While this short story does contain some mild sexually graphic details, I don’t feel a severe caution needs to be advised.

The kiss

 I really can’t help myself sometimes. I see a gorgeous hot man, long hair, tattoos and a fine body and go weak at the knees.  There just something extremely sexy about long hair on men, well at least in my opinion anyway.

Jackson is everything I ever dreamed of. He ticks all of the boxes on my list…especially the ones relating to performance.  Gawd he has the most wicked fingers and tongue that send me into oblivion and for a while I don’t know where I am or what my name is.

Lying here on his bed, waiting for him to emerge from the shower, I’m already getting wet. I can ‘see’ him in the shower… his hands all over his body, washing – touching every inch of that fine body.  I’ve got that knot in my stomach that tightens and travels lower when I think about his fingers wrapping round his shaft as he cleans thoroughly.  I really need him to hurry and get out here.

When I hear the shower turn off the excitement hastens – he’s going to smell so good, so fresh. I will stuff my nose close to every part of him and drink in the scent of him and it will drive me crazy.

As the bathroom door opens and he enters the bedroom, he’s wearing just a small towel wrapped around his hips.  Wet hair adorns wide, heavy set shoulders.  Water droplets trickle down his chest onto his abs-finally collecting at the top of the towel. Soft fluff covers the belly flesh and it glistens with water droplets. There’s a look he gives that makes me shudder.  It’s intense, primal and he can turn me into jello with just a glance. His plump lips are graced with a slight smirk… he knows I’m wet…he always knows.  He does all the teasing things that I like and he gets off on it too.

His graceful movements give him a presence in the room…he doesn’t need to rush; he just takes his time and wanders over to the vanity unit. All the time, watching me, letting me know he’ll be right over to drive me insane. Turning to the vanity unit he watches me through the mirror as he reaches for the hair dryer. I love to watch this bit.  Bending over, letting his hair fall he starts to dry the long wet tresses…running his fingers through the thick dark strands.

I love to see this man move; he has the grace of a panther. The fine body he has is perfectly formed.  Beautiful tawny skin stretched over hard muscle. Black ink runs from his left shoulder down his arm, wrapping round his bicep, emphasizing his muscles. He won’t completely dry his hair…he just likes to take of the excess.  When he turns off the machine and does the hair flick, followed by the stare, it’s time. Give it to me.

 My lower stomach tightens as he makes his move towards me.  Dark eyes lock onto mine.  They’re filled with wickedness and lust, I like it. But my eyes fall to his arousal as soon as the towel reveals his nakedness. Magnificent; thick and hard and waiting for me. I’m all yours.

 I move to the edge of the bed and kneel, reaching my hands to his face. He’s beautiful. I can stare at him and still feel a twinge between my legs. That’s what he does to me and he knows it.

“What do you want?”

What I always want.

 When I smile he already has his answer…it was a rhetorical question anyway… I always want the same thing…his mouth.

As he places his hands around my waist, my skin breaks out in goose bumps. His touch does that to me. It’s like being hit by a bolt of lightening. Pulling me close I take in a huge whiff of that scent. He’s going to tease me now…he won’t kiss me until I’m begging. It’s what he does. I like it.

Brushing his nose against my face his hot breath dances over my skin.  I feel his hardness pressing against my stomach as he squeezes and roams one hand up my back…the other to my ass.  He’s clean shaven but there’s still a gentle rasp against my skin. He’s marking me, rubbing his jaw across mine…letting me know I belong to him. I do, with my whole body and soul I am his. Because he’ll take care of my needs-all of them.

My hands wrap around his neck, his damp hair smells fresh and I inhale deeply. He’s intoxicating.  I lose control around him; I surrender completely to his will.  He has power over me that no one else ever has. I am his.

The touch of a teasing kiss on my neck makes me sigh. He gives me another…and another… then nips my collar bone as he skirts lower to my shoulder.  That tongue just won’t stay in his mouth, its licking delicately in the places that make me shiver.  Listening to the sweet sound of lips suckling as he marks my neck flesh causes a quiet groan to escape my mouth.  Then there’s that tongue again; licking harder-up my chin and across my lips. I try to catch it but it’s gone before I can taste it. When he grazes those soft, plump lips over mine I’m lost. I open my mouth a little and press forward only to be teased.  I look to his eyes…feral and wild, he’s enjoying the game…as am I…but I want him now…I don’t want to wait any longer to feel his tongue in my mouth.  To feel his lips cover mine and invade all the space in my mouth when he pushes that hard muscle in deep. He lets out a soft groan before giving me a fragile kiss. It’s not enough, I need more…please.

 He has the most beautiful smile and I think that’s why I love to kiss him so much. It’s just a huge invitation and I always RSVP.

