Her Alpha, Short Story, 99Cents

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Valentine’s fingers twisted in soft hair as he gently kissed her neck. His breath, hot and heavy brushed over her skin, making her yield. With no tension in her muscles, she was like a rag doll. It was Valentine’s powerful arms keeping her from falling to the floor; she was helpless under his spell. Soft lips scorched her skin as he moved slowly down her neck to her collarbone as he fisted her hair. Lacey couldn’t help but respond. Her body unraveled under his touch, he knew all the right places to touch and make her surrender.

Her Alpha Cover

Khal Drogo and Daenerys fanfiction

I’ve got another steamy scene for all you Game of Thrones lovers… you can read it on Fanfiction.

The scene has been adapted from the book Demon Within and is available to buy on Amazon.

Dany rose, her skin flushed and warm; he purred while watching the droplets of water trickle over her breasts. With strong arms, he enveloped her, holding her tight against him, he began drying her then relaxed his hold as he fell to his knees. Patting her delicate skin his concentration made Dany smile as she stared down.He performed his task with enthusiasm, not missing any area, and Dany wondered if this was common practice. Drogo gently nudged her legs and grinned wickedly.

‘Open your legs wider.’ His hands moved higher and patted gently on her most sensitive area, his eyes had a feral look about them; they matched his carnal smirk.

you can read the rest on Fanfiction or buy the book!


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Game of Thrones Fanfic-Drogo and Daenerys

got0101br-4469I made a rule when I started this page that I wouldn’t post any fanfiction but given that I’ve not written anything for a while I’ve decided to break my own rule. Here’s a snippet from a fanfic I wrote about Daenerys and Drogo. It’s full of the usual sex and smut so don’t bother clicking the link if you’re going to be offended.

sneaky peak…….

Drogo had become a master at seduction in a short space of time.  He seemed to know how to make her flesh dance at his touch.  His strength could be harnessed to make way for tenderness…she found that amazing.  Drogo’s continued playing extended as his hands pulled the dress lower.  Releasing her bud from his mouth he removed her clothing.  Pulling the fabric over her hips and discarding it to the side he had only to remove the small soft cloth that covered her sex. Dany watched Drogo trace his fingers up her thigh. Her stomach lurched with nervous tension as they slipped underneath her garment.  It was for the briefest of moments.  Drogo pulled at the fabric, ripping it away before leaning forward and running his tongue between her legs.  Dany gasped and coiled against his mouth but her lover being playful only teased her.  Grinning as he pulled away, he turned his back to her.

 If you want to read the full story you can see it here

Sneaky peek from Bullet to the head Fanfiction

We haven’t previously linked our page here to either of our fanfiction sites, however, myself and Cheyenne66 wrote a very hot story with our favourite hottie-Jason Momoa – in his role as Keegan from Bullet to the head.

So I’ve posted a little sneaky peak on here…and if you decide you want more…then you go to either my fanfiction site or Cheyenne’s to read the full story.

Here’s a painting I made of ‘Keegan” and you can see why he’s our hottie

bullet to the head Keegan final finish

Jade leaned forward and grazed her lips across his cheek; her warm breath made him groan softly and as she moved back towards his mouth he caught her. Pushing his tongue past those soft lips and into her warm mouth he savored the exquisite taste. Curling his tongue around hers his cock hardened painfully as it pressed against the restraints of his tight jeans. He wanted taste all of her and couldn’t wait any longer.  Breaking the kiss he took a step back, running his hands over his crotch while he stared into Jade’s eyes. She liked that, it was something that made her tingle inside whenever he did it, and he knew she liked it and did it all the more. Hard, thick and fat his erection strained beneath the denim, his large hands ran over it a few times as he grinned.

“Turn around.” He ordered. Jade slowly obeyed, turning to face the table she waited for further instructions. She felt his hard body close behind her as he took hold of her hands, his hot breath swept across her neck as he spoke close to her ear.”Spread your legs.” As Jade parted her legs Keegan leaned forward, still holding her hands and bent her over the table. Releasing her hands he pushed himself away and stood behind her, his hands smoothed across her ass then gathered the robe and pulled it to one side, revealing her naked cheeks. Palming each golden globe made his cock harden. She had a beautiful ass and her skin was soft, slightly tanned and begged to be kissed.  Sliding his hands up her back he pulled the gown over her shoulders, she moved her arms behind her while he slid it from her completely before discarding it to the chair.

Slowly he knelt down, smoothing his hands down her legs, Jade let out a quiet sigh. When his soft lips made contact with the back of her thigh she knew she would be climbing the walls very soon, he liked to tease, slowly. Keegan raked his mouth higher, brushing her smooth skin with his lips and tongue sending shivers through her body. There was nothing more sensual that she had ever experienced. While he was an animal when it came to fucking, he really did know how to make a girl feel special when it came to foreplay.  She moved her hands higher up the table, sliding them across to the sides and gripped tightly, waiting for Keegan to drive her insane. Which wasn’t long-his hands slid up to her ass, slowly he caressed her flesh. His long fingers prised her apart before he buried his face between her legs…licking in one continual swipe from her clit to her anal star without pause or hesitation. Jade cursed and let her head fall to the table; her body tingled when he repeated the action, this time taking a pause as he slipped his tongue into her wetness.  A groan escaped her open mouth as he lapped at her sweet honey. There was no holding back for Keegan when he was buried between her thighs. Pressing his mouth against the slick folds, his nose pressed against her while his tongue flicked across her clit was as much pleasure for him as it was for her. Jade gasped and panted when he slipped a thumb inside her opening, her whimpers of pleasure urging him to continue deeper. His own elated groans, muffled by his task, could be heard between her own cries. Keegan crooked his thumb forward, hitting Jade’s button, he played and toyed while she cursed and pleaded for release. She pressed against the table top and ground her hips onto his fingers which he’d held against her clit, together with his thumb rubbing her G-spot was sending her to oblivion. But he wouldn’t let her come; he gave her just enough to drive her insane before stopping, then giving her a few seconds before starting again. Jade’s cries turned to pleads.“Keegan… please… let me come.”