“The Fire Down Below”

 There’s nothing I love more than to slip between a man’s thighs and lavish all my attention on his horn of plenty. To feel his cock go from soft and supple to rigid and ready is a very, pardon the expression, heady sensation. However you describe it, by the technical term, fellatio, or any of the slang expressions, blowjob, hummer, hoover, happy, give head, or going down on, when you decide to give a man a spontaneous treat in the bedroom he’s putty in your hands. I like to place light kisses on his upper thighs until I reach his balls, licking them, then gently sucking one at a time into my mouth and twirling my tongue around them. Taking the base of his shaft in my hand and begin to pump slowly. Tease, tantalize, and exquisitely torturing him.

As I take his throbbing cock into my mouth I meet his eyes. He reaches down and holds my hair away from my face all the while vocalizing his enjoyment in a husky whisper.

“Mmmm…Oh yeah…Oh God Baby…feels so good…suck me dry.”

I glance up and smile. “Lie back and let yourself go. Show me how wonderful I can make you feel.”

My tongue outlines the crown of his cock and licks his shaft down to his balls and back to the top sliding his dick between my lips and into my wanting, wet mouth. Still holding onto my hair he starts to stroke my neck. His erection is pulsing against my lips and he arches his back, weaving his fingers into my hair, his breath coming in short, sharps, gasps. His hips buck beneath me. Reaching down to caress his balls I feel how tight they are and know his release is beginning.

“Baby, I’m close to exploding!”

My mouth moves in response to his body, his cock starts to spasm and fills my mouth with his warm salty cum. I tilt my head back and his milky sperm glides down my throat. He takes my arms and pulls me up his muscular torso. After a few deep and probing kisses I whisper in his ear.

“How do you feel? Let me know when you are rested cause my clit is slick and sweet and it needs your undivided attention.”  He laughs and rolls me on my back and starts his slow descent toward the apex of my thighs. He slips two fingers inside me and groans.

“I see my landing strip is waiting for me.”

I run my fingers through his hair. “Yes, and so is the fuse. Set my body on fire.” His tongue strokes my hard nub. “You better hold on woman. I’m starting with a lit match but I’m going to finish with a blow torch.”

2 thoughts on ““THE FIRE DOWN BELOW”

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  2. I’d say it’s so much about giving pleasure than receiving it… the overwhelming sensation of having all the feedback from what you do… it’s awesome! You receive it back doubled: you feel the electricity on the skin, hear their moanings, smell their liquids, taste their sweat and see their control being lost… I simply love it!
    Congrats, Cheyenne66, you described it wonderfully!

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