His hand that’s placed up my back reaches that last inch to my neck underneath my hair…it’s coming… my lower belly winces and the tingle travels between my legs.  His eyes widen and his mouth relaxes from the smile.  My heart is beating so fast and when he reduces the space between our faces I whimper.  Slanting his mouth over mine he presses firmly.  I cling to him and he responds, holding me tighter.  The feel of his tongue in my mouth pacifies my need. He’s slow and deliberate when he searches for my tongue, invading deeply to entice me to play.  I always play. I can barely breathe when he opens his mouth wider-he’s suffocating…but I don’t care…he’s not getting away.  I fist his hair in my hands and press hard against his mouth.  His tongue penetrates deep while his hips start to grind against me. It’s mind-blowing. He’s making love to my mouth, keeping time with his hips as he rubs himself against my belly. He’s wet. The tip of his crown slips easily against my skin.  His hand caresses my ass, kneading my cheek as he grinds against me.

I have to breathe. I pull my mouth away and inhale deeply, sucking in air to revive myself. He’s needy now…and won’t let me escape; pulling my head back to his he devours me.  Sucking hard on my lower lip he growls then releases me before flashing his tongue across my mouth.  He’s hungry, like me. Bringing his mouth messily over mine, licking my lips, tracing the outline I moan. I love this man…I want the feel of his lips against mine, his slick wet, tongue pushing deep into my mouth and I never want it to end.

I’m ready for him. I don’t want to wait, my need is urgent.  Moving my hands from around his neck I squeeze my fingers between our bodies. I pull away slightly to make more room and touch my hand to the length of hard meat pressing against my stomach.  He groans deep into my mouth as my fingers wrap around his shaft.  I caress him softly, teasing his wet crown between my finger and thumb. It’s too much for him to bear and there’s no turning back now.  Without warning he pulls his mouth away from mine.  Turning to the side he kneels on the bed then pulls me.  We fall, and he’s on me, fast. He’s almost deranged-his hard ragged breathing sounds so perfectly sensual. His need for me excites me.

The touch of his hands smoothing over my breast-palming my hard nipple-makes me mew. I’m so turned on by him it’s almost painful to be touched. He’ senses my urgent need and traces his fingers down by stomach.  There’s a hesitant pause with his fingertip before he traces along the line of my panties… do it..yes..now…touch me.

 When he pushes beneath the lace I hold my breathe-then wait for the feel of him to slip between my soft folds.  His fingers are greeted with hot wetness. He loves it. He likes that I’m wet for him, that I need him and that I want him…desperately.

Delicately pressing his fingers against my sex makes me pant like a dog in heat…he’s skilful and precise. He knows where to play and how…just the right amount of pressure here… oh god!… a gently squeeze between his finger and thumb here…holy crap! His long fingers tease me so wonderfully and writhing beneath his touch I feel wanton. I need him…inside me…deep.

My body responds to his touch with so much betrayal – I have no control to resist him…not that I want too..but sometimes it’s good to play hard to get… but not my body… it’s begging for him.

Removing his hand from between my legs makes be breath out a long sigh… I know whats next and I’m already parting my legs wider, pulling at him to drag him onto me.  His damp hair has fallen against my skin.  He teases me with it, wafting it across my body while he takes up his position between my legs.  Nudging my knees wider while he rests his arms either side of me I’m shaking.  I know how wonderful it’s going to be when he presses himself against me with his flesh.  I’m hungry for the touch of him inside me and my hips are already raising ready to take him.

His wet tongue licks up my neck and he hovers his mouth over mine.  Our breathing is in time, ragged and hot.  When he nudges against me with his hardness, I whimper, then groan as he pushes deep and hard into me. The words that spill from his mouth into mine excite me… a breathy “fuck” escapes his lips as he fills me.

There’s no air. I can’t breath-only gasp when he pumps harder and faster between my legs. He’s powerful and strong. Though he’s fit and in excellent shape his breathing is hard and heavy against my mouth.  His eyes watch me.  He likes to watch as he pleasures me, waiting for the tell tale signs I’m almost there. He’s a wonderful lover, he knows all the places to touch me…and when he grinds against me searching for that spot he grins sadistically. He’s so cock sure of himself and why shouldn’t he be?…he’s perfect. Already I can feel the build up deep inside-ramping up and getting ready to explode through my body and make me cry out. He’s got me, I’m helpless.

My hands are on him, grabbing his hips to urge him on… I’m almost there. The pleasure travels through my nervous system fast and furious.  My back arches and I writhe beneath him-my hips twitch involuntarily. Cries of ecstasy spill from my throat. He deepens his thrusts and pumps himself into me then curses against my mouth as the final jet of his seed fills my body. I am in heaven.

3 thoughts on ““THE KISS”

  1. Just once in a lifetime a woman should make love to a man who can kiss like nobody’s business. A man who kiss gives you goosebumps from head to toe. This
    amazing story captures that skin tingling experience perfectly.

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