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The release of Angel Within is going well and the reviews are staring to come in. It’s nail-biting waiting to hear if peeps who enjoyed the first book think the 2nd is equally good, and I’m happy to announce majority of readers have enjoyed the 2nd even more!! woohoo!!!

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angel within reviewHere’s a sneaky peek from Angel Within

Kiera’s soft mewls evolved into ecstatic moans. Her breathing labored with each rock of her hips, quickening, deepening, and grinding with rhythm, until her release shook her body, sending her over the edge.

Jace grunted. Involuntary jerks of his hips, caused her to gasp with each thrust as they both released in unison. Crying out and slowing her movements to savor the exquisite feeling as long as possible, she gradually relaxed against Jace’s heated flesh.

Breathless and in high elation, Kiera sighed. In Jace, she found a man who accepted her as a warrior, a fighter, and cherished her above all others.

She released his hands, and instantly he wrapped his arms around her slender body. He rocked over and pulling a blanket over them, he held her tightly, ‘Are you all right?’

‘I’m not sure, possibly.’ She sighed, then giggled, ‘Thank you.’

‘For what?’

Raising her head to look at him, and greeted with questioning eyes, she smiled, ‘For letting me take control.’

‘I have no issue with that.’ He flashed a dazzling smile, ‘It’s not my wish to control you, Kiera. I respect you, and I love you.’

‘You are one of a kind, Jace of Stonegarth. I love you.’

Jace held Kiera tightly, he wasn’t about to let her go, not that he would. All the time she’d resisted, held back, and fought to remain in control, was unnecessary. All she had to do was ask.


Another FIVE STAR review for Demon Within

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Still undecided about reading Demon Within? Check out the GENUINE reviews and see what the fuss is about.

Demon Within Amazon

“I started to read Julie Nicholls’ Demon Within and immediately noticed how her words seemed to jump off the page with a lyrical ease that had me immediately enraptured. The love story, the richly imbued characters, and the fluid narration grabbed my attention and held it until the very last words. Ms. Nicholls’ writing style, while a bit frothy at times, makes for an enjoyable reading experience.”
“I loved it the book and can’t wait to read more on what Julie Nicholls wants to share with us. Because Kai is SUPER HOT!! :D”
“This book was awesome it kept me on my toes and was a wonderful read two thumbs up to demon within.”
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Demon Within

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