The Smell of Leather

 Athena limped her car onto a gravel-covered berm on the side of the road. She pulled the hood release lever and opened the car door. Walking to the front of the car she lifted the hood and held it up with the prop rod. Athena stared at the engine and shook her head. Like I know what I’m looking at or for. I know zilch about cars. She closed the hood, leaned against the fender, and pulled her cell phone out of her purse. Great, no reception, that what I get for taking the scenic route. Now what do I do?  After about a half and hour Athena heard the sound of an engine, a motorcycle engine. A Harley Davidson motorcycle to be exact. She stepped out and began to wave her arms but he was going so fast her passed right by her. Athena sighed and opened the car door when she heard the roar of the engine again. He pulled up alongside her car and turned off the chopper.

“Need some help Miss?”

“Yes and thank you. My car quit running.”

He dismounted and walked to the front of the car. “Pop the hood.”

She pulled the lever again. He raised the hood and shouted back at her. “Try and turn it over. Athena turned the key in the ignition. Nothing. Not a sound.

“Lady I think the battery is dead and even if you have some battery cables I can’t give you a jump.”

He closed the hood and Athena got out of the car. “No I don’t have any jumper cables. I belong to the Auto Club but my cell isn’t getting any reception out here.”  He opened the saddlebag and pulled out a rag to wipe his hands and Athena got her first good look at him. Damn he is fine! He was about six feet two inches tall, brown hair, pulled back into a ponytail, sparkling brown eyes that flashed like summer lightning and a close cropped beard. He was wearing worn blue jeans; white v-neck tee shirt, black boots, a red bandana, tied around his forehead, and a distressed black leather jacket. Athena inhaled appreciatively. I love the smell of leather. “My name is Athena Pennington and I want to thank you again for stopping.” She offered her right hand. He took her hand in his and shook it.

“I’m Zane. Zane Carter. It goes against my principles to leave a woman stranded.” Especially a woman as beautiful as you. He looked her up one side and down the other. Damn, she’s stunning. About five foot seven inches tall. Her chestnut hair was long and curly. Her hazel eyes danced. Zane guessed Athena was a well-rounded size six. She filled out her jeans perfectly and her breasts were straining against her lavender tee shirt. If I’m not careful, I’m going to start drooling. “So tell me where are you heading?”

“I’m on my way home.” I’ve been on a buying trip for my store. I design jewelry and was on my way back from a gem and mineral show. I was going to stop for the night in Monroe. I booked a hotel room there.”

“I guess our meeting was fate. I’m heading that direction myself and Monroe isn’t out of my way. I’d be happy to give you a lift. Ever ridden on a motorcycle before?”

“I used to date a fellow who had a Harley but it’s been awhile since I’ve ridden one.”

“You’ll do fine and I have an extra helmet.”

“I’d really appreciate a lift. I can arrange a tow for my car there. I’m sure I can find a garage to replace my battery. Are you sure it’s not an inconvenience for you? I’m not keeping you from something important?”

“Trust me, its no bother. I’m just passing through. I just finished a construction job in the last town. I’m a bit of a roustabout and I’m working my way across the country.”

“Let me get my overnight bag and lock up my car and I’ll be ready to go. I don’t want to detain you anymore than what’s necessary.” Athena opened the trunk and pulled out her bag. Zane strapped it to his saddlebags with a bungee cord. She put the helmet on and climbed on behind him.

He instructed her. “Put your arms around my waist and hold on.”

That won’t be a hardship. Her arms encircled him. His muscular body made her feel safe and thrilled her at the same time. I must be living right to have this leather-clad knight on a steel horse come to my aid.

“Where are you staying in Monroe?”

“I’m registered at The Lancaster Inn. I’ve stayed there before. It’s located on Rochester Avenue which is the main street through town.”

They arrived in Monroe about forty-five minutes later. Pulling into the hotel parking lot Zane parked his Harley and escorted Athena into the hotel. He waited while she checked in. The desk clerk helped her contact an auto club towing company to pick up her car and take it to a local garage and have the battery replaced. Zane was sitting on a couch in the lobby and Athena sat down beside him. He smiled at her. “Did you make arrangements to have your car towed?”

“Yes. A driver is on the way to pick it up as we speak and the garage will fix it in the morning. I want to buy you dinner to repay you for all your help. I would have been in a world of hurt if you hadn’t come along.”

