“Text Dirty To Me”

Rom: Hey Baby! What r u doing?

Alexandria: Just finished the next chapter of my new book. What r u doing?

Rom was very proud of the fact that his wife was a successful author of romance novels. She was working on the seventh installment of her book series. The heroes were, what did she call them, shape shifters. Her male leads could change themselves into animals. Lexi, his nickname for her, started writing as a hobby. He found her at the kitchen table one morning furiously jotting notes in a steno pad. Rom poured himself a cup of coffee and sat down beside her. She looked at him with excitement in her eyes, the same look she gave him when they made love. “Rom I had a crazy, vivid dream last night. I think I can turn it into a book!”

“Go for it Lexi. I know you’ve always wanted to write.”

Lexi smiled at him. “I like to see where it will go. I doubt I could get published but if I if I don’t try I’ll never know. It’s like the lottery. You have to buy a ticket if you want to play. By the way you’re the inspiration for my hero. He can change himself into a lion at will.” She was proud of her virile, sexy husband and the envy of her girlfriends. Rom had long brown hair, teasing brown eyes, mustache, close-cropped goatee, and a body that wouldn’t quit. Six foot four inches of solid muscle. He knew what he had and he knew exactly how to use it.

“That’s quite a compliment Lexi.” Rom took a sip of his coffee and remembered a night of wild sex when she tangled her fingers in his hair and whispered in his ear that he was like a sensual lion with a magnificent mane. Even after ten years of marriage and two children their sex life amazed him. He attributed a lot of it to Lexi’s sexually charged imagination so he wasn’t surprised when her first book entitled ‘Lion’s Pride’ was published. She wrote under a pen name but their family and friends knew about her new career. She was able to quit her job after the third book and write full time. His best friend asked him if the book reflected Rom and Lexi’s sex life. “Somewhat. The sex scenes in the book are tame by comparison.” Rom laughed out loud when his friend shook his head and groaned.

Rom: I’m trying 2 go over the blueprints for the project the firm is building on the riverfront but all I can think about is the way ur hot pussy walls dirty danced with my cock last night.

Lexi: Well u started it. U ambushed me from behind as I was coming out of the bathroom. It’s a good thing u put your hand over my mouth or I would’ve screamed & woke up the kids.

Rom: I woke up & heard the shower running. I saw ur nightgown lying on the end of the bed. I knew you’d be coming out of the bathroom naked. I got an instant hard on @ the thought.

Lexi: I felt ur erection slide up the crack of my ass when u reached through my thighs and slipped ur fingers into my snatch. When you started fingering my sweet spot I went weak at the knees.

Rom: I loved the feel of ur body. U were damp from ur shower & ur hair was soaking wet, sticking to my skin, & it didn’t take long for ur pussy 2 purr @ my touch.

Lexi: I almost melted when u growled in my ear “69 with me.” I thought ur inner lion was going to roar.

Rom: All my inner lion wanted was to eat u alive & his lioness 2 return the favor. U know tit 4 tat.

Lexi: (A photo of her breast, her fingers circling the nipple)

Rom: Ngngh…Doll face…visual aids…ur driving me crazy!

Lexi: Ur the 1 who mentioned tits. I didn’t mean 2 taunt u…well maybe just a little.

Rom: My turn. I can still feel my lips on your hot box, my tongue diving into your glowing core, my mustache and beard infused with ur juices.

Lexi: I love the way u linger in all the right places. I can taste ur smooth hardness coated with my saliva, throbbing against my tongue as I shrouded ur cock with my mouth.

Rom: U were so wet…so ripe…so ready…to surrender to yourself to me.

Lexi: (A photo of her legs spread open, her pussy exposed as she toyed with her clit)

Rom: Lexi! Ur killing me…ur so damn sexy…what time is it?

Lexi: 11:45. Why?

Rom: It’s almost lunchtime & my dick is aching to be inside you. I’ll be home in 20 minutes.

Lexi: I’m not @ home.

Rom: Fuck…Lexi where in the hell r u? I have a meeting @ 3:00 & I won’t be able to think about anything the effect these pictures r having on me. I want u now!

Lexi: I’m standing in ur outer office. I stopped @ our favorite café & pick up lunch. Roast turkey, avocado, & bacon sandwiches, side salads, and iced tea. Ur assistant is wondering why I’m out here texting 2 u.

Rom: But…the pictures…when did u…?

Lexi: I took them this morning. As luck would have it u gave me the perfect opportunity to use them.

Rom: Lunch sounds wonderful. What’s 4 dessert?

Lexi: Me.

Rom opened his office door and strolled out. He gave Lexi a light kiss on her lips and turn to speak to his assistant. “Rachael, I won’t need you until my 3:00 o’clock meeting so why don’t you treat yourself and take a couple of hours for lunch.” He reached into his wallet and handed her three twenty-dollar bills. “Go have lunch on me and do a little shopping.” I’m going to spend a little quality time with my wife.”

Rachael’s eyes where a big as saucers. “Thank you Mr. Preston. All the reports are ready for your meeting. I put them in binders and placed them in the conference room.”

“In that case Rachael take and extra half an hour. I’ll see you at 2:30. Please put the phones on Do Not Disturb before you leave.”

She did as Rom requested, put on her jacket and picked up her purse. “Thank you again Mr. Preston. It was lovely to see you again Mrs. Preston.”

“Call me Lexi. It’s very nice to see you too Rachael. I want to thank you for all your hard work on my husband’s behalf. I know you’re the reason he gets home on time most evenings. Now go out and enjoy yourself. It’s a beautiful sunny day. Not a cloud in the sky.” Lexi grinned as she watched Rom out of the corner of her eye as he tried not to fidget. The anticipation of some afternoon delight was all he could think about.

