoring the taste I respond with a slow, deep kiss, and linger for a few moments, not wanting to rush the sensation. When his mouth releases mine I look at him with eyes that tell him I need him.
‘I like the sound of dessert. And I can’t wait to get you back to my place.’

I closed my eyes and savoured the taste and feel of him on my lips. God I wanted him so badly and not just in a ‘I want to fucking mount you on the table’ kind of way, but in that scary ‘I really hope you like me as much as I like you’ kind of way. The last time I’d kissed him forced its way to the front of my mind and I had to break the kiss before I went all clichéd I vant to suck your blood. I didn’t break eye contact though as my Angel ordered another bottle of wine. I stood up and put my jacket on, not bothering to cover up the 11 inches of solid, hard muscle that was straining against my fly. I wanted this male to see exactly what he did to me, that this was all for him. I paid the bill and took hold of his hand, not secretly, but for anyone to see.
‘Now! About that dessert…’

I don’t believe anyone has ever had such an effect on me since I first fell for Luke. And what’s so crazy is, in another time, Rhaize and I would have been enemies. Funny how times change. When he stands up to put on his jacket, I get an eye full of cock as it strains against his pants. I’m looking forward to see it in the flesh. As I stand up I move close to him, brushing my body against his. It’s like there’s a ripple of electricity running through my body. I’m not usually a public display person, but him taking my hand makes me go weak at the knees. That sounds so soppy and pathetic, but seriously, this is the effect he has.
When we leave the restaurant I call a cab from my phone and while we’re waiting outside I tug on his hand to pull him to face me. Looking up to him, seeing his eyes wide and full of wicked intent, I give him a wide smile.
‘Thanks for dinner. And thanks for…um…well..’ I blush and lower my head but quickly bring it back up. I want another one of those toe curling kisses.

I all but dragged him out of the restaurant as my body lit up with the slightest of touches. Fuck! PDA’s weren’t my thing, but this male…I wanted everyone to know HANDS FUCKING OFF! Grinning down at him with a wicked smile… well everyones hands except mine. I could feel the growl forming and rumbling through my chest as he says thank you. And then he looked at me, his eyes filled with a hunger I knew was mirrored in my own.
‘You really are very welcome.’
Lowering my head the three inches needed for my mouth to reach his. Pressing against it softly at first, then I parted his lips with my tongue, tasting the rich red wine, but I knew what I wanted to taste on them more. Fuck me, I could feel my cock thicken and lengthen even more, to the point I had to untuck my shirt and pop the button on my fly, letting it free to push out of the waistband of my pants and lay up past my naval. My free hand had crept into his hair and I curled my fingers around his soft mane as I pulled back, breathless and so fucking hard. Where the fuck was that cab? I needed to be anywhere that got me alone with him.

I love the sound of his voice. It’s sort of soothing. When he leans close to kiss me, my eyes half close. They remain open for the last moment as I see his own eyes flutter shut. The touch of his tongue against my mouth makes me want to open my mouth wide and swallow him whole. Maybe later. His hand pulling against my hair is a stiffener, and I can’t wait for him to yank on my locks under a more intimate setting. He’s adjusting his pants, I can only imagine he’s bursting out of them and it makes my own hard on throb harder. When his lips finally release mine, it takes me a moment to realise the taxi has arrived. Seduced by his sensual love play, I’m sure he’s hypnotizing me. Maybe he is. Who cares?
‘Our ride is here, lets go before we’re arrested for indecent exposure.’
Grinning and giving him a wink I lead the way into the back of the cab. The journey is only a short distance, and I’m actually thankful for that for two reasons. The first, is that he’d probably try getting into my pants on the ride home…and secondly… I really wanted to be home, so I could have him all to myself and give him dessert.
Turning to look at him, he still held my hand and I couldn’t help feeling like a giddy teenager. I’m am so fucked if he’s playing with my emotions.