“I love to but it will be getting dark soon and I need to find a place to camp for the night.”

Athena looked at the floor so Zane wouldn’t see her blush. She raised her head and met his eyes with an intense look. “I know we just met and I don’t want to seem to forward but we’re both adults here. I upgraded my room to adjoining suites. It’s the least I can do to say thank you for all your assistance.”

Zane looked pleased. “Adjoining rooms huh?”

Athena swallowed and cleared her throat. “It was all they had available.”

“I could use a hot shower and I’d prefer a comfortable bed to my sleeping bag. I accept your offer. Thank you.”

She handed him the key card to his room. “We’re on the second floor in the north tower. The rooms overlook the parking lot. I figured you’d want to park your cycle where you could keep an eye on it.”

“Good thinking. Let’s move it and then we’ll locate our rooms.”

“I’ll meet you upstairs. I want to see if the Carriage restaurant is busy. They have excellent food here and I insist on buying dinner.”

“Athena you’re going to spoil me. I appreciate it though. I have to watch my cash flow till I get to my next stop and find a job. I’ll bring in your overnight case and my saddlebags. See you upstairs.”

She nodded at him. “It’s settled then. I want to freshen up and change before dinner.”

Athena went to check the restaurant. Zane watched her walk away. Saying goodbye to her is going to be next to impossible. I’d love to get to know her better. Hell, I wish she were my woman period…she’s too classy for a drifter like me. I don’t even know if she has a new man in her life. No harm in asking. He walked out of the lobby to move his Harley.

They met in the hallway outside their rooms. Athena took her overnight case from Zane. “I made a reservation for us at 7:00pm. Since it’s only 5:00 that will give us time to clean up and we can go to the bar for a drink before dinner. Is that okay.”

“Sounds great. Tell you what. I’ll pick you up at 6:00.” Zane threw his saddlebags over his shoulder and opened the door to his room.

“I’ll be ready.” Athena watched him disappear into his room and the only thing she could think about was Zane naked in the shower, rubbing soap all over his powerful body…especially his…She shook her head. Snap out of it girl. He’s out of your life after tomorrow morning.

Zane knocked on her door promptly at six. She stopped him dead in his tracks. Wearing tight black jeans, fuchsia blouse with an asymmetrical hemline, and black ankle high boots. He was a feast for her eyes as well. Same jeans and boots but a tight black tee shirt that defined his muscles. His long hair was loose and framed his handsome, sun-bronzed features perfectly. He offered her his arm and they headed for the bar. Zane pulled out his wallet. “Before you say anything, I got this. What would you like?”

“A glass of Merlot please.”

Zane motioned to the bartender. “Merlot for the lady and a beer for me.” Finishing their drinks they headed to the restaurant. He pulled out the chair for her and then sat down. The waiter brought the menus and they ordered dinner. Athena asked him about his life on the road.

“How long have you been traveling the country?”

“About a year and a half. I’m going to give it about six more months and then I’m going to think about putting down roots somewhere. How long have you been designing jewelry?”

“Twelve years. I opened my own shop three years ago.”

“Athena can I ask you a personal question?”

“Depends on how personal it is.”

“Do you have a husband or a boyfriend?”

“No. I’m between relationships. What about you? Do you have a special lady waiting for you to put down roots?”

“Haven’t met a woman I’ve wanted to spend the rest of my life with.” Until today.

They finished dinner and headed to their rooms. Athena wished the evening didn’t have to end. She didn’t realize Zane was having the exact same thought. She looked at him. “I meant to ask. Where is your next destination?”

Zane reached over and ran his fingers through her hair. He placed his left hand on her neck and his right arm around her waist. He waited to see if she’d pull away. She stood firm. “My next destination? If I’m lucky…your bed.” He pulled her close and kissed her lightly on the lips. She put her arms around his neck, kissed him back, and handed him her key card. He slid it through the slot, picked her up, and closed the door behind them.

Setting her on her feet, he took her in his arms. Zane’s kisses became deep and demanding. “Athena I was captivated the minute I saw you. Please tell me you want me as bad as I want you.”

“More.” Athena pulled his tee shirt out of the waistband of his jeans and over his head. His chest was broad and muscled. Amazing pecs with a light covering of hair and well-defined abs. On his upper left arm was a tattoo of an American bald eagle. She started to tease his nipples with light kisses and her tongue. Zane moaned and placed his hand under her chin.

