New story… keep watching

Hi peeps, It’s been a while since anything new has been uploaded but I have a reason…I’ve written a book..and from now until the release date in December, I’ll be posting snippets and sneaky peeks. Of course its packed full of all the things I know you all love so much…*sniggering*…so stay tuned. Here’s a look at the cover and a sneaky peak from the Prologue. I’ll post a link to amazon once its up for sale.♥ You can also  follow the page on Facebook...Demon within book Coming soon Sneaky peek from the Prologue Gazing at an angel has a humbling effect. Graced with beauty beyond compare they are a wonder of the world and I’m fortunate to look at such magnificence and splendor. My eyes rake over him, slowly taking in the individual features that make him glorious. A dazzling array of color suddenly appears around him and it’s impossible to focus my attention on his form. Lowering my eyes to avoid the dazzle from the surrounding light; I am in awe. ‘You’re watching me again.’ Silky words spill from perfect lips. His eyes remain closed; seemingly content to recline on my linen sheets, fully aware of my hot gaze. Once again, I feel the familiar heat on my cheeks, I blush and smile softly. ‘Forgive me. I’ve never seen anything so beautiful. You’re a wonder, and for all I know you’ll be leaving soon.’ The thought alone brings feelings of sadness. ‘I’m taking advantage while you’re here. Taking my fill, so I can preserve the memory for when you’re gone.’ There’s humor in my words but I speak truthfully. He’ll be gone by morning. Arising from his comfortable state, the sheets stretch in protest and his hair falls around his shoulders. With bright green eyes, he studies my face, and frowns. ‘Do not be sad. I always return. You know I cannot stay away too long. Your aura calls to me as a siren calls her victims to their death.’

New story from Mirishka…. “Stressed”

Got to thinking about various situations that make us want to have sex…I know for some people it doesn’t take much! Anyway, came up with this idea…i hope you like it. here’s a sneaky peak…

Chrissie pressed herself against him harder then leaned to kiss him.  His lips looked good enough to eat when he pouted.  Placing a single kiss she resisted the temptation to suck and nibble them.  Pulling away she studied his face. He was so beautiful; olive skin, smooth and silky… a few hours worth of stubble now showing making him look scruffy but in a good way and thick dark lashes that enhanced deep brown eyes.

You can read the full story here.