This story contains SLASH so i strongly advise you not to read if you are likely to be offended by reading about men together.

I consider myself to be one of the luckiest women in the world…. Why? Because I live with two utterly gorgeous men who adore, worship and love me.

Now I appreciate that statement might come over as a bit snooty or that I have a high opinion of myself…well, I don’t. In fact-quite the opposite.

I am not the most beautiful of women…nor do I have a perfect figure. I consider myself to be average in the looks department, and while my breasts are fairly large and nicely formed, that’s as far as it goes…in my opinion.

I’m quite insecure about most aspects of myself apart from my ability to cook. I’m a chef and own my own restaurant which is considered to be one of the best places to acquire quality food in the whole town. There’s a huge waiting list and if you want to make a reservation for a special birthday or other event…you need to check at least 6 months in advance. That’s how good my cooking is.

Now, back to the most interesting part of my life… my two men. You’re probably wondering how I have two men in my life. And if I’m not such a stunner, how do I get to be with two ‘utterly gorgeous’ men? Well, I’m still trying to work that one out. But what I do know is-I’ve never been so content in all of my life.

My two lovers are Jace, who works for one of the biggest corporations in town as their IT Manager and Yan, my assistant chef at the restaurant.

So while I’m waiting for Yan and Jace to finish drying their hair after taking a shower, I’ll tell you about them.

Jace stands six feet 5 inches of solid hunk. I’m serious. Head to toe of sheer lusciousness, long dark hair that cascades into soft curls past his shoulders.  The most intense dark brown eyes that melt you deep inside and a gorgeous mouth that delivers exactly what you would expect when you look at it and wonder what those soft lips feel like all over your body. He’s well toned; he likes to keep himself in shape, kick-boxing and other physically challenging sports keep him active. His beautiful slightly dark skin drapes perfectly over hard muscles, making him a delight to touch. He’s part Native American and I thank his ancestors for his darker skin, beautiful hair and good looks.

Yan is slightly shorter, only 6ft 1 inch and not as physically toned as Jace in that he’s softer rather than hard muscle.  But that doesn’t mean he’s not in shape. He spends most of his time working in the restaurant with me so doesn’t get much gym time but he does what he needs keep fit. His hair touches the tops of his shoulders. It’s a mixture of dark blonde, light and dark brown, with soft layers that flatter his chiseled jaw line and high cheek bones. Ice blue eyes pierce your soul but when they’re mixed with his beautiful wide smile, they melt your heart.  Sweet, full lips that make you think of marshmallows when you kiss them hit you between your legs when he smiles.  He’s sweet and delicate, soft and squidgy… loves to cuddle and will kiss me all night long if I ask.

“Finally…. I almost had to wait”

Yan saunters from the bathroom wearing a towel wrapped tightly round his hips. He’s wearing a huge grin as he approaches the bed, where I’ve been waiting for what seems like eternity. My heart skips a beat as he closes in. The grin turns into a cheeky smile, I’ve had it now. There goes all my control and self will.

“I’m sorry baby, but I wanted to make myself look good for you.  Did it work? Yan tugged the towel and let it drop to the floor. Dayum!

 Naked and smooth, perfect. He’d been shaving and the only bit of fluff visible was a thin line from his navel to his groin, he’d left a light dusting there but everything else had been shaved.  Already half erect, I found it hard to look up to his face, it was a struggle but I managed!

“Aw hon… you did that for me?”

“Of course”

Yan’s eyes almost sparkle when he’s excited, I know that sounds weird but when you spend a lot of time with someone and you know them well enough…you can see slight changes more easily. To the others that work in the restaurant he’s the ‘Ice-man’.  He can be quite sharp with people when he’s working and his attention is focused solely on his job. But away from work, he’s adorable. He makes you want to hug and squeeze him, play with his hair, touch his lips and kiss him until you’re lips are sore and bruised.

I kneel up and shuffle to the edge of the bed, my arms beckon him closer and he complies. The smell of man and soap makes me tingle.  It’s impossible for me to reach out to Yan without touching his hair; it’s just something I can’t do. When he reaches his arms around my waist and snuggles against me I sigh, deeply. He’s soft and warm to the touch. Looking at his face is already making me wet. Those eyes and that mouth, begging to be kissed pull me in.

You would think that after a year I would be used to this by now, not get so excited like a school girl who’s just met her idol for the first time.  There’s nothing old or tiring about kissing my beautiful Yan, every kiss sends shivers through my body, the first press of his mouth against mine makes my heart thump and my lower belly contracts and tightens sending a pulse down between my legs.

“Are you starting without me?” Jace moves behind Yan, his husky voice breaks my concentration.

“I was just sampling… you know there’s no party without you baby.” I rest my chin over Yan’s shoulder.

Jace lets out a growl; his wicked glare makes me smile. When he has that look, I get all wobbly inside.

It’s like looking into the sun when I look at Jace. He burns my soul, turns me to ash with his hotness. He moves close up behind Yan and touches his hand to my cheek. I can feel the tension building, I need my two lovers right now, don’t want to wait, can’t wait… have to have them.