He could have been speaking Mandarin for all that got through to my brain. My tongue that moments before had been teasing his mouth, ached to be teasing something else. I could imagine it swirling around the tip of his cock, gliding through the precum beading at his slit. Fucking hell we needed be back at his place. It finally registered that our cab was here and with a wink I followed him into the back seat. How I managed to keep my hands off him on the journey to his apartment, I’ll never know, but manage it I did. In the visual in my head, I had his cock out and sliding between my lips, but the last thing I wanted to do was scare him off. And I had a feeling jumping him in the back of the cab would earn me a slap and a ride home on my own. So I didn’t, I just sat there holding his hand and was the perfect gentlemale for the journey. The cab pulled up a few minutes later and I struggled to get out, mainly because my cock was so fucking stiff against my belly, it made moving difficult. I gripped his hand again and tugged him so he stood flush to my chest.
‘Last chance to change your mind.’
Although I left no doubt as to how badly I wanted him, I still made no overtly sexual move. Because when all was said and done, we should be mortal enemies, but I wanted this male to see me as so much more than that. Even if he decided he only wanted me for one night, as pathetic as it seemed, I’d take one night with him over having nothing.

While we were only a short distance from my place, it seemed to take forever in the cab. Maybe I was just too excited. When we got out and he pulled me close, his words made me grin wide. ‘Absolutely no chance of that.’
Leaning forward, nudging my hips against his, I gave him a wicked grin before quickly pulling away to get my keys from my pocket to open the door. Thankfully Luke was out, so we had the place to ourselves. Pulling him inside, leading him by his hand, I welcomed him in.
‘Come in.’ I lead him towards the lounge and finally released his hand as I gestured for him to sit on the sofa.
‘Shall I open that wine, or shall we save it for later?’
Tilting my head to the side and letting my hair fall over my face, I grin.

Fucking hell! If he could get me ready to blow my load on the sidewalk with just a nudge and a fuck me smile, what was I going to be like when he got me inside. Well I was about to find out. I was pulled inside as he opened the door and led to a tastefully decorated and spacious lounge. I took the seat offered to me and out of the blue a case of nerves smacked me in the chops. I was sitting on this males couch with the biggest fucking hard on I’ve ever had and he was asking me about wine. Rubbing my sweating palms nervously on my suit trousers, the movement causing the waistband to rub over my already painfully strained erection. If he kept looking at me like that, I was going to be a fucking mess pretty soon and not in an emotional way. Needing something with a little more substance.
‘Have you got anything stronger? I’ve got a case of the nerves all of a sudden.’

Watching him sit, I can see he’s looking a little tense, or is that frustrated?
‘Of course, I’ll get you a JD.’
So in my mind…the idea was that we’d have a drink, we’d sit and chat and then maybe have dessert…dessert of course being whatever he’s packing in his pants…I wasn’t talking ice-cream here. However, he’s looking like he’s fit to burst, and I’ve already been relieved, so its only fair we get this out of the way, and then maybe he can relax a little.
Pouring him a large glass of JD, dropping in a few ice cubes I turn to face him and slowly walk over.
He does look good on my couch, sprawled back, arms wide. I think I’m going to forget about the chat and just make him more comfortable. Handing over the drink, with a wide smile I look him in the eye. I don’t speak, I just stare. I’m sure he knows what’s going on in my mind, not sure if vampires can sense stuff, but he needs to know from my facial expression that i’m going to make him relax.
‘Take a drink then you might want to put the glass on the side table.’
Flashing him a dazzling smile, and standing between his spread legs, I kneel. My hands rest on high thighs,while I keep looking into his eyes. I can see his pupils getting bigger when my fingers squeeze his meaty thighs.
‘I think we might have a more relaxed conversation if we sort you out.’ Smirking, ‘What do you think?’

I tried my hardest to appear relaxed, legs wide, arms splayed out along the back of his couch, and if it wasn’t for the fact my balls were threatening to turn an unnatural shade of blue, I would be. I don’t know what I expected when I walked in here. Ok maybe I had an idea, but in my head he was sitting at my side, facing me, talking to me about anything and nothing and sharing touches. I took the drink from him and brought it to my lips, my eyes fixated on his over the rim of the glass, enjoying the soft burn as it slid down my throat. I knew my eyes had widened to saucers when he told me to put my glass down and knelt between my legs. My cock was throbbing and leaking onto my stomach.
‘I think I’d like that very much.’
Lifting my shirt to show my hard length exposed up to my navel, hoping he wasn’t going to be too disappointed with what he saw.

