The game

My lover is Mason; he’s tall, beautiful and fit. We’ve been together for six months and in that time we’ve realized we’re soul-mates. I never imagined I’d be so fortunate to have the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen in my life, be completely in love and in lust with me. It’s a wonderful feeling.  I adore, worship, love and desire Mason – when I’m not with him, I find it hard to concentrate. My mind is occupied with thoughts of him. He calls me or texts me all day, in between meetings, at lunch and even when he’s just left the apartment. It’s utter bliss.

We’ve just returned from dinner at our favourite restaurant and brought a bottle of wine to the bedroom to relax and talk…well…maybe a little talking…its difficult for me to string a coherent sentence together when he’s half naked.  Let me describe to you what I see and you’ll get the picture.

Mason is 6ft 4inch tall. He has dark brown hair which is layered and shoulder length. It’s sort of messy and it’s always falling into his face. But he does that thing that he does…that thing that makes me tingle…when he runs his fingers through his hair and pushes it back…yeah…that thing.  I’ve never seen such intensity in a mans eyes before.  They’re hazel and sort of green sometimes and they give you a stare that burns right through to your soul. Thick long lashes surround those beautiful eyes and when he’s giving you one of his… “I’m gonna get you” looks…I melt. I suppose his features are not typically male…by that I mean he has the most beautiful lips, plump and they’re shaped in a cupid smile…you know? Where they turn up at the corners?  I think you might say effeminate. But when he has a few hours of stubble covering his strong jaw…there’s no mistaking he’s all male. Then there’s that beautiful tanned skin-because of his love for fitness, it just smoothes perfectly over his muscles.

I wouldn’t say he was a hairy man but he’s got enough for you to tease your fingers through…a slight dusting over his chest and a delicate line running beneath his naval.  My “line of promise” as I like to call it. Which brings me to another perfect feature-the part of him which I adore and covet. He’s got just the right amount of girth on that baby and it’s a perfect fit, almost like it was made just for me.  I’m partial to a nice length but I don’t particularly need hugeness. And while Mason is certainly well blessed, it’s a good length.

He’s leaning against the headboard, wearing only faded jeans… which are clinging to his muscular thighs. He’s popped the button on the waistband and the zipper is half undone.  I sometimes wonder if he does it just to tease me because he doesn’t wear boxers under his jeans…and I’m getting a lovely view right now.  The temptation to run my fingers down that soft belly then squeeze inside his jeans is overwhelming.  He’s wickedly evil. But I guess I like that about him. He’s playful, naughty, charming and yet can surprise me with the most romantic gesture that will literally make me cry. I’ve just remembered something else that I neglected to tell you…his ink. It runs down his left thigh, it’s kind of tribal and I just love it.

The wine is going down well and I’ve just about had enough of staring at the vision-I need some action.  Finishing off my glass I reach across him and place it on the bedside cabinet.  As I start to recline back he grabs hold of me, keeping me over him.  There’s that stare, remember the one I told you about? I’m a gonner! I was going to do the whole seduction scene you know? Tease him a while…play like he does. But, he’s already decided the game for this night; I can’t fight it, just have to go with the flow. Gawd I sound like it’s gonna be hard right? Trust me… it will be. Agonizingly hard because he’s going to drive me insane.

His arms have me locked; all I can do is stare at him. He’s amazingly beautiful with a hint of darkness. There’s a spark in his eye that sets me alight and I’m going to burn-a slow smoldering burn.

Rolling me over his huge body almost crushes me…when he releases his hold on me and supports his weight I can begin to breathe…well almost. The scent of him is intoxicating as he nuzzles his face into my neck.  All I can smell is him…his natural, musky manly smell is filling my nostrils and I’m light headed. When he moves his powerful arms close to my body…as if encasing me… I come apart.  It’s like he’s protecting me and I feel safe. I like that about him.

The gentle rasp of his face against the soft skin of my neck feels good.  I can feel his warm breath and I melt into him. When he shifts his leg between mine, and adjusts his body weight so he’s atop of me, I get that twinge in my stomach.  I love the way he presses onto me for a brief moment then eases back.  He’s gyrating against my hips with that hard piece of flesh that’s held in place by tight jeans. I know he’s getting excited too because I can hear the soft groans he makes as he thrusts.  I like that; I love to hear his guttural moans, the soft whispers that come from his lips.

It’s all I can do to keep from shoving my hands down his jeans to urge the events forward because when he nips and sucks at my flesh, I whimper beneath him. He’s delicate but occasionally he’ll just give an extra hard nip when his mouth is over my nipple…and that just drives me crazy. I can lie beneath him while he lavishes me with undivided attention for quite some time…but there are times when I can’t wait, or I don’t want to.