Jace runs his free hand up Yan’s back beneath his hair to the nape of his neck.  He starts to rub and squeeze his muscles, gently caressing him.  His hand works effortlessly and with precision, making Yan’s head fall back as if he’s melting to his touch.  Slowly Jace moves his hand to the side of his face; pushing his jaw gently so he turns, he nuzzles his face close. I pull away, there’s nothing more sensual than watching these two kiss. My two beautiful men exchange a look, their eyes lock on one another before they touch. It’s breath-taking and erotic.  Yan has the softest lips I’ve ever tasted and Jace has a tongue that makes you beg, literally.  I’m so hot at this moment it’s like being in a furnace; my skin is on fire… I ache to have these two men all over me, touching me, kissing and sucking every inch of my body.

But first they’re going to taunt me, make me watch while they kiss.  It’s a weakness of mine…okay so I have a few weaknesses but this one is the worst.

Jace brings his other hand around Yan’s waist.  He runs the flat of his hand across his flesh before sliding lower.  A soft moan spills from Yan’s mouth when Jace wraps his hand around his cock.

I lay back and rest on my elbows and watch. Jace is the master of tease; he’ll drive Yan crazy before giving him any release… and me for that matter.  I think he would be considered the Alpha of our little pack. Control is his, he always runs the show, which Yan and I love because he’s quite inventive.

Yan reaches his hand to Jace, his fingers tangle in his hair as he fists the soft tresses.  Jace has a handful of balls and is gently squeezing them while his tongue makes an assault on his mouth. Yan has his free arm behind his back and takes a hold on the length pressing up against his ass.  Both men groan quietly.  When Jace breaks the kiss to speak…it makes me moan too.

“Open your legs.” It’s a cross between a whisper and a growl… Jace can command without shouting… he’s hypnotic when he’s playing.  His eyes can command too, and when he gives you the glare…you obey.  Yan obeyed, he shuffled his feet further apart and his reward followed as Jace drove his tongue deep into his mouth.  His hand released his balls and began stroking his swollen cock.  Yan’s groans couldn’t be heard-they were swallowed by Jace who licked and nipped at his lips.

I watch Jace stroke with precision, pumping Yan so close to the edge before ceasing and letting him fall back down to a fairly reasonable state of calm.  Yan was excited and nearing climax, I wanted to jump in and give him release.  Jace cast me a glare when I made a move closer, I knew it meant ‘back off, he’s mine’ so I wait.

Jace took pleasure from his masterful playing. He could have us at the edge of orgasm and bring us back down and back up again. He’d do this for what seems like forever before he finally lets us have what we want. But it does make it better, and he knows that, we know that…but when it’s happening…we just want release.

“Jace! Please!” Yan begs when his mouth is released.

“Oh not yet baby, just a little longer… trust me.”

The deep husky drawl and hot breath close to Yan’s ear makes him sigh.  It’s pitiful. Begging.

“You like it baby…don’t pretend you don’t.” Jace runs his thumb over the swollen crown, wiping away the pre cum and smoothing it along the hard shaft.  Yan’s thighs are trembling and I can see his hips bucking gently into the large hand.

Yan still has his own hand gripping Jace, and every groan he makes tightens his fist, making Jace want to make him moan even more. Everyone gets something…even me. Right now I’m so excited I could burst any moment. The slightest touch between my legs will have me screaming the house down; I’m so close to coming.

Jace holds himself up close to Yan, the tip of his cock is nudging against his ass perfectly, together with Yan’s grip, and just a gentle pump and grind of his hips is giving him the perfect rhythm to get off…anytime soon.

When he pumps against Yan his fist pulls and tightens… its like he’s jerking himself off but with Yan’s cock rather than his own.  He hastens his movements and his strokes become shorter.  The slight twist of his wrist and the occasional thumb flashing over the sensitive crown are sending Yan over the edge… this time…he’s not coming back.

Yan bucks against the pressure and grinds his hips to get release.

“Come on baby!” Jace barks, his growl through gritted teeth let me know he’s ready to come and is waiting for Yan to spill before he does.

“Almost…” Yan manages to speak… his breaths are short, he’s whimpering like a puppy and it drives me insane to watch. He’s so sexy when he’s about to come. Open mouth with plump lips together with his soft moans is beautiful to watch.

“Fuck Yan come…” Jace speeds up his hand…he’s fisting his lover hard and fast and when he feels he cant hold on any longer Yan finally gives it up. Jace sinks his teeth into Yan’s shoulder stifling his cry as he orgasms loudly.  His hips buck hard against the soft cheeks of Yan’s ass, coating his skin with his juice.

Yan lets out a wail. His release has been held off and now it’s finally arrived, it’s strong and hard. He thrashes wildly into the tight fist that is milking his orgasm…releasing hot milky pleasure. I push my panties to the side and slide my fingers into the wetness. Touching my swollen clit with gentle circles, I join in the parade and groan helplessly.  Watching Yan and Jace is pure erotica…there’s nothing that makes my body more heated than being with my beautiful lovers.  My breath is ragged, faster I play, I can feel it coming.

Jace and Yan move onto the bed quickly. Jace shoves my hand out of the way and takes over…Yan cups my breasts from behind and lavishes sweet hot kisses across my shoulder while he teases my hard nipples between his thumb and fingers.

It will take only moments. Expert fingers tease my sensitive, wet bud…my body jerks and writhes as the tingling erupts between my legs and spreads through my body like a tornado.  I can’t breath, I’m gasping and whimpering, its pleasure so wonderful I want to cry.

When I relax and still my beating heart we lay down together, me in between my beautiful lovers, safe and fulfilled. I love my life.


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