Giving him a flash of my pearly whites after he puts down the glass, my hands continue higher up his thighs. My eyes almost popped out of my head when he raised his shirt, and I got an eyeful of his junk. Impressive. thats the first word that came into my head…no..wait.. I’m lying…I think maybe it was a sentence..something along the lines of, That’s not gonna fit. Leaning forward, I brush my lips across the wet tip poking out from his trousers, while my thumbs brush against his sac on top of the fabric. He lets out a hiss and a smirk covers my face. I can’t wait to see him naked. Slowly edging my fingers to the zipper, I start to lower it. I keep my mouth pressing against his cock, and slide my lips backwards and forwards slowly over his crown, while I peel away the fabric. I’m going to lick him to death. When the restraints of his trousers are no longer an incumberance, I can now wrap my fingers around the length, although he’s thick, and they only just meet, I raise his cock so I can cover the tip with my mouth. Giving him a glance and a grin while my lips are still pressed against his hard flesh, I pucker my lips over the purple head. Softly flicking my tongue under the slight ridge I gently slide my hand up to meet my mouth. My other hand reaches for the sides of his pants, and tries to pull them down, but I’m not quite managing. Rhaize see’s my dilemma, and I’m sure because he’s eager to be free, he assists.

Well his eyes widening gave me the answer to whether or not he was going to be disappointed. I started to speak but all he got was my breath hissing through my teeth.
‘Fucking hell!’
My hands gripped the soft leather of the couch, almost ripping the fabric apart as his lips brushed the top of my cock. I managed to uncurl my fingers from their death grip long enough to bring them up to slide through his hair. I almost bit through my lip as the vision that plays out in my dreams each night becomes a reality and that long mane brushes over my stomach. Sweet fucking holy mother! His smile placed perfectly over my cock and his tongue sending a spear of heat right to my balls, add to that his palm wrapping around my girth, I had to force myself to keep a slow rhythm in tune with his hand and mouth. My hands wanted to stay curled in his soft hair, but if I wanted that male sucking me off, which I so fucking did, I needed to help him get my pants down. Fuck, I had to move Kai off my cock in order to get the offending Armani pants over my ass. Yanking on the waistband, I lifted my ass off the couch and slid them down my legs with all the finesse of a male eager to have his cock back in the warmth of his lovers mouth. Kicking them off the ends of my feet, I splayed my legs apart and started rocking my hips, sliding my thick cock through his firm grip

I wasn’t expecting him to completely remove his trousers, but I’m pleased he did, and I like he’s not shy about getting naked. He’s spread out wide, perfect for me to nestle in between there and thank him properly for my extra entree at dinner.
Resuming my position, I slowly creep back up his cock with my mouth. Licking from his balls to the tip, in one, slow move. I assume he’s happy as I hear him groan out a curse. Slipping both hands around the fat girth, interlacing my fingers around it, I slide up and over the wet crown. Spreading pre cum and lubricating the shaft, I run my hands back down. When my interlaced hands reach to the base of his cock, I impale my face onto the impressive length while gently caressing the base. He’s big, and initially I didn’t think I could take it all, but easing down slowly, and swallowing every inch, I reach my goal. He fits like a glove I don’t want to rush this because he tastes so good, and I like the feel of him in my mouth. I want to savor every inch of the feel of him in my mouth and down my throat. Slowly sliding back up, to the tip, my hands follow. They gently squeeze and slide around the pole while my lips pucker and tease the sensitive tip. Quickly glancing up, my eyes catch him staring down at me, and I’m unable to stop grinning. Pulling off from his cock, I kiss my way up his belly. Nipping at his soft belly flesh, I watch him with a happy smile. My hands slide up his chest..he feels hard as rock everywhere and his skin is like velvet to my touch. Pulling myself up onto the sofa..half straddling him with one knee resting over his hips on the side of the couch, while the other I leave between his legs, foot on the floor, I lean close to his mouth.
‘I hope you’re enjoying your dessert.’
Before he gets a chance to reply, my lips graze across his. The tip of my tongue snakes across his lips before I pull away and give him a sinful stare. Bending to the side..and still with my knee on the sofa, I kiss my way down his chest. Suckling on a nipple on my way down, flicking my tongue over the sensitive area for a brief moment, before continuing back to my favorite part. My tongue licks across his navel, dipping into the hole, with a tantalising hot breath, I let him know how much it likes to delve in tight places, before I land at my target. Taking hold of him with one hand, my lips suckle on the tip and drink up the pre-cum formed there. I’m in the perfect position now to give him what I’m sure he needs, release. Slowly sliding my face down, his cock fills my mouth, then my throat. My tongue is pressing against the thick, vein, throbbing down the length, and I begin to bob my head, from base to tip in a slow, perfect rhythm.