“I want to see you naked. Let’s get out of these clothes.” He unbuttoned her blouse and she shrugged it off her shoulders. She heeled out of her boots. Zane sat down on the bed and removed his boots. Standing up behind Athena he undid her bra. He took her breasts in his hands and gently squeezed her nipples with his fingers. As they peaked he whispered in her ear. “God your nipples are huge. I love the feel of them.” Turning her around he suckled one then the other. She shuddered under his touch. In one fluid motion he stripped off her jeans and panties. His jeans and briefs followed. Zane laid her on the bed and took in the view. Her skin glowed under his gaze. “Athena I know you’ve heard this before but you’re so beautiful.”

Athena smiled. “And you’re incredibly sexy. Your body would stop traffic.” She moved to the edge of the bed and snaked her fingers around his pulsing cock. Licking the crown she looked up at him. “I want you…deep inside of me…feel me…I’m so ready for you.” She parted her legs and took his hand. Zane placed a finger into her silken well. He could feel her desire.

‘Oh baby, you’re so wet…so hot…lay back.” He pressed her body onto the mattress and moved between her thighs. “I want to taste you first.” He placed his mouth over her soft flesh and nipped at her tender bud. ”Mmmm…like sweet wine.”

Athena writhed at his touch. “Zane…please don’t make me wait…I’m begging you.”

Zane took his cock and slowly guided it into her. Unyielding muscles caressed his erection. Athena locked her legs around his waist. She murmured in his ear. “Fuck me Zane.”

He braced his arms on the bed and began to move, gently at first. “Baby, you’re so tight. Come for me.” His rhythm increased and she arched her hips to take all of him. Athena’s body trembled beneath him as she climaxed. He groaned as her body milked his release. They made love three times that night and went to sleep in each other’s arms.

Zane woke to the sound of muffled voices. He turned over to find Athena gone. The bedroom door opened and she came in pushing a cart with several covered dishes, a pot of coffee, and a carafe of orange juice. “I hope you don’t mind but I took the liberty of ordering breakfast.” She handed him a cup of coffee.

“It smells great. What did you order?”

“I ordered your favorite babe. Steak, eggs, hash brown potatoes and grits.”

“And you ordered your favorite bacon and avocado omelet with grits.”

“That I did.” She wheeled the cart to his side of the bed. Zane sat on the edge of the bed and Athena pulled a chair to the other side. “I looked out the window. Jesse dropped off the car and took his Harley.”

“I know. I had to answer the call of nature last night and noticed he sent a text to my phone. I thanked him for the loan. That cycle is his most prized possession and he doesn’t let just anyone borrow it.”

“I didn’t realize when I married you that you had such a fertile imagination but I love the role playing ideas you think up.”

“I enjoy them too. In fact I’m working on a new one as we speak. How about we do a hitchhiker scenario?”

“Zane I’m not going to stand on the side of a road posing as a hitchhiker. I had five men stop wanting to help me with the car before you got there.”

“Not you my love. I’ll be the hitchhiker and you can pick me up. Then we’ll find a secluded place and make love in the great outdoors. How does that sound?”

“You better find a very secluded spot. I don’t want to get arrested for public indecency.”

She leaned over and kissed him. “I love you Zane.”

“I’m very much in love with you Athena. What is check-out time here?”

“I booked the room for the weekend so we have till 11:00am tomorrow.”

“Well let’s finish breakfast and push the cart out in the hall. Then we’ll but the Do Not Disturb sign on the door, take a long hot shower together, snuggle up in bed, and rest up for…later.”

“Later? What are we doing later?”

“Making love and ordering room service.”

“Zane will you put the jacket back on. Just the jacket.”

“Sure doll. Would you tell me why you want me to put on the jacket.”

Athena climbed back on the bed and straddled Zane’s hips and gave him a long kiss. “Because I love the smell of leather.”




2 thoughts on ““THE SMELL OF LEATHER”

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  2. Adventures in marriage… delicious! I’m about to take one myself… later on, I’ll tell you about it, lol….
    A detail about the reading is the narrator… for me, it’s quite important to know what both feelings are. I don’t like having only one point of view of a female narrator… love when the male part is also explored! I believe there are writers who don’t consider men as thinkers in these moments… and of course, they think, they have words for the things they’re feeling…. for me, this is a turn on, knowing what goes through a man’s mind when I’m with him!!!!
    Very nice story, Cheyenne66!

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