Release of a short story today!

Hey peeps,

Wanted to let you know about a new short story just released today on Amazon

It’s called Her Alpha, and is a bit hot n saucy, so it’s only for over 18’s. Want a sneaky peek? 

Her Alpha Cover


Excerpt from Her Alpha 

With his hands tucked inside his open jeans, Valentine wrapped his fingers around the shaft. He watched her approach and pushed his pants lower. She wanted to help, she couldn’t stand there any longer not doing anything, and moved to aid.

‘Kneel.’ He commanded. His head dipped lower and he glared at her under heavy brows. The look hit her right between her legs. The look that said he was going to fuck her senseless and drive her crazy. Instantly falling to her knees, she stared as she ran her hands up his thighs. He still had his fingers wrapped around his cock, still partly hidden from view. She’d sort that out any moment. Slowly she pulled on the denim.


Welcome to a new site dedicated to erotic & sensual stories

Welcome to Literally Sensual – a new site dedicated to short stories or pieces specifically to arouse and titillate ( hopefully)

All works posted here will be for Adult viewing only as they will be sexually explicit – some of the pictures that will be posted with them will also vary in content and there will be mild nudity, sexual poses, graphic content and SLASH (m/m)

The site is currently under construction and there will be pieces available to read very soon…for now… here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect to see.

“I kneel before you, ready, listening to your words. Command-and I will obey.  Lead me from this world to a new place, full of exquisite delights.  I give myself to you, body and soul. I trust you, only you and I am yours…take me.”