I didn’t allow myself time to analyse why it felt so natural to be naked in front of this male. Maybe I wanted him to look at me, approve of what he saw and find me worthy of his touch. ‘Fuuuucccckkkk!’
For dessert, I thought I was going to get the same treat I’d given him over dinner, so I was surprised as fuck and growled really fucking loud as his lips slid over my tip and my cock disappeared into the warmth of his mouth. I knew I was a big boy and this intimidated some, but when he took me, slowly, inch by thick inch to the back of his throat I had to brace myself not to shoot my load before I’d fully enjoyed this males expertise. His eyes met mine as he started in on this torture of my cock, his talented tongue pressing against the throbbing vein as he sucked from tip to base. When he changed position, half straddling me and moving up for the briefest, but fucking hottest of kisses, I had a very vivid vision of him doing that naked, lips meshed, cocks rubbing together and ….sweet fuck! Both hands wrapping around my cock and his mouth back where I needed it. I fisted one hand back into that glorious mane of hair, sweeping it off his face so I could watch his head bobbing up and down over my length. My other hand caressed over his sleek, muscled shoulders, down his back to slip inside his loose fitting slacks. Fucking hell! My head lolled back and I moaned like a fucking porn star. I wasn’t going to last much longer at this rate, my fingers digging in and squeezing the hard contours of his ass with each hard suck of my cock.

Feeling his hand slide inside my pants interrupts my train of thought, but I quickly recover and continue sliding my face onto his cock. I can feel he’s ready to explode, and start to quicken my pace. With a slightly firmer grip, I work my hand a little faster, and keep my head moving in time, sucking harder and concentrating my efforts to bring him to climax. His hips are thrusting up to meet my mouth. He’s urging me on, his hips jerking and the pulling at my hair are coaxing me to work harder, and I do. The grunts and moans he’s trying to control, are all I can hear. I speed up and feel the pressure in the thick rod in my hands. the thick vein pumps the warm liquid down my throat as I hear him curse loudly. His body jerks and his fingers tighten in the fist full of my hair that he’s holding. Swallowing every drop when I feel the pulsing stop, I release his cock from my lip lock and wipe my mouth. Raising my head to face him, I look into his eyes with a happy smile.

The name of every deity I could think of came growling out of my mouth as his hands and mouth started working double time over my thickening cock. I tightened my grip on his hair and bucked my hips, fucking his gorgeous mouth hard. Slamming my head against the back of the couch, eyes closed, sucking in breath, my body straining as my balls tightened up and jets of hot cum stream into the back of his throat. I couldn’t breath until my cock stopped pulsing and he released me from his mouth with a soft pop. Easing the grip on his hair, but not letting go as I got a look at that damned sexy smile.
‘Thank you.’
Tugging on the soft mane, I brought his head toward me and pressed my lips to his in a slow kiss.

The touch of his lips against mine was perfect. Raising my leg off the floor, and moving over his hips, I straddled him and brushed my hands up his chest. His mouth felt soft, and his tongue slid along my lips, tasting the last remnants of his pleasure and it made me hard. I moved my hands to my shirt, and began to unbutton it. Peeling it off my shoulders, and letting it fall to the floor, I break the kiss.
‘Have you ever seen angel wings?’
He shakes his head ,and while he’s still shaking it, I unfurl my wings. The first spirals of smoke appear before the white feathers – I spread them wide and stare into the amethyst eyes. I want him to touch me, feel my soft wings and caress me until I don’t know what day it is. Slanting my mouth over his, I kiss him firmly. My tongue snakes into his mouth while grinding my hard on against his body. He’s already rigid again, and the friction of our cocks rubbing against each other, even thru the fabric of my pants, makes me want to come.