Rachael smiled. “I will. I hope to see you again soon. I love your books. I’ve read all of them. My favorite is “Lion’s Captive”. Mr. Preston tells me you’re writing another one.”

“Yes number seven in the series. As soon as it’s published I’ll send you a copy.”

“Oh I’d love a copy. Would you autograph it for me?”

“Of course. Now off you go Rachael. You’re burning daylight.”

Rachael turned and walked down the hall to the elevators. Rom picked up the tray of tea with one hand and grabbed Lexi by the wrist with the other. “Come with me woman. I’m starving…and I want dessert first.” He pulled her into his office. Lexi took the tea while Rom locked the door and closed the blinds on the windows. As she placed the food on his desk he grabbed her from behind and seared kisses down her neck while he unbuttoned her blouse. Peeling it from her shoulders Rom dropped it to the floor. Her bra followed. He cupped each of her beautifully formed breasts in his large hands squeezing and rolling the nipples between his thumb and forefinger until they puckered with desire. Lexi unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. She pulled one of his hands from her breast and moved down her stomach till it reached the top of her jeans. She moaned as his hand slipped down into her lacy panties. “Finger fuck me Rom. Make my clit throb.” Her voice caught in her throat as if the air in her lungs had become heavy.

Rom slipped two fingers into her heated core and rested his thumb on her swollen bud. He grazes her clit lightly and murmurs in her ear. “Baby you’re as slick as sweet butter.” His fingers start to move, rocking back and forth, massaging her node and sending her senses to a fever pitch. “Oh yeah, you’re so wet…so hot…so seductive.” Lexi was squirming and writhing, grinding her bottom into Rom’s crotch. His cock was as hard as concrete straining against her ass cheeks. In the back of Lexi’s mind she thought of the erotic picture they presented- a tall, handsome man wearing a beautifully tailored gray suit pleasuring a half naked woman in his office. She reached around and started to fondle Rom’s cock through his pants. He was primed and ready and so was she. Putting both hands behind her back she managed to unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants. A slight push and they dropped around his ankles.

“Rom…?” She was gasping at his touch.


“Turn me around.” Without breaking his stride he wheeled her around. Sliding his briefs off his hips, she gripped his erection. He was as hard and as smooth as fine marble. “You’re so ready for me Rom.” Bending over she licked the swollen crown as a bead of pre-cum leaked from the tip. “I want to pole dance with you. And you have a mighty impressive pole. I want you inside me…now.”

Rom looked into Lexi’s eyes. They were on fire with want. Giving her an intoxicating kiss he reached past her and cleared off the middle of his desk. He reclaimed her lips again and lifted her until she was perched on the edge of his desk. Lexi kicked off her shoes and Rom stripped off her jeans and underwear. Before he could shrug out of his the rest of his clothes she grabbed his ass cheeks and guided him toward her. She loved his thick, muscular thighs. Rom lifted weights and had a body of steel to prove it. He pressed his cock forward and filled her completely. She balanced herself, brought her knees up, and arched her back to meet his demanding and powerful thrusts. He felt her moment of release as her honeyed walls clenched around him. Lexi buried her mouth against his chest muffling her cries as her climax swept over her. Trying to catch her breath she whispered into Rom’s ear. “Come for me lover.” Within seconds he erupted, releasing his liquid heat into her. He rested his head on her shoulder groaning with satisfaction. After he calmed his breathing Rom raised his head and took her face in his hands.

“To use an old cliché Lexi, was it good for you?”

“It was the Fourth of July Rom, complete with fireworks. Why do you ask?

“You’re normally very vocal when we make love. It’s one of the things I enjoy most. When you lose control and talk dirty to me. When you scream and yell my name to the rafters. You were very controlled this time.”

“Rom I didn’t want the whole office to know you were fucking your wife on your lunch hour. It’s you and only you for the rest of my life. I love you. Never doubt that. Speaking of lunch I’m starving. I so glad that one of the peaks of you being a vice-president of the firm is you have an executive bathroom connected to your office. Let’s get respectable and then eat. You have a meeting to go to soon.” Lexi began to gather her clothes from the floor. She headed toward the bathroom with Rom right behind her. He stopped at the credenza and took out a clean shirt.

“I need to change shirts. This one is a bit sweaty and very wrinkled. I wonder how that happened?”

“I have no idea Babe, absolutely no idea.”

They sat at his desk and ate lunch. When they finished Rom motioned Lexi to sit on his lap. They kissed and chatted for a while. She looked at her watch. “Look at the time. I need to go so you can finish your preparations for your meeting and I have to pick up the kids from school. I’ll see you about six then?

“Unless the meeting runs long I should be home on time.”

“Great. I’ll have dinner ready and waiting for you.” She gave him a goodbye kiss and by the way he held her she could tell her didn’t want to let her go. “I love you Rom.”

“I love you too Lexi. Promise me something.”

“Anything Rom.”

“Always text dirty to me.”

She gave him a sly smile. “Only if I get the same reaction as I did today.”

“You can count on it.” Lexi unlocked the office door and opened it. She turned and blew Rom a kiss. She closed the door behind her and headed to the elevator.

Rom leaned back in his chair and picked up his phone. He re-reads their texts several times. “What a woman. I’m the luckiest man alive.”

Lexi stood in the elevator re-reading their texts. “What a man. I’m the luckiest woman alive.”

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