I love the softness of his hands when he cups my breasts, he likes to hold one while he teases me with his tongue. It’s like he’s holding me in place, he doesn’t want me to get away…I’ve no idea where he gets that from because I’m not going anywhere, unless its ecstasy. I watch his mouth work. Those beautiful puckered lips suckling gently look so perfect.  I run my fingers through his hair, moving his fringe from his face so I can watch him.  My other arm is around his back; his skin is so soft to touch.  I move my hand lower to the to waistband of his jeans…I’d like to push them lower so I can get a hold of that perfect ass, but he’s already sensed it’s what I want and he’s shuffled lower.

He releases my sensitive nipple with one last hard suck; I draw in air sharply and tense my back as he does.  “If you don’t behave, you won’t get to come.” His eyes are fixed on mine; he’s quite serious about that, it’s not a threat.  He’s in control and I have to play by the rules, or else its game over.

When I remove my hand from his back it’s better for me to get them out of the way completely so I raise both of them above my head. There’s a satisfying smirk across his face and I know I’m going to get rewarded very soon.  With his eyes still burning into mine…he lowers himself between my legs.  I start to shake and the flesh across my belly tremble in anticipation. When he releases his gaze he traces the tip of his nose down and across my stomach.  There’s an occasional kiss, a soft nip and then a lash of his tongue to tease my senses.  It’s working, it always does. I love the way he covers my body with his mouth…so soft and greedy.  He’s nestled himself between my legs…I’m only wearing panties, enough to cover my decency, and I wait to see what’s next.

He pushes himself up and leans back…he’s kneeling. The large bulge visible in his half open jeans looks beautiful. I watch as he moved his hands across himself.  I know what’s coming next. I love to watch him touch his hardness, to play and stroke himself-and he knows it too. He’s watching me constantly, looking at my eyes to see where they’re fixed. His long fingers run along his length, teasing me as I watch.  I’d love to put my fingers there too, but I’m not allowed…if I interfere…it all stops.  Moving slowly he wedges his thumbs into the ‘V’ of the half open zipper and pulls the fabric apart.  With ease and skillful movements he slides his jeans lower.  The sight of his full naked hard on excites me, it almost springs from its restraints and waits.  He’s grinning now, he can see my eyes widen as his beautiful body is exposed to me-he’ll now begin my torture.  With both hands he caresses himself, slowly and gently. Tilting his head to the side he continues to watch me.  One hand dips lower and cups his balls while the other begins to stroke, long and deliberately. He’s slick from his own arousal and palming his length is easy. I love this man, he’s beautiful. There’s just a hint of ink showing on his thigh where he pushed down his jeans.

I’m struggling to keep my hands from touching myself. My legs are spread either side of him and I’d really like to have him touch me.  Finding myself slowly writhing against the bed, my hips beckoning him to come closer and he just grins widely.

“Mason, please”

“Please what?”

“Don’t tease me anymore; I need…”

Before I can finish telling him what I need his hand is between my legs causing me to gasp.  Instinctually my body writhes beneath his touch.  “More?” he asks, as he hounds his fingers along the edge of the lace fabric.

“Please, yes”

I watch him as he continues to palm himself slowly. He teases his fingers beneath my panties and when he brushes his thumb over my wetness its heaven.

“I love that you’re so wet for me baby”

His thumb caressed my arousal so skillfully and with such precision it would be only minutes before I’ll be coming.  I pushed against the headboard with my hands to move my body fractionally lower, intensifying the contact with his hand.  I moan like a whore when he slips a finger inside me.  His thumb continues to rub against my clit and together with the soft moans he’s making as he strokes himself, I can feel the tingle deep inside my core building.

“Ugh… come on baby…” he’s almost ready to come and needs my release before he’ll finish.  Deep inside my wetness, his finger brushes against my walls, bringing me closer.  I watch his face as he concentrates his efforts to pleasing me.  Through gritted teeth he sucks in air, throwing his head back he eases the strokes against his erection, he’s ready and I’m almost there.  My hips gyrate beneath his touch and within moments I feel the tensing of muscles deep inside as my body spasms.  “Ugh… Mason…now!” I cry and whimper as my climax ripples though me.  At the same time Mason cries his release. His hand fists his length hard and fast, covering my body with his warm juices.  I watch as his mouth falls open when the last spasm lurches from his body-and I shudder as the twinges of pleasure evaporate and I lay still.

Mason recovers and lays over me, holding me tightly.  His eyes find mine, followed by his lips. A soft kiss seals our love, and we are content.

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  2. Pingback: New story “THE GAME” | LiterallySensual

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