The exotic taste of him mixed with the taste of my release made my cock go fucking rigid all over again. I could scent his arousal and feel him getting hard as he straddles my hips, so I let my hands slide down to his ass gripping it hard and pushing him down to grind on to my sticky cock. My breathing was ragged as he broke the kiss and I wasn’t above begging to have those lips back on mine, but then he undid his shirt and my lips wanted to be kissing all of that bronzed skin. And then he mentioned something about wings. I just looked at him dumbfounded and then with awe as a haze appears and then the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.
‘Wings. You have wings!’
Oh god I wanted to touch them, feel if they were as soft as I imagined them to be. Gripping one hand to the nape of his neck, lips meshing together, tongues fighting for domination as his hips start to grind. Fuck, I was ready to come again, but this time I wanted my hands caressing his sexy as all sin feathers, skin on skin, hard cock against hard cock.

After Rhaize saw my wings, I swear his cock hardened. Pressing it against mine, grinding his hips, I need to feel him against me. Unzipping my pants my heavy cock sprang free. With one hand I pressed it against his length, both of them were too thick for me to hold in one hand, so had to bring the other into play.I watched his eyes as he lowered them to where my hands gripped our cocks. I started to slide backwards and forwards…rocking my body and sliding my cock up the length of his. It felt like velvet and had to close my eyes and not look at our bodies touching, for fear of shooting off.
‘Touch my wings Rhaize, they’re sensitive. But be careful you don’t make me come, I don’t want to come yet…I like this.’
I can’t keep my mouth away from his and lean forward and nip at his lower lip, sucking it into my mouth, before releasing it. I could lick him to death, suck him forever and still want more. I start to kiss his lips, the sides at the corners…then move down his neck. He smells so good. I glance down between our bodies at our cocks, they’re leaking pre cum and it’s the most sensual experience I’ve had in a long time.

Oh sweet holy fuck, in my dreams his cock was long and thick and so fucking hard. And there it was, in the flesh and it was so much more than any dream I’d ever had. It was hot where it touched mine and I couldn’t take my eyes off the sight of his hands gripping hard muscle, his hips sliding and rubbing his hard cock against me. Raising amethyst orbs at his request, in awe that he was letting me do the one thing I wanted so badly. My first tentative touch sending a rush of fire straight to my balls.
‘So beautiful.’
The tips of my fingers brushing against the softest feather I’d ever felt. With each caress I could feel my fangs throbbing in my mouth, fuck but he made me want him in a way I’d never wanted another. Crushing my lips back to his, swallowing the shivers and moans it elicited from his body, if he kept up the tortuous grinding I’d be coming over his cock sooner than I wanted.

His fingers touch my wings and a jolt of electricity surges to my cock. Fuck! I’ll not last another five seconds if he keeps that up! I want to feel him grind against me, and have him come over my stomach and chest. Moving my knees and resting both feet on the floor, astride his legs with my cock pointing at him, I give him a perfect smile. My wings are spread wide and my hand reaches to my cock. Teasing my fingers over the wet tip I let out a soft groan.
‘I want you on top of me Rhaize, lay above me and come over my body.’
Taking a step back, and with my free hand, holding out to take his, I pull him up. Swapping over positions, I lay back on the sofa with my wings spread either side. My cock is hard and ready to explode…I reach to him and beckon him closer, taking hold of his cock, I give him a tug closer. ‘Stroke yourself, let me watch you come.’
Slowly working my hand up and down the length of my own cock, I stare up to him, and run my tongue over my lips.

It felt like I was in a dream world where all of my fantasies were coming true all at once. His cock jutting out in front of him, thick and proud and his wings spread wide in offering. I let him guide me to where he wanted me to be, my eyes taking in every hard line of his body as he lays beneath me. God he was magnificent, the look of desire on his face as I straddle his thighs and start stroking my cock. Reaching forward to trail my fingers over his collar bone and down over his solid, muscled chest to an erect nipple. Rolling the bud between my forefinger and thumb, snaking my tongue out to lick my lips and my moans so loud in the room as I watch him spreading precum over his glorious cock. Oh fuck! I moved so that I could lie over him like he asked, my elbow bent at the side of his head, supporting my weight. I kissed him until I couldn’t breathe, my hand brushing across his as I pumped my cock at a quickened pace, balls tightening up so hard….
‘Fuck Kai!!!!’
I broke the kiss and roared his name as my cock exploded, cum shooting from its tip in milky streams to land on his stomach and chest. Dropping my head and bringing our lips back together, I devoured every moan with my mouth.

Watching him slide his hand up and down his thick cock makes mine twitch. I’m not far from spilling and looking up to rake my eyes over his body is making it hard to hold back. He’s utterly beautiful. The tight abs, muscular forearms…ugh I can’t help it, my eyes are dragged back to his fist pumping his cock. When he leans closer and starts to kiss me, consuming my breath and suffocating me, I don’t care. I need him to shove his tongue in my mouth and never take it out. His hand is pumping harder and he’s almost coming, I don’t want to lose it yet, I want to watch him first. He pulls his lips away and my eyes instantly fall to his hand. The breathy noises he starts to make drive me crazy, especially when he moans louder then calls my name, I have to take my hand away from my cock so I don’t come. He’s sexy as fuck, the cum shot look is utterly gorgeous. Feeling the warm liquid spray over my skin, makes me groan, but he steals my sound when he smothers my mouth with his. I want to clean him with my tongue, lick all that juice and taste him. Raising my hand to his jawline, I gently push him off my mouth to speak.
‘I like watching you come. You’re sexy as fuck. My turn.’
Smiling at him, watching his eyes, dark and wild, he’s probably one of those that can go all night. I can’t wait for us to spend the night together. No sleep, constant hot passionate, fuck-me-all-night-sex, is going to be perfect with him. Moving my hand to my aching cock, I start to slide my hand over the cream tip and pump it. I touch my hand to his stomach and up and across his chest. He’s rock solid, everywhere, fit. My orgasm is almost here, the first tingles start inside, my balls hitch and I can hardly keep my eyes open. But I want to watch him, see him looking at me turns me on more. I’m almost ready and the last moments before my release I could swear I saw stars.
‘Rhaize! I’m coming!’
My hips jerk and buck against my hand, the feathers on my wings stretch wide and shake. It’s impossible for me keep quiet, and I curse a stream of words as the exquisite explosion rips through my body. Cum spurts up, hitting his flat stomach and covers my hand. My toes are rigid, my thighs are tensed so much, the muscles are like marble. The last pumps of my cock drain the remnants of my climax and make me groan. Leaning forward and brushing my mouth against his, I whisper my final word, ‘Rhaize.’

That sexy as all hell voice and those come to bed eyes got my cock coming to life again in my hand. And as much as I wanted to show how much he pleased me, I needed to know that I got to him too. That he wanted me as much as I wanted him. So I let him push me to my side and I set my eyes to watching him wrap his hand around the thick cock my mouth and fangs were itching to get a taste of. I let my gaze drift between the lips I wanted to kiss and his cock that I wanted pumping in and out of my mouth. I gripped the hand he had on my chest and groaned as his wings started to shimmer and his hips bucked, closing my eyes for the briefest moment, imaging those hips bucking like a piston while his cock was fucking my ass. I hissed in sheer pleasure as my male tensed up and hot liquid shot from his cock to cover my stomach. I curled my arm around his neck, holding him to my lips for as long as I could. I didn’t want this moment to end, he had opened up to me and I was humbled and honoured to have him in my arms. I pulled back to look at him and knew I had to show him.
‘Kai? I know this could go wrong on a million levels and I’m hoping it’s going to go right on just one.’ Stroking the pad of my thumb over his lips, ‘You bared yourself to me and I don’t just mean by being naked.’ Laughing a little self consciously, ‘But by showing me your wings. Now it’s my turn to show you who I really am.’
I felt my fangs punch down in my mouth. I took a deep breath and let my lips part, showing long, razor sharp canines. And then I waited….

I’ve seen vampires many times, usually as I’m about to slay them. But nothing prepared me seeing Rhaize as he truly is. He’s beautiful. There’s something special about him that I can’t put my finger on. I’ve seen vampires bare their fangs at me, and in the past, I felt disgust, loathing and contempt. But looking at Rhaize, naked, both physically and emotionally, I’m falling apart here. I reach my finger to touch his lips, and with the soft pad on my fingertip, press against one of his fangs. It’s sharp, and I pull my hand away quickly, with a grin.
‘Almost.’ I raised my eyebrows, and then smiled.
‘I don’t know where we’re going Rhaize, I don’t have all the answers. But I can tell you, the journey so far has been exciting, and I can’t wait to ride it for a while longer and see where it goes.’
My hand reaches to the back of his neck, and I pull him forward and lean closer. Darting my eyes between his lips and his eyes, I kiss him softly, and without any